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Bill's Mother's Day Gift to Hillary

Jeff Jarvis

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign today released a four-minute, forty-second video of Bill Clinton extrolling his wife's many virtues and deep experience: "She has best combination of mind and heart, of leadership ability and a feel for the consequences of the decisions a leader makes."

Of course, it's well-produced and, of course, Bill Clinton makes an effective salesman. He made one video before, a half-minute appeal for money. (It appears they might have been made on the same day; a wardrobe change might have been in order). The latest video is a nomination speech with orchestral backup. I suppose it's better to pull out the big gun now than later, so it doesn't look as if he's rescuing her campaign.

Interesting to see who's pulling the spouses into online video and who's not. Edwards, Obama, and, of course, Kucinich have turned YouTube into a family affair.

Here's Dennis Kucinich's wife reporting news. Here's Elizabeth Edwards thanking the public for their care and support. And here's Barack Obama's wife paying tribute a week ago, with piano accompaniment:

I doubt we'll be seeing videos from Rudy's wife, though.

By washingtonpost.com Editors |  May 13, 2007; 3:28 PM ET Hillary Rodham Clinton
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