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Celebritology 2.0 Archive: Miley Cyrus

Police search Charlie Sheen's home; Miley Cyrus lashes out at paparazzo; Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel split

Charlie Sheen, restraining order-free. (AP) Los Angeles police searched Charlie Sheen's home last night for firearms that might have violated the terms of the restraining order filed against him by ex-wife Brooke Mueller. They found one gun, an antique, and a few bullets. In related news, Mueller and Sheen have reached an agreement that nullifies that restraining order and settles the custody issues involving their sons, but the details of said agreement were not revealed. Sheen tweeted his praise of the LAPD and later added, "50 cops in my home. they all left. I'm still here. WINNING? 24/7." (Associated Press) Miley Cyrus doesn't hesitate to let a paparazzo have it when he accidentally runs into her mom with his camera. (The Hollywood Gossip) Reps for Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake confirm that the couple has officially split. The stars of "Valentine's Day" and "The Social Network" have been dating...

By Jen Chaney  | March 11, 2011; 9:30 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (9)
Categories:  Celebrities, Charlie Sheen, Daily Mix, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus  
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Billy Ray Cyrus: 'Hannah Montana' destroyed my life

Look out Michael Lohan, there's a new disgruntled celebri-dad in town and his name is Billy Ray Cyrus. In the latest issue of GQ, Cyrus opens up about his recent divorce, the whole Miley bong incident, why he's feeling increasingly estranged from his 18-year-old offspring and how "Hannah Montana" "destroyed" his life. (Hey, mine too! Or at least 30-second portions of my life that involved channel surfing and getting momentarily stuck on the Disney Channel.) Anyhow, Cyrus -- who once posed in a provocative Vanity Fair Annie Leibovitz spread with his then underage daughter -- says he didn't attend Miley's 18th birthday party because, "they were having it in a bar. It was wrong. It was for 21 year olds and up. Once again all them people, they all wanted me to fly out so that then when all the bad press came they could say, 'Daddy endorsed this...

By Liz Kelly  | February 15, 2011; 10:54 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (23)
Categories:  Celebrities, Miley Cyrus  | Tags:  Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus  
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Report: Miley Cyrus smokes weed from a bong, but it's not marijuana

Video of teen diva Miley Cyrus celebrating her birthday with a bong has surfaced online: But, sources tell TMZ, the 18-year-old popstress was not smoking marijuana. Instead, she was inhaling salvia, a natural herb that is legal in California and has supposed hallucinogenic effects. Says a giggly Cyrus on the video, which was reportedly shot by a pal and "stolen" from the camera, "I'm having kind of a bad trip." Then she points off camera to someone she swears looks just like her off-again/on-again boyfriend, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. We're guessing it wasn't dad Billy Ray Cyrus. Source: TMZ...

By Liz Kelly  | December 10, 2010; 1:08 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (8)
Categories:  Miley Cyrus  
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Rumor Mill: Miley Cyrus's mom had an affair with Bret Michaels

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus. (AP) Bret Michaels in 2008. (AP) Rut-roh. Remember last week when we were all shocked (okay, hyperbole) by the abrupt end to the 17-year marriage of Miley Cyrus's parents, Billy Ray and Tish? It turns out that the split may have been caused by an achy-breaky heart after all. According to, Tish and rocker Bret Michaels (yes, the one with the brain hemorrhage and sketchy Billboard cover) were involved in an "on-the-sly romance" that began in February when Michaels and Cyrus released the duet "Nothing to Lose." A rep for Michaels rebutted the allegations, telling Us Weekly, "There has never been an affair or a fling." A rep for Tish also denied the dalliance. Still, to timeline this potentially cataclysmic affair: February -- Tish Cyrus and Bret Michaels commence their "on-the-sly romance." April -- Michaels suffers achy-breaky brain (a.k.a. brain hemorrhage). May --...

By Liz Kelly  | November 2, 2010; 5:22 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (8)
Categories:  Celebrities, Miley Cyrus, Relationships, Rumor Mill, Splits  
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Miley Cyrus's new video: Too sexy for 17?

Miley Cyrus won't be 18 until Nov. 23, but in yet another raunch-filled video she's already pulling her audience along with her into R-rated 18 and older territory. Either that or I'm just a prude who finds the "Who Owns My Heart" imagery borderline icky for an underage girl (who was and continues to be marketed to children by Disney). Below, witness Miley as she writhes around on an unmade bed in what looks to be a seedy motel room and does her best impression of a table-top dancing stripper while wearing leather hot pants. We've talked about this before, but again I'm forced to ask:...

By Liz Kelly  | October 8, 2010; 1:42 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (5)
Categories:  Insta-Polls, Miley Cyrus  
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Will Miley Cyrus survive her crossover attempt?

Make no mistake, Miley Cyrus is intentionally pushing her image into adult territory and positioning herself on the playing field with the likes of today's biggest female pop stars -- Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera. But after years spent building up a wholesome image -- selling oneself as the kind of girl who parents of 13-year-olds wouldn't mind their daughters hanging with -- is it possible to shed those years of cred in favor of a decidedly edgy new persona? As mentioned in the Morning Mix, pictures of the 17-year-old popster performing over the weekend in Portugal have again caused an uproar (no doubt, the intention) and launched a debate about Miley's age appropriateness. Is young Miley leading her hordes of heretofore innocent tween fans into a hyper-sexualized zone where grabbing one's crotch and hitting a stripper pole are the natural next step once one graduates from Disney? Or...

By Liz Kelly  | June 1, 2010; 10:47 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (25)
Categories:  Miley Cyrus  | Tags:  Miley Cyrus  
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