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Archive: September 23, 2007 - September 29, 2007

The Other McCain Ad

PrezVid's Peter Hauck wrote about one of John McCain's new New Hampshire TV ads, but there's one more worth noting. "One Man" is a much more dramatic 60-second spot that uses footage of McCain being interrogated when he was a Vietnam POW. "One man sacrificed for his country. One man...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 28, 2007; 10:34 AM ET | Comments (1)

New McCain Ad: 'Live Free'

Sen. John McCain's got a new TV ad running in New Hampshire. Same old, same old: leadership, character, service, courage, experience, judgment. Sound Bite: "The character to put America's interests before his own. New Hampshire -- you know who he is."...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 27, 2007; 2:12 PM ET | Comments (0)

Richardson's New Iraq Ad

As we reported yesterday, Bill Richardson is spending time and money this week to distinguish his Iraq strategy from Democratic frontrunners. Suggesting the media is dropping the ball on the differences between Democratic candidates, Richardson uses Democratic bloggers and activists to make his point in a new 30-second ad. "Long...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 25, 2007; 1:36 PM ET | Comments (0)

Obama Match Game

Sen. Barack Obama mixes social networking with fundraising in his latest appeal for money. You send in a check, then you get a message from another donor -- with whom you presumably talk about Barack and change and hope. Sound Bite: "No matter how much you choose to give,...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 25, 2007; 10:13 AM ET | Comments (0)

Richardson Lays Out Iraq 'Choice'

Bill Richardson wants to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq -- all of them. Should you have any doubt, watch his latest video. The 4 minute, 30 second effort quotes extensively from the policy platforms of his Democratic contenders, Army field manuals, and his own proposal, which calls for a complete...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 24, 2007; 3:42 PM ET | Comments (2)

Romney's Consistent Message on Iran

As an example of Mitt Romney's consistency on an issue, his campaign is airing a new radio ad demonstrating his continuing opposition to visits by Iranian leaders to the United States. The campaign reminds us that then-Gov. Romney opposed a 2006 visit by former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami to Harvard...

By Ed O'Keefe | September 24, 2007; 12:36 PM ET | Comments (12)


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