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Posted at 1:01 PM ET, 01/20/2011

Jesse James and Kat Von D engaged

By Liz Kelly

(Getty Images)

Remember Jesse James, the husband who stepped out on Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock with a possibly Nazi-sympathizing tattooed model? Yeah, well, he's engaged. The lucky lady is none other than TLC tattoo queen Kat Von D.

In a statement to People, James said:

"You know sometimes the public and press gets it wrong. This is one of those times. 2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend. An amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs. I have never met anyone so kind and loving and committed to making the world a better place every day. My love for her is beyond description. So honored that she said 'yes.' Growing old with her is going to be a f----n' blast!"

In March, James publicly apologized to Bullock for his "poor judgment" after it surfaced that he'd had a months-long affair with model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. The scandal broke only weeks after Bullock won a best actress Academy Award for her role in "The Blind Side." In April, Bullock revealed that she was the new mom of a son, Louis Bardo, and that James had started the adoption process while the couple was still together.

Von D was most recently attached to Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx.

Source: People

Jesse James apologizes to Sandra Bullock for “poor judgment”
Surprise! Sandra Bullock is a new mom

By Liz Kelly  | January 20, 2011; 1:01 PM ET
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Looks like Discovery's effort to promote LA Ink knows no bounds.

Posted by: sasquatchbigfoot | January 20, 2011 1:23 PM | Report abuse

Geez, is the ink even dry on the divorce papers?

This couple is a perfect example of water seeking its own level. Sandra, thank your lucky stars on a daily basis you are rid of this dirtbag.

Posted by: Californian11 | January 20, 2011 1:32 PM | Report abuse

Boy he really must be either rock dumb or that much of an a**hat. To call the year he betrayed his wife and hurt her immeasurably, tore up the stable home his children had thrived under - the best year of his life... Seriously.

And then the way he phrases his description of his new fiancee is another slap in the face of Sandra Bullock. So what - she wasn't kind, loving and committed to making the world a better place? (as an aside, she's donated to our charity a number of times in the 7 digit range and asks that it not be made a big public deal of).

Meh - guy's a tool.

Posted by: LTL1 | January 20, 2011 1:54 PM | Report abuse

"An amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs."

I don't know, Jesse - maybe the people of the "world" wouldn't have turned their backs if you hadn't cheated on a woman who is known for charity and has a reputation of being nice.

Posted by: Aloe9678 | January 20, 2011 1:55 PM | Report abuse

Get some hip boots and a shovel, the bullshirt is getting deep in here...

Posted by: theFieldMarshall | January 20, 2011 2:36 PM | Report abuse

Stay classy, Jesse.

-Snarky Squirrel

Posted by: 7900rmc | January 20, 2011 3:13 PM | Report abuse

This guy is just a large bag of poo!

Posted by: MDey | January 20, 2011 3:15 PM | Report abuse

I give those two losers a year, max.

Posted by: Guest1234 | January 20, 2011 3:19 PM | Report abuse

Sure hope they don't reproduce.

Posted by: Nosy_Parker | January 20, 2011 3:38 PM | Report abuse

People, people..and please you too Liz and Jen -- here's another, I hope not missed, opportunity to serve a steaming gumbo of fun, juicy sleazoid gossip with some vitamin packed pop culture commentary [just like those eggy head courses in the Ivies, yes?, field trips to the local strip joints, bothering the dry wall guys with the iPhone pix and goofy questions]. Re: juicy gossip - wow, go gyrl reporters, even if People broke the news, this is still hot stuff [come on who's even reading the Hu-Obama chess match -- did they break for egg rolls yet?]. As to the pop culture commentary, and I'm sooooo serious here, please please explore [maybe a series, Diane Reem interview? NYTime op-ed?] the BURNING QUESTION: why do celebrics like this couple MARRY AT ALL. What's the point? Art wise, PR wise, marketing wise, parenting wise, ANY wise!!! The stats on US marriage are too stacked even for Vegas: 50%+ on a first, and, higher for a second, and that's just among the proles. For celebrics? What, gotta be somewhere's north of 75%. The nation is secular, even the pop universe [re: John Stewart, Bill Maher, even the Post news room and White House press corps, yes?], there’s no religious spin beside sentimental or image [ok powerful forces, please assess]but, still why why the marriage -- let me anticipate some of your wise counsel: marriage is good PR and cheap [all those National Enquirer editors going nuts], sells well to weepy fans, it’s pre-packaged Oprah fodder, romantic temptations, good for the kids [hmmm…really, please check all the tenured fed grant workin sociology profs in on the Eastern seaboard, just a suggestion]. But, what of the upside of no-marriage: all the pop icons do it [at least the heteros, like: Madonna, Mick J, etc,], US/foreign law is solid for no-marriage on money transfer, pre-nups [i.e. before cohabitation, or whatever, lawyers await your pleasure], insurance is cool, trust funds untouched. Can we get some showbiz lawyers, PR experts, marketing wizes, and yes-Liz and Jen—celebric vets - on the topic. So, fire up the barby - you got juice, you got serious, is marriage still cool, or just retro-lame-o? Curious minds kinda maybe want to know. Just one more tasty: please explain: is celebric marriage, now just a temp thang -- like coffee in Styrofoam, sip then toss along with that silly-billy death do part stuff. If so, o wise celebric investigators: can we now junk those little boxes on insurance and driver license forms, e.g. the ones on marital state, by now its like asking “What’s your sign, babe?” Too too lame even for high school studs. Plus ca change.

Posted by: MrCassandra | January 20, 2011 4:08 PM | Report abuse

Jesse James is THE biggest poser on the planet. Now to take it a step further - he marries a walking tattoo. Jessie dude, do us a favor and either come out of the closet or drop the lisp while you're droning on about how tough you are. There's nothing wrong with being feminine. Some of the gayest people I know are feminine.

Your chronic "I'm the biggest bad azzezz you ever met" spiel wasn't believable 10 years ago when I first heard it and you keep getting more feminine every time you try one of these stunts designed to help you stay in the closet. At some point it becomes laughable and you my friend are past that point.

Posted by: Bcamp55 | January 20, 2011 5:44 PM | Report abuse

"Growing old with her is going to be a f----n' blast!"

That's so cute. He thinks it's actually going to last that long.

Posted by: DCCubefarm | January 21, 2011 7:14 AM | Report abuse

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