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CNN/YouTube Debate Questions, Part Two

Peter Hauck

Continuing our look at the more interesting submissions for next Monday's CNN/YouTube debate, Debbie is a teacher who doesn't like much about "No Child Left Behind," plus she says it isn't being adequately funded. (It's a variation on the Woody Allen bit: Two women are at a banquet. One says: "The food is terrible." And the other says: "Yes -- and the portions are so small.") Anyway, she asks candidates what they would do about improving the program.

Proving that all politics is personal and local, the very fit Jenna -- a personal trainer from New Hampshire -- says exercise will solve a lot of health problems. She asks the candidates what policies they support that will incent Americans to work out.

Jenny from Maine is a bubbly first-time voter and she thinks it would be "cool" if her first vote was for a woman. She asks Hillary Clinton if her vote should be based on the issues or on gender and personality.

Check our first sampling of the debate questions here.

By Ed O'Keefe |  July 18, 2007; 11:00 AM ET Debates
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