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Obama on the Daily Show: "You Rock, Barack!"

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama appeared on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show Wednesday night. Here are some highlights. [Watch the full two-part interview below.]

* As the interview begins the candidate is greeted by members of the audience yelling "You Rock, Barack!"

* Stewart giving advice on how Obama can garner even larger crowds at campaign appearances: "Kegs -- that also can draw them."

* Obama on the Democratic candidates' recent Sunday morning debate on ABC: "It is always a shock when you wake up Sunday morning and you're face to face with Mike Gravel."

* The candidate sizing up the political process: "So much of what we talk about, so much of what we say , it's not true, people know it's not true, all the insiders understand that we're just game playing, and in the meantime we've got these hugely serious problems, which are true."

* Obama on the unique atmosphere in the early primary states: "In Iowa and New Hampshire people just want to talk to you -- they want to lift the hood, they want to kick the tires, they want to look you in the eye, they want to get a sense of are you telling the truth -- and nobody can do that but you... Iowa can be won on the ground."

* Responding to a Stewart crack on Hillary Clinton's experience, Obama said: "I think people rightly give her credit for being a participant in the Clinton administration and that she was doing some heavy-lifting on issues. But I do think that increasingly what Americans are looking for is not Washington experience, but do you have life experience that is going to lead you to make good decisions and are you in touch with what's happening on the ground."

By washingtonpost.com Editors |  August 23, 2007; 10:06 AM ET Barack Obama
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