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Mitt and Kindergarten

Jeff Jarvis

Mitt Romney leaps on Barack Obama supposedly calling for sex-education in kindergarten. Even the Christian Broadcasting Network gives Obama a fairer shake, quoting the campaign as saying that the senator was talking about teaching little kids about inappropriate touching. Child molestation, in other words. Is Romney against preventing that?

Sound bite: "Let's clean up the ocean of filth, the cesspool in which our kids are swimming." America's a cesspool? Isn't that al Qaeda's platform?

And don't forget to read about Romney's "cesspool" commercial.

By Ed O'Keefe |  July 19, 2007; 11:33 AM ET Mitt Romney
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I just want to say that as a student in middle school (grade 8) I really did not appreciate our sex education class, (which was deemed age appropriate by the way). I was completely shocked when we were instructed to put condoms on a wooden toy nicknamed "woodie". Now I realize that as the argument goes "if we don't teach them noone will and then they will have uprotected sex and then they will be a single mom and spread disease etc...". Of course most of this assumption is correct. However the first part is not "if we don't teach them noone will". Who should be teaching our kindergarteners about inappropriate touching? As a mother of a kindergartener I would say THEIR PARENTS. The parents should be teaching ALL levels of sexual education from kindergarten to grade 12.

As a mother I am very connected with my child. I know at each stage what is and what is not appropriate for me to teach her. I also know how much information and what information to share, sometimes it is only a matter of weeks before I know she is ready to learn more.

I think that more of us should vote for a president based on that new song that was released by Eric Proffitt called "Raise the Bar", we need to raise the bar when it comes to our politicians, look at what kind of nation we have created.. you can listen here www.ericproffitt.com

Posted by: musicgirl | July 19, 2007 2:54 PM

While I appreciate "musicgirl"'s obvious care and attention to the educational needs of her child, I feel it is extremely important to keep in mind that not all parents are nearly as diligent. We live in a society where no family is perfect, where parents are often too uncomfortable to discuss sex with their children, or vice versa. While sex education in schools is an uncomfortable subject for everyone involved, it is absolutely necessary to ensure the health of young adults, who might otherwise begin to explore their sexuality uninformed.

Should a kindergarten student be taught how to use a condom? Absolutely not. If public school teachers teach young students what is and is not acceptable touching, however, it can only help our young boys and girls to recognize how to interact respectfully an early age. Given the number of children molested every year, a solid understanding of what inappropriate touching is may even empower these children to "blow the whistle" on authority figures if they have been told very specifically that such touching, by adults and children alike, is wrong.

Posted by: lflower | July 23, 2007 1:01 PM

How about some kind of system where parents are encouraged and given the appropriate information to teach their kids. Or a book that is sent to every families home with a guide instructing parents how to broach such a senstive topic. Surely we could save dollars and create a more effective way of reaching our children with information that we all agree they need. In fact studies show that children who are able to discuss openly sexual education with their PARENTS are far less likely to engage in premature sex than their peers who cannot have open discussion with their parents. The kids learning sex ed from schools rather than their parents are the ones most likely to engage in premature or premarital sex.

Posted by: musicgirl | July 26, 2007 1:21 AM

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