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Impressions: The 8:30 Edition

Jeff Jarvis

Home stretch:

Next question is about voting procedures. Chads and all that.

Biden gets his 30-second "YouTube-style" video. But it's not YouTube-style. It's just a commercial.

Now two voters ask whether the candidates would work for the minimum wage. Another damned gimmick. How does this make us look?

A musical question about taxes with a musical punchline: "I got a parking ticket last week would one of you pardon me?" Point made. No need for the candidates to blather.

Now we have a question asking whether taxes will increase when Democrats get into office as "usually" happens. Is that true?

8:46. Finally, we get to health care. Cooper says they were overwhelmed with questions on the topic and so they give us a medley.

Obama says his mother spent the last years of her life wondering how she would pay for her cancer treatments. He and Edwards argue on who mandates universal coverage. Edwards tells of a man who could not get his cleft palate fixed until he was 51 years old. Clinton says it is a "national disgrace" that we have the health care we do and she "has the scars to show for" working on health care in 93 and 94; she says that "universal health care is a national value."

Cooper tries to go to another question about health care for illegal immigrants and Dodd properly gets mad saying that health care is too important an issue and all the candidates should at least have a chance to talk. Cooper just repeats the question. That does not improve the quality of the debate. It adds to the cacophony of it.

Obama: "I think in every single question you've heard, we've seen cynicism about change" in America.

We come to a close with another twinkie question asking what "in god we trust" means. Jeesh. Can't we talk about the job of the presidency?

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By Ed O'Keefe |  July 23, 2007; 9:00 PM ET Debates
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Real people asking real questions. I liked it even if some of the questions were silly.

And here is an example of why: On the question of would you work for minimum wage the answers were very telling. Only Edwards could and would do it. This shows how most of these candidates are not very liberal when it comes right down to it. They talk the talk but they are not willing walk the walk. Would any of those high paid pundits have the mind set to ask this kind of question? No, they would also have to apologize for being wealthy or they would not be able to ask the question with a straight face.

Likewise with health care. Likewise with education costs. Likewise with losing a loved one in Iraq.

Just because reality sucks is no reason to poo-poo reality questioning.

Posted by: John Boy | July 24, 2007 5:58 AM

Jeff Jarvis is a self-promoter of his puffed up self-importance. He cloaks himself as "Mr Average Person" but seems always to have an axe to grind against whatever the media does, and wants to position himself as some type of watchdog for Joe Public. The CNN-Youtube format was refreshing and more imformative than previous debates have been thus far, Jeff Jarvis' opinion notwithstanding.

Posted by: Dave | July 24, 2007 6:35 AM

Edwards working for minimum wage, give me a break! Yes maybe now as a wealthy man he has the means to experiment in what it feels like to live on minimum wage but I sincerely doubt a man who has gotten 400 dollar hair cuts would last very long. The other candidates were at least honest when they said they wouldnt work for minimum wage.

Posted by: Zaina | July 24, 2007 8:18 AM

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