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Clinton Ad Blasts Republican 'Attack Machine'

Hillary Clinton has released a new ad designed to remind Democrats that Republicans are the most fearful of her, and that she has the "strength and experience" necessary to be president. The ad is set to air in the New Hampshire and Boston TV markets, not in Iowa, where the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll shows possible trouble for Clinton.

Channel '08 has covered the ad debate about "change" versus "strength and experience" that Clinton and Barack Obama (and to some extent Bill Richardson) have waged for months. This new ad fits perfectly into the ongoing ad war.

"Here they go again. The same old Republican attack machine is back," the ad's announcer says. "Why? Maybe it's because they know there's one candidate with the strength and experience to get us out of Iraq." It also mentions she is qualified to "end tax giveaways for the big corporations," and to cut "the huge Republican deficit," and that she is the "one candidate who will put government back to work for the middle class."

The latest Post-ABC News poll of Iowa voters shows that fifty-five percent of those surveyed reported that a "new direction and new ideas" are their top priority, compared with 33 percent who favored "strength and experience." That is a shift from July, when 49 percent sought change and 39 percent experience. That could mean Clinton's explicit reference to strength and experience won't go over well in Iowa, but could sell better in New Hampshire, where she leads Obama by a comfortable margin.

But will all the reporting and rehashing of the Iowa poll results rub off on New Hampshire and national polling? What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  November 20, 2007; 9:48 AM ET Ad Watch , Hillary Rodham Clinton
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