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Gingrich's New Immigration Ad

Lest we forget there's still another Republican considering a presidential campaign, Newt Gingrich is out with a new ad criticizing immigration proposals expected to be reconsidered soon by the Senate.

The ad, sponsored by the group Citizens United, features Gingrich explaining why he doesn't support what he calls, "The McCain-Kennedy immigration plan."

Gingrich starts by reminding viewers that Mohammed Atta, and other 9/11 hijackers, were in the United States illegally, and that the borders remain open to gang members and potential terrorists.

"This bill does not even allow convicted criminals to be deported. That's wrong," he says.

"Amnesty makes our laws meaningless, and invites millions more to cross the borders illegally, making the problem worse, not better," he declares.

The ad ends with the toll-free number for Citizens United.

Remember, as he told us back in March, Gingrich doesn't plan to make a decision on running for president until late September. Do you think having Gingrich front an ad paid for by a group holding similar beliefs to his own is part of his presidential campaign strategy? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

By Ed O'Keefe |  June 20, 2007; 9:45 AM ET Newt Gingrich
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Although I agree that cheap labor benefits our economy to a degree, border security and enforcing our own laws are much more important. We do have to face the reality that jobs exist in our country that Americans do not want. Importing labor is a considerable option but allowing people who have broken the law (and all ILLEGAL immigrants have) to stay here because they've gotten away with it for a long time is simply unacceptable. This problem spans much farther than our neighbors to the south; there are countless numbers of illegals from Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East as well. Although we are a nation formed by immigrants we shouldn't accept with open arms all those wishing to move here. For permanant citizenship or naturalization, they should be screened, educated, and demonstrate an ability to be contributing members of society. Sure, natural born Americans wouldn't have the same obligation, but the world isn't fair and no amount of legislation will make it so.

Posted by: Sarah | June 28, 2007 2:53 AM

Has everyone forgotten that this is a country that was founded by immigrants? Have you ever been to the statue of liberty? I agree we need immigration reform, that is why it is necessary to give amnesty to those who have had the necessity to enter illegally, because there is no other way for most of them. We need to come up with "obrero" permits or something to that effect. And folks lets face it this "immigration reform" that we are talking about (double fence to the south, etc.) is nothing more than a mask for prejudices and discrimination against our Latin neighbors. Bye the way how many of the 9/11 terrorists came in through Mexico?

Posted by: Joshua | June 28, 2007 4:47 PM

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