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Preview: CNN/YouTube Debate Questions, Part II

We are one day closer to the Republican YouTube/CNN Debate, and that means another look at the questions you might see tomorrow night.

Today we look at health care and gay rights.

Our first question comes from Dr. Hormoze Goudarzi, a practicing general surgeon from Wilmington, N.C. who wants to know why Republicans have a problem with the government being involved in health care.

The second question comes from Aaron in Salem, Ore. He asks "How come Congress has universal health care but we don't."

Some of the toughest questions came from those interested in the candidates's positions on gay rights.

John from Johnson City, Tenn. puts each of the candidates in the hot seat. He challenges the candidates on a church-versus-state issue, asking each to "logically" explain why gay marriage should be banned -- without referring to religious beliefs or personal convictions.

The last question for today comes from John Richards from Chicago, Ill. He wants to know when each of the candidates chose to be straight. He prods further by asking if any of the candidates would support a federal law enabling an employer to fire someone based on their heterosexual preference.

-- Jason Paul

By Ed O'Keefe |  November 27, 2007; 12:25 PM ET Debates , YouTube
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Let's focus on important issues in the debates: health,energy independence,job creation and education ,border security and fair trade,can we get the candidates to focus on this and go deep? real solutions, real ideas.

Posted by: blogger | November 27, 2007 3:43 PM

You have got to be kidding me? We have troops in Iraq and wide open borders and our presidential hopefuls are going to be asked silly questions about their sexuality. What a joke this is going to be.

Posted by: blogger | November 27, 2007 3:51 PM

I like this batch of questions (11/27) because they're awkward. I also like that Ron Paul can answer the first two very easily, and the third is a simple stepping stone away for him.

I think it's funny that the GOP preaches one thing and does another. Surely the Democrats can be shown to do the same, but Republicans--in my view--are the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Posted by: Brad Eleven | November 27, 2007 4:07 PM

I agree with the above comments. We need to discuss issues basic to survival of our nation as a whole. Issues of national security, sovereignty, economics, constitutional issues, etc. I believe there are more people in the middle ( R + D )that agree on what the basic important issues are and realize that these take precedence over some of the garbage issues that fill the media as "important".

Posted by: TWG | November 27, 2007 4:14 PM

The DNA causes atheist lesbians that are voting for Obama to pretend that they are republicans . Due to their bigoted mothers ,the quilty feelings have forced them to act in this manner . A vote for Huck is a vote for Rudy is a vote for Clinton . CNN is for Clinton , MSNBC is for Obama , FOX NEWS is for Rudy , and I am for Mitt Romney . " Evangelicals for Mitt " good site and go to a source . There is no foolish guestions .Mitt will qualify it and answer it 100 % . Then the real fools will show their ass to the world . Not even a SNOWMAN can hide a fool . Mitt and Ann will make the best Christmas cards with their whole family . One photo is worth a million WORDS .

Posted by: chuck the truck | November 27, 2007 4:31 PM

I would like to know what the candidates think about our country's losing its manufacturing base to countries like china. I have created a little joke that goes like this: I hope China will honor our contracts for weapons when we go to war with them. We certainly have lost many fine skilled craftsman tool and die makers, modelmakers that would be desperately neede in a war crises. It takes years to train them. Look at the closings that take place every week of sheet metal fabricators. How do we replace them quickly ?

Posted by: M. D. Medina | November 27, 2007 4:59 PM

All of these are bad questions. This is the republican primary not the general elction. I didn't see the democrats being hammered with questions from their right.

Posted by: republican | November 27, 2007 5:05 PM

Why not have a question like, Do we really need a gay litmus test for every candidate? Really, I can't believe the questions from the last two. Maybe "John" from TN should be asked to define himself without refrring to his gayness or sexual preference. John from Chicago asks even stupider questions. Has he ever been fired for being gay? And since he thinks "gayness" is genetic, does he support embryonic research in order to make more gays?

Posted by: gill | November 27, 2007 5:30 PM

I don't think the first questions are stupid.
We all have opinions about the Iraq, Afghanistan, (& who knows what else) wars. We all know that there will be questions about that.
The important questions for a lot of us (and my sexuality is not important here) is our personal rights & freedoms.
Republicans are most known for not wanting the Government to get into our pocketbooks.... but they seem to want to get into our bedrooms. Hence, the questions about our personal lives are legitimate.

Posted by: Nicky | November 27, 2007 7:18 PM

While I think gay rights are important, surely there are more important questions that can be highlighted? Not just 2 on gay marriage?

Posted by: Brooke | November 27, 2007 8:19 PM

I wanna know if any of these contenders would have let iranian president ahmadenijad into the U.S to attend the U.N or arrested him for violation of human rights? Also I want to know if any of these contenders would be willing to stand up to the U.N when they try to be the international govt and never worry about what is good for the U.S. And last I wanna know which one of these contenders will kick the U.N out of the U.S and get the U.S out of the U.N

Posted by: Justin | November 27, 2007 10:18 PM

They could have used just 1 Gay question and replace the other with a hot topic like Iraq or restoring our Civil libertys that have been striped.

Posted by: Tom | November 28, 2007 12:58 AM

Where are the questions about the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and monetary policy?

Posted by: John D. | November 28, 2007 3:08 AM

I would like each of the candidates to truthfully answer one question; i.e., why should I or any other voter believe one word that you say while trying to get my vote?

Posted by: Mike M | November 28, 2007 3:55 AM

Did you know that prior to 1937 all American medicines contained cannabis. That one acre will produce for 50 gallon barrels of oil. The oil can be used on refined straight into a fuel tank burned as biofuel. During the NAFTA negotiations Canada traded for and won all hemp patents for the Western Hemisphere. They are currently a growing millions of acres of hemp producing and exporting dozens of hemp products into the United States. I have not heard one neat from one of the politicians concerning hemp/cannabis. In my 25 years of researching hemp cannabis. Its history and many applications, I've determined that the cannabis sativa plant is the most valuable plant on the planet. And still not one peep and discussion concerning this renewable resource that every other industrial nation in the world has started seriously using.

Posted by: Jubal Lee | November 28, 2007 5:09 AM

I would like to add that spending any time whatsoever concerning ourselves with what someone else is doing in their bedrooms as consenting adults is the most absurd waste of time I can even imagine concerning the real issues facing this country today.

Posted by: Jubal Lee | November 28, 2007 5:13 AM

Gay rights and socialised health care... are you sure you realise this is a republican debate?

I understand that there are people in America who genuinely don't understand why socialised health care is bad both in terms of economics and the quality of the care, but that is something to be addressed outside of a right-wing party, not inside.

Posted by: Edward | November 28, 2007 7:22 AM

Well, the bleating sheep of the right wing are lining up to peck their comments onto the screen to minimize the fact that while the current GOP agenda has been to increase the size of gubbernment and balloon the national debt to historic proportions, there are still many important domestic issues that they have been summarily ignored for the last seven years. Is anyone with half a brain surprised by this? Karl Rove is busy trying (in vain) to re-write the history of this failed party's record, yet we continue to ignore the real issues facing average Americans. Ask the tough questions of these candidates, let the bigotry come out - it's there, just scratch the surface!

Posted by: gansky1 | November 28, 2007 9:18 AM

The gay concerns could be very easy addressed under civil rights because that is what they are. Any candidate who isn't for civil rights, shouldn't be running for president.
The crisis that affects us all is the economy, the Iraq war and health care. These are the universal questions that candidates need to address to test their metal. The rest is just hogwash to distract from the fact that our country is in a crisis.
If candidates can address these concerns honestly, then you can trust them to talk about the immigration problem and civil rights.

Posted by: Linda | November 28, 2007 9:24 AM

The borders and Nafta are more important than gay rights. I have always had sympathy for gays, friends who are gay, etc., but this election should be about war and borders. Our borders are open and under assault by many, even terrorists. Nafta and Cafta are not helping our working people and will bankrupt us unless things change. Gays will "go down with the ship" like the rest of us. When our national debt and imbalance of trade causes the collapse of the dollar--watch out, straights and gays. You won't even remember your sexual orientation as you struggle to survive.

Posted by: Mariel | November 28, 2007 11:50 AM

CNN will choose the questions, CNN has many people on the payroll for tonights Youtube farce.

Posted by: cretins | November 28, 2007 12:31 PM

the public should have picked the questions but CNN senior vice president David Bohrman says we are too immature.
See http://representativepress.blogspot.com/

see video:

Posted by: Tom Murphy | November 28, 2007 12:48 PM

Even if you think questions about gay rights are not important in the grander scheme of things (I bet you would think they're important if it was your rights at stake), the far right of center republicans (which is how all the repub. candidates try hard to portray themselves)DO use this as a wedge issue because they know it's an emotional issue. You can't have it both ways. If you're going to use it as a wedge issue, then you must answer the questions. They are, then, not irrelevant.

Posted by: Barb | November 28, 2007 1:29 PM

Chuck the Truck, what planet are you from? You display an inordinate amount of ignorance. Besides the fact you have no clue what you are talking about in your psychobabble remarks about lesbians, if you pay attention to the flip flopping remarks Mitt Romney has and continues to make, you'll see he has no core. I lived through his governorship in Mass. as well as his previous attempts for the Mass. senate seat. He'll say anything to appeal to the biggest block of voters then shift his tone and actions when the block demographics changes. And before you go off on some nutty tirade about me being some extreme leftist from Mass., know that I am an independent and vote on "both sides of the aisle." I seek moderation and reason, not fear and emotion.

Posted by: Reason Not Emotion | November 28, 2007 1:41 PM

I don't know if the youtube debate will be a spectacle or not, but surely, it can't be any worse than CNN's Wolf Blitzer's moderating of the last Democratic debate. He dominated every question, even those from the audience, and turned them all into black and white "are you for it or against it" questions. He reduced everything to "yes and no" answers, preventing the candidates from engaging in meaningful discussion about the issues. Until the media hears how disgusted we are with them reducing everything to the lowest common denominator, we'll have presidential forums that are disgusting displays of well, nothingness.

Posted by: Barb | November 28, 2007 1:46 PM

HDNet Dec 1 DNC debate (Sat 7:30pm ET).
- all eight -

gravel kucinich paul nader

Posted by: gravel kucinich paul nader | November 29, 2007 12:42 AM

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