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Romney's 'Not Fair' Ad

Frequent readers of Channel '08 know that Mitt Romney is the political ad king. As The Post's Matthew Mosk and Sarah Cohen report today, "Romney had placed 10,893 television and radio ads through Oct. 10, according to Nielsen Co., and advertising accounted for almost a third of Romney's outlay over the past three months. Romney also lent his campaign $8.5 million."

The Romney camp says the advertising blitz is a necessity.

"The fact that Governor Romney, when we announced, was at 4 percent [in the polls] and was practically unknown outside of Utah and Massachusetts was a significant challenge, especially given the fact that we were placed into a fundraising environment that had us competing against candidates who had universal name recognition among Republican donors," Romney spokesman Kevin Madden told Mosk and Cohen.

The former governor's latest attempt to raise his name awareness and sell himself as a bedrock conservative is titled "Not Fair."

"Governor Romney has proposed a conservative blueprint to lower taxes which includes permanently eliminating the death tax, rolling back tax rates across the board, and making savings tax free for middle class Americans," a Romney campaign release states. "Change in Washington begins with Republicans advocating lower taxes."

The ad will air in New Hampshire.

Learn more about this ad by visiting our "Mixed Messages" our campaign ads database.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  October 16, 2007; 1:39 PM ET Ad Watch , Mitt Romney
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