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Jeff Jarvis

Part II: 7:30

Edwards' video plays Hair and might be funny but I CAN'T SEE IT. It's ridiculous that they run it in a small screen. I assume they think we're going to be scared away if the video isn't full CNN quality. But seeing it tiny is worse! CNN's audience is 59 and a half. They have bad eyes. They can't see these tiny videos, damnit.

Now, Darfur. Now, substance. Richardson talks about what it needed; he has been there. He calls for a permanent UN peacekeeping force. Biden says he's tired of this. "Let's get right to it." He, too, went to that camp. He wants to send troops here. Gravel says the African nations don't want us because they're afraid of us. Cooper cuts him off. Clinton says that the U.S. needs to provide logistical support while still concentrating its troops on Afghanistan.

Now we have a tribute to Citadel veterans killed in Iraq because the debate is there.

Now to Iraq questions. The first asks "how do we pull out now?" Cooper repeats that. Well, that assumes we should pull out now. Obama -- interrupted by Cooper, which is beginning to irritate me -- says "we can be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in."

7:46. Cooper asks Biden "how do we pull out now." Once again, a question that jumps over a lot. Biden says it will take a year to pull out and we need a political solution afterwards (which is the question Biden's campaign wanted many to ask at this debate).

Next question on Iraq: The mother of a soldier in Iraq for the second time blames this on the Democrats. Clinton gives the obligatory thank-you to the families of servicemen in Iraq. She pushes for a timeline. Better answer than question. Kucinich, then, too blames the Democrats for the war.

By Ed O'Keefe |  July 23, 2007; 7:53 PM ET Debates
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