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Archive: October 14, 2007 - October 20, 2007

Clinton Ad: 'Trapdoor'

In a new ad aimed at middle-class voters, Hillary Clinton says "we have to change course on the economy." (Translation: More government programs for y'all.) Sound Bite: "The Bush economy is like a trapdoor. Too many families are one pink slip, one missed mortgage payment, one medical diagnosis away...

By Ed O'Keefe | October 19, 2007; 10:18 AM ET | Comments (0)

A Better Debate

We at Prezvid are proud to be a cosponsor -- alongside the New York Times and MSNBC.com -- of TechPresident's 10 Questions, an attempt to hold one more Presidential debate but to do it better this time. It's elegantly simple: You tape the questions. We, the people, select the...

By Ed O'Keefe | October 18, 2007; 10:33 AM ET | Comments (0)

Romney Ad: 'Our Home'

In this 30-second spot featuring clips of Mitt Romney playing with an army of kids, Ann Romney says Mitt is a good family man. (Take that Rudy.) Sound Bite: "Mitt says there's no work more important than what goes on within the four walls of the American home."...

By Ed O'Keefe | October 18, 2007; 10:26 AM ET | Comments (0)

Life's A Toll Road: Drew Carey's Libertarian Debut

The ubiquitous Drew Carey, new king of game shows, has also started an online show for libertarian magazine Reason. Turns out that Carey is a libertarian himself, a political flavor that is getting more and more attention on the web (lots of libertarian blogs there) and in this election...

By Ed O'Keefe | October 17, 2007; 8:09 AM ET | Comments (0)

Romney's 'Not Fair' Ad

Frequent readers of Channel '08 know that Mitt Romney is the political ad king. As The Post's Matthew Mosk and Sarah Cohen report today, "Romney had placed 10,893 television and radio ads through Oct. 10, according to Nielsen Co., and advertising accounted for almost a third of Romney's outlay over...

By Ed O'Keefe | October 16, 2007; 1:39 PM ET | Comments (0)

Edwards: Drug Companies Bad

John Edwards wants volunteers to lobby against drug company lobbyists. They're the reason "we don't have universal healthcare today." Sound Bite: "They [drug company lobbyists] wrote the Medicare Prescription Drug law. Literally."...

By Ed O'Keefe | October 16, 2007; 10:24 AM ET | Comments (2)

Endorsement Videos

The Romney campaign posts this video from 2002 of John McCain endorsing Mitt's bid for Massachusetts governor. Silly, but at least it's better than another clip about the line item veto. Former Wisonsin Governor and presidential candidate Tommy Thompson throws his support to Rudy Giuliani. Sound Bite: "I want...

By Ed O'Keefe | October 15, 2007; 11:12 AM ET | Comments (0)


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