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Ad Watch: Elizabeth Edwards

If you haven't watched the latest "PostTalk" interview with John Edwards, make sure to check it out. Chris Cillizza and Dan Balz quiz the former senator about his focus on poverty, the Iraq war, and his chances. It's worth your time.

The PostTalk interview comes a day after Elizabeth Edwards' comments about Hillary Clinton. And now Mrs. Edwards is the star of a new TV ad airing in New Hampshire.

It opens with trumpet music, and images of the couple from the past 30 years. Mrs. Edwards says, "I have been blessed for the last 30 years to be married to the most optimistic person that I have ever met. But at the same time he has an unbelievable toughness, particularly about other people, and that is his ability to fight for them."

In a conference call with reporters this morning, the Edwards campaign made clear that Elizabeth is a key part of the campaign. "Elizabeth is Elizabeth. She's a strong advocate, and effective," said Edwards Deputy Campaign Manager Jonathan Prince.

The ad begins airing on the same day the former senator wraps up his "The Road to One America" poverty awareness tour today in Virginia and Kentucky. He to Iowa next.

We've spoken with Mrs. Edwards twice: Once in South Carolina, then again in New Hampshire. Despite the late hours, her ongoing health issues, and the South Carolina heat, she answered reporters' questions patiently and thoroughly, impressing the assembled pack. It's obvious this ad helps remind voters that one of the best things about John Edwards is Elizabeth.

What do you think of the ad? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  July 18, 2007; 2:11 PM ET Ad Watch , John Edwards
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I love Elizabeth Edwards. She's truly one of the best things about the Edwards campaign.

Posted by: SS Dem | July 18, 2007 4:10 PM

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