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Posted at 12:49 AM ET, 01/17/2011

Golden Globes 2011: Winners and losers, mismatched shoes and Ricky Gervais's last time as host

By Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney

"I am sorry, people. Helena Bonham Carter looks like the 80s threw up on her." -- Jen (Reuters)

We spent Sunday night chatting with hundreds of you while watching the Golden Globe Awards. If you weren't around for the live show, some of the wittier exchanges have been excerpted below. A full transcript follows at the end of this post.

6 p.m.
Jen Chaney: Good evening, all. Welcome to an evening of honoring the best in film and television while making snarky and/or ridiculous comments. Liz and I are both here and we're eager to commiserate with you and answer your questions.

In particular, we'll be collecting #globesfail moments throughout the night, both here and on Twitter. If you see an ugly dress, if Ricky Gervais makes a particularly off-kilter joke, if someone wins who shouldn't -- that counts as a #globesfail moment.

All right, let's get started. Liz, you with me?

Liz Kelly: I am so with you. I'm all napped up and ready to chat through the next six hours of Golden Globe-y goodness.


6:03 p.m.
Jen Chaney: Nice, Ryan Seacrest just announced all the recent Hollywood break-ups as a ways to kick off the red carpet coverage. I'm sure all the celebs will be thrilled about that.

Liz Kelly: Doesn't he know live TV isn't a Web page? He can't get Google hits for mentioning big break-ups on TV.

Jen Chaney: "I know you also want to see Sofia Vergera's backside"? First highly inane E! comment of the night.

Liz Kelly: I think my husband wants to see Sofia's frontside, too.


6:29 p.m.
CoolMommy: Trying to give Seacrest a chance, but it's very hard. Almost anyone could chit chat better.

Jen Chaney: All we are saying is ... give Seacrest a chance. Actually, we're not saying that. But it's big of you to try.

Jen Chaney: Jim Parsons and Alec Baldwin engaging in faux feud right now. "You have trumped the entire red carpet with your damn political bids," says Parsons.

Liz Kelly: Wow Gabourey Sidibe looking hot.

Jen Chaney: That wasn't Gabby. That was Amber Riley from Glee.

Liz Kelly: That's my #globesfail moment.


Liz Kelly: Is Ricky [Gervais] wearing Kanye-ish glasses?

Jen Chaney: I think those sunglasses are staging a coup on Gervais's face.

Jen Chaney: Well, Gervais just told Seacrest he'll have his first beer after the show. But I hope he gets a head start.

Liz Kelly: Does that mean we can start drinking beer, too, Jen?

Snarky Squirrel: No, but I'm taking bets on how drunk *I'm* going to get tonight.

Jen Chaney: Snarky Squirrel: You're halfway there already, aren't you?


Jen Chaney: Julie Bowen just confessed that she wears Spanx. And wears 'em to bed. Bless her. Somehow I don't buy it though.

Liz Kelly: "Modern Family" everywhere -- Jesse Tyler Ferguson talking to Giuliana [Rancic] about coloring his beard.

Jen Chaney: I love their candor. They wear Spanx to bed and dye their facial hair.


Jen Chaney: Stop the press. Helena Bonham Carter is wearing non-matching shoes. She is going to be flayed alive on Fashion Police.

Liz: Kelly Total #globesfail. You have to admire the courage on some level.


Liz Kelly: Jason Segal makes Seacrest look Liliputian. It's just not even funny. I think Segal could crush Ryan with his fist.

Liz Kelly:
Okay. ScarJo's hair is looking very Bride of Frankenstein. I hope she's sitting next to Helena Bonham Carter.

Jen Chaney: Scarlett is also wearing my grandmother's curtains, it appears.

Jen Chaney: I am sorry, people. Helena Bonham Carter looks like the 80s threw up on her.

Liz Kelly: Or Vivienne Westwood.


Jen Chaney: I believe that Sofia Vergera puts the voom in the va va.


Falne: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: Yes, Helena Bonham Carter’s wearing different colored shoes on the red carpet. You know why? Because evil does whatever the hell it wants. [via Twitter]

Jen Chaney:
That might be my favorite Tweet of the night. Thank you, Lord Voldemort.


Liz Kelly:
Wait -- so Gwyneth asked Robert Downey Jr. what she should do to play a drunk in "Country Strong"? Nice. I guess he can enlist her help when he wants to play an insouciant blond entirely disconnected from reality.

Jen Chaney: All right, here are tonight's fashion trends: weird poofy stuff on people's chests, the color green and the occasional trainwreck.

Jen Chaney: Giuliana Rancic just scored a coup -- she got Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to wave at her. Not do an interview, mind you, but wave. #globesfail.

Liz Kelly: Yep. Jennifer Lopez is wearing my first holy communion veil over her shoulders.

witless: J.Lo looks like a quinceañera gone bad.


8 p.m.
Jen Chaney: Gervais is on stage. And there is a beer on the podium waiting for him.

Jen Chaney:
15 seconds, and already a Charlie Sheen joke. Ooh, and a Tourist joke

Liz Kelly: Ouch.

Jen Chaney: "They also accepted bribes." Gervais is never hosting this show again. Just said one of the Sex and the City 2 actresses was in an episode of "Bonanza."


Bookitarian: Bale not winning would have been a srs #globesfail. And he’s in his real accent!!! [via Twitter]

witless: This is the first time I've heard Bale in his real accent. Oh god, he's even hotter.

Jen Chaney: Amen, my friend.


Jen Chaney: Time for a commercial, otherwise known as the Kathy Bates Promo Period.


Ted: When do we get back to Ricky Gervais ripping on people?

Liz Kelly: He's being deported as we speak.

Jen Chaney: I think the HFPA members are beating him senseless backstage.

NSF: Jen, that's a #globeswin!

Jen Chaney: It was a #globeswin. Or a #globeshighlight. Or just a moment of #globesglee.

Jen Chaney:
#Won't #it #be #fun #if #I #talk #in #hashtag #all #night?

Liz Kelly:
Wait -- Mark Wahlberg producd ["The Fighter"], too?

Jen Chaney: Wahlberg produces everything, Liz. I think he's executive producer of this chat even.

Liz Kelly: I wish he was. We could use the help.


mrsdorkusmaximus: Neither of you are [working] blue. #globesfail or #globeswin?

Liz Kelly: That's actually #employed.


Jen Chaney: Gervais just slagged on Robert Downey Jr.

Liz Kelly: I mean, really -- he had to go there?

Jen Chaney: "Aside from the fact that [the evening has] been mean-spirited with sinister undertones, the vibe has been pretty good so far." -- Robert Downey Jr.

Abby: I think Nicole [Kidman]'s forehead just moved. My Globe experience is complete.

Jen Chaney: I had to take a break, so I didn't get to weigh in earlier. But the top of Tilda Swinton went to The Gap, and the bottom went to the Jessica McClintock outlet store.

Kristen: Is it fair for me to judge celebrities by the way other celebrities listen to their awards speeches? For example, I like Claire [Danes] less because no one looked like they were happy for her.

Liz Kelly: Don't judge Claire based on Dennis Quaid's scowl. He's probably thinking about his kooky brother.

10 p.m.
Jen Chaney: Angelina Jolie, putting on lip gloss.

Booboo: Why don't they just fix a camera on Angelina Jolie for the entire time and put it in a box in the corner. You know they want to.

Jen Chaney: Alicia Keys is paying tribute to Black Swan. Connection? No idea.


Ignite: Tom Hanks has gotten a lot of screen time already.

Liz Kelly: Well, he was in "Bosom Buddies." And he is the father of Chet "Haze" Hanks, rapper.


r r: i really think ricky has been fired on the job

Jen Chaney: He has been absent for a while.

Liz Kelly: The Scientologists have got him.

Liz Kelly: I wonder if Sandra's bangs are real or if she's wearing one of those little bang wigs.

Liz Kelly: "Right now this is all that stands between me and a Harley Davidson" -- Colin Firth on his Globes win and combatting a midlife crisis.

mrsdorkusmaximus: Colin Firth saying "Harley-Davidson" may be the hottest thing I've ever heard in my life.

Ted: Was Kevin Spacey involved in the Social Network?

Jen Chaney: Yes, Ted. Spacey and his company co-produced it.

Liz Kelly: But Jen. I thought you said Marky Mark produced everything.

Jen Chaney: Wahlberg produces when Spacey and Brad Pitt are not available.


Jen Chaney: Gervais only has 10 seconds to insult one last person.


Liz Kelly: Okay. Thanks, everyone, for joining us. Ryan Seacrest Drinkers -- see you on Oscar night.

Jen Chaney: People, it's been a pleasure as always. We never could have done this chat without you. Or producer Scott Rudin. Or Christian Bale's hotness. Or God, who Ricky Gervais does not believe in.

By Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney  | January 17, 2011; 12:49 AM ET
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I was watching Grey's Anatomy which I LUV but the casting made me mad because Shonda Rhimes is sneaking in all these light skinned blacks I noticed. The last 3-4 additions looked WHITE!!! Funny thing the best performance of last night's episode came from the LIGHT SKINNED gay character hahahahaha I really miss the original cast......

Thank God the last BLACK charactes added to another fave The Closer looked and is BLACK...Courtney Vance (Angela Bassett's hubby)

Posted by: MDlady2 | January 14, 2011 1:50 PM | Report abuse

The host is a low life.

Posted by: 1911a1 | January 16, 2011 9:23 PM | Report abuse

The Golden Globes is a complete joke. You might as well put on an awards show with the winners selected by the cashiers of your local Giant Food store. Hollywood Foreign Press. Give me a break. Nothing but a bunch of loser gossip columnists.

Posted by: taonima2000 | January 16, 2011 10:42 PM | Report abuse

I watched it mainly because Ricky Gervais was the host. He was hilarious, as always. I'm sure he offended a lot of people but that was basically his job. Besides him, my favoeite part was Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. They had a great routine.

Posted by: bgormley1 | January 16, 2011 11:14 PM | Report abuse

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