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GOP Gains Ground on YouTube

Republican presidential candidates are gaining ground on Democrats in the YouTube arena. Neilsen//NetRatings announced earlier today that almost one-third of the total time users spent at YouTube watching campaign-related videos in April centered on Republican presidential candidates.

That's up 21 percentage points from March, according to Nielsen, and it shows that GOP hopefuls are catching up to their Democratic counterparts. Democrats' videos accounted for 69 percent in April, dropping 20 percentage points from the month before.

But, as Nielsen//NetRatings media analyst Jason Lee points out, a fair portion of the Democrats' high numbers comes from bad publicity or internecine fighting.

"In March, the anti-Hillary Clinton '1984' video drew significant traffic, which accounts in part for the Democratic lead in time spent for the month," he said.

And on the other side, videos centering on Sen. John McCain's regrettable musical number "Bomb Bomb Iran" and footage of the candidate sleeping through the 2007 State of the Union address bolstered the GOP's number -- accounting for 15 percent of total time spent on McCain videos, says Lee.

By  |  June 13, 2007; 10:12 AM ET YouTube
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