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Archive: September 16, 2007 - September 22, 2007

60 Seconds With Obama

If you're a believer in Barack Obama, then you'll love "Believe," the senator's latest TV ad going up in Iowa. Obama speaks directly into the camera for the duration of the 60-second message, asking viewers "to believe not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington. I'm...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 19, 2007; 5:28 PM ET | Comments (7)

Giuliani a Closet Liberal?

The latest flap over Rudy Giuliani's political past requires a long reach back into the complexities of New York State politics. As in most states, it's an ugly, personal battle, with parties and people attempting to settle old scores one election at a time. New questions about Giuliani come courtesy...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 19, 2007; 2:50 PM ET | Comments (23)

New Ads From Romney

Mitt Romney's 13th TV ad is now airing in New Hampshire, and will start airing in Iowa later this week. The former governor asks frustrated Republicans to join his campaign so that the GOP will no longer have "ethical standards that are a punchline for Jay Leno." "When Republicans act...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 19, 2007; 11:05 AM ET | Comments (7)

Giuliani Hits MoveOn, MoveOn Whacks Back

The Ad War between Republicans and MoveOn.org continues today, with Rudy Giuliani airing a radio ad, stating the group is targeting him because he can beat next year's Democratic nominee. In response, MoveOn is taking its anti-Giuliani ad national. Let's review this Ad War so far: -- MoveOn runs a...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 18, 2007; 3:55 PM ET | Comments (47)

Gingrich In Second Life

As Newt Gingrich continues to flirt with a presidential bid, his group, American Solutions for Winning the Future, is hosting workshops in Atlanta later this month, in real life. But now the former House speaker also plans to host some sessions in Second Life. Second Life is a "3-D virtual...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 18, 2007; 2:20 PM ET | Comments (0)

Kerry Responds to Taser Incident

Cable news is all over the story of the Andrew Meyer, the 21-year-old University of Florida student tasered by university police, after he refused to stop questioning Sen. John Kerry about the 2004 presidential election. Video (like the one below) show officers pulling Meyer away from a microphone after he...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 18, 2007; 12:58 PM ET | Comments (392)

Hillary Clinton's New Health Care Ad

The day after rolling out her new health care plan, Hillary Clinton is out with a new ad in Iowa and New Hampshire, explaining the basics of her proposals, and suggesting she "changed our way of thinking" when introducing the concept of universal health care back in the 1990s. The...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 18, 2007; 11:18 AM ET | Comments (0)

Ask Fred

Folksy Fred Thompson answers some voter questions while rolling through Central Florida: Here he explains why he would have voted against the recent Medicare prescription drug coverage program. Sound Bite: "We shouldn't be adding on programs that make the solution even that much more difficult." And Fred's no fan...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 17, 2007; 3:13 PM ET | Comments (0)

MoveOn: Rudy Betrayed Us Too

MoveOn.org is out with a new ad in Iowa targeting Rudy Giuliani. The new ad airs only a few days after the former mayor released a Web-only video/ad targeting MoveOn and Hillary Clinton. Giuliani's ad criticizes the "General Betray Us" ad MoveOn ran in the New York Times, and ties...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 17, 2007; 1:10 PM ET | Comments (0)


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