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Our Debate

Jeff Jarvis

Liveblogging reactions to the YouTube debate tonight....

7 p.m. A good intro from a voter telling the candidates to stop beating around the (pause) bush.

Before the debate, Anderson Cooper said that from the 3,000 questions, they picked 50-60.

They start showing the silly videos. Damn. I knew they couldn't help trying to make us, the people, look like asses.

Zack from Provo says we have a bunch of leaders who can't do their jobs. "The issue don't matter if when you get in power nothing's going to get done.... How are you going to be any different?" It's a rather pappy question and it engenders a pappy response about experience from Dodd: he might as well have hit the 'play' button his head. A stale start. "If someone really wants change, are you the guy?" Cooper asks. Silly question. Let's talk issues, damnit.

Obama does his change dance. Special interests. Lobbyists. More prerecording. More stale bread.

Next asking Kucinich how we'd be better off with him. What a ridiculous softball. A snowball. I'm still waiting for one of the many questions of substance I saw in the 3,000 at YouTube.

By Ed O'Keefe |  July 23, 2007; 7:11 PM ET Debates
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