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Reaction to Iraq Debate

Iraq dominated Washington's attention this week, with Congressional hearings, controversial newspaper ads, newspaper ads criticizing newspaper ads, and the president's primetime address to the nation.

There's been plenty of reaction in the last 24 hours to the president's speech, and other Iraq-related events.

The most high-profile response to the president's speech comes from John Edwards, who bought two minutes of airtime on MSNBC last night to respond to the president:

TVNewser.com reports the Edwards response was originally supposed to air "immediately following the president," but didn't make it to air until 9:51 p.m. ET.

Mitt Romney issued a 49-second response to the president's speech, and criticized Democratic presidential frontrunners:

Joe Biden filmed a pre-buttal to the president's speech, asking "Is pressing ahead with this war going to make American safer?" Based on everything he's learned in the past few weeks, Biden says "the answer is absolutely no."

Meantime, Rudy Giuliani purchased a full-page ad criticizing MoveOn.org for its full-page ad that calls Gen. Petraeus "General Betray Us."

Fred Thompson also criticized the group, and calls on Democrats to denounce the ad:

The pro-war group Freedom's Watch also piled on, producing this ad condemning MoveOn:

Not to be outdone, MoveOn.org will start running ads like the one below on Monday. It's the first in a new series of ads for the group's "George Bush: Betrayal of Trust" campaign, which the group says will include rallies, and other activities nationwide.

We'll add more reactions as we get them later today.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  September 14, 2007; 11:20 AM ET Congress , Issue Ads , Joe Biden , John Edwards , Mitt Romney
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great video by edwards, hopefully this will bring him more coverage. not much is said of his union support and head to head polling numbers against the republican front runners. Instead all we hear is 400 dollar haircuts, hedgefunds and houses. The media is trying to shove Clinton and to a lesser extent Obama down our throats but luckily my gag reflex is working well.

Posted by: jimmy | September 14, 2007 11:40 AM

this is HILARIOUS!


well... as we all know, elizabeth edwards speaks for her little husband. she has the b*lls, and he has the laundry basket.

but today.. and I KID YOU NOT (folks.. you CAN'T make this sh*t up...), but in des moines iowa today, elizabeth edwards spoke at a restuarant defending her little man.. but what was the name of the restuarant???? it was the A-DONG RESTUARANT!!!!


yup! just like the A DONG that elizabeth straps on every night and shows her little gay man john who's boss! LOL

do you people want a little man who sports 400 dollar haircuts paid for by his campaign cash who takes it up the b*tt every night from his loud mouth macho jockstrap wearing wife elizabeth????

i sure don't..

honest.. but i REALLY don't.

elizabeth; "john?"

john; "coming! coming!"

elizabeth; "it took you 3 seconds to get here..."

john; "i'm sorry! i'm sorry! i was across the street!"

elizabeth; "you are making excuses?"

john; "no ma'am! no! i'm sorry! i'm sorry!"

elizabeth; "i'll beat the tar out of you...."

john; "i'm sorry.. i'm sorry...."

elizabeth; "you worm! i'm gonna campaign in ohio for you today... but you better not show your little pathetic face!"

john; "i promise! i promise!"

elizabeth; "and if you do... i will strap on my ding dong again and show you who's boss one more time! understand little man"

john; "yes elizabeth.. yes elizabeth.."

elizabeth; "good. now while i am gone, you clean this damn house. you are completely worthless.. do you know that john???"

john; "yessum.. yessum..."

Posted by: bob | September 15, 2007 3:29 AM

and to this add jon stewart, wherein he debunks petraeus's introductory comments of complete independence from white house influence by showing matching clips of bush and petraeus, using nearly identical language to put a positive spin on this mess:


Posted by: jon merz | September 15, 2007 12:11 PM

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