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YouTube Spin

Jeff Jarvis

An operative for a campaign sent me a link -- telling me not to attribute it to him -- for this video sniping at John McCain because his senior media adviser, Mark McKinnon, said he would quit, apparently to change sides, if Obama won the Democratic nomination:

It's a tacky little bit of video. That's not what interests me. What's intriguing is how this form can and surely will be used to snipe at candidates behind the anonymity of YouTube. And we won't know who did it. Did a campaign? Or was it just a fan, like Phil de Vellis, creator of the infamous Hillary video? Did this guy send this video to me because he made it or liked it? We won't know. In either case, the opponent wanted it seen and so YouTube -- and the blogosphere -- become a new outlet for spin and snipes and whispers.

By washingtonpost.com Editors |  June 11, 2007; 1:23 PM ET John McCain
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