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CNN/YouTube Debate Questions, Part Three

Peter Hauck

Voter video questions for the CNN/YouTube debate have passed 1500. Here's a sampling of some recent submissions:

Christie from New Orleans uses visual aids and asks "New Orleans will still be awaiting leadership when one of y'all wins. What are your plans for restoring and protecting New Orleans and Southern Louisiana?"

Amanda from Auburn, Alabama asks a questions that no Democratic candidate wants to answer: "Do you have a plan to fix Social Security."

Anthony from Georgia has uploaded about 25 questions so far. Give him an "A" for effort. Here's one we haven't heard before: He suggests creating a national lottery to pay for universal healthcare and asks candidates what they think.

And here's a little humor from a young woman from Los Angeles. She asks: "What is it about you or your past that you're afraid of journalists finding and exposing."

By Ed O'Keefe |  July 19, 2007; 9:38 AM ET Debates
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There are many self-serving questions the answers to which would be of little interest to the majority of Americans.

The some of the questions should focus on issues the Democrats have until now avoided like the plague: NAFTA, Security and Prosperity Partnership(SPP), the North American Union(NAU), immigration law enforcement, and other issues transnational progressives in congress and the Bush administration do not want Americans to know about. Remember, Bill Clinton was the one who started the ball rolling on all of these issues by creating NAFTA. Will Hillary, John Edwards, or Obama keep the ball rolling on these issues? SPP AND NAU - if they are pushed - will destroy the United States' sovereignty and abolish the constitution!

Posted by: anti_nau | July 20, 2007 2:28 PM

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