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Live Impressions: The 8 p.m. Edition

Jeff Jarvis

Kucinich wants people to "text peace." How hip: geek peace.

Now to education: "Who is your favorite teacher and why?" OK, sweet question. But I'm not sure what it can tell us. Edwards uses it as his excuse to mention his "daddy in teh mill." Never miss a chance.

We get a music video about no child left behind. Once again, I can't read it but the question is clear. Richardson would scrap it. The crowd cheers. Biden blames voting in favor of it in his friend Ted Kennedy but he, too, would scrap it.

Next, a question about sending kids to private or public school. Cooper lists the candidates who, he says, sent their kids to private school. All those candidates tell Cooper he's wrong.

Next, we want to hear about the candidates talking birds 'n' bees with their kids. Do we?

Now to the Red State Update guys: What about Al Gore?

And a snowman asks about global warming.

Can we make the voters of American look any twinkier?

Kucinich talks about "global warring and global warming." Can he make the candidates sound any twinkier?

By Ed O'Keefe |  July 23, 2007; 8:32 PM ET Debates
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