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New Ones From Obama and Edwards

In addition to a new ad from Hillary Clinton out today, Barack Obama is airing a new ad in South Carolina called "Hope and Change." It uses the same music he used in a radio ad aimed at Black voters, and you'll notice the TV ad focuses on his work as a civil rights lawyer, while showing images of him in speaking with predominantly African American crowds.

Meanwhile, John Edwards will hit Palmetto State airwaves this week with an ad all about Thanksgiving.

"For two parents who brought me home here, and worked so hard to give us a better life. For 30 years with one amazing woman, and for four wonderful children. For 231 years of America. For the hopes and determination of a nation filled with the most optimistic people on earth. And for this place where I was born, and all of you who have welcomed us into your homes and hearts, thank you."

A similar version is airing in Iowa and New Hampshire, and does not play up Edwards' Seneca, S.C. roots.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  November 20, 2007; 2:04 PM ET Ad Watch , Barack Obama , John Edwards
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All it will take for Hillary to lose her lead is for people to get to know the other candidates and see there is a better choice than Hillary. In Iowa, they've seen all the ads, and Iowans are starting to turn away from Hillary.

Posted by: julieds | November 20, 2007 2:55 PM

Thank the Lord at least one state is seeing Hillary Rodham Clinton for the cold blooded power hungry socialist that she is .

Posted by: nathan r | November 20, 2007 3:06 PM

Amen to that, Nathan.

Posted by: TMo | November 20, 2007 3:44 PM

Both Obama and Edwards are not exactly "unknown" candidates. Most Americans know who they are, yet the great majority still are in favor of Hillary. Your argument that exposure to candidates will change the race is ignorant and misinformed. Also, why have the polls in Iowa been pretty much stagnant since the summer? Presumably, if it were a question of voters getting to know Edwards and Obama before deciding to support them, wouldn't the polls change as they invest more heavily in the race? Also, Edwards has been campaigning in Iowa since 2004. Shouldn't he be the outright leader at this point if you believe that mere exposure to different candidates is the reason behind Hillary's relative weakness in Iowa? I'm very happy that you feel so strongly about your candidate, but your position would be much stronger and more convincing if it were based on logic and reasoning instead of ignorance.

Posted by: Calvin | November 20, 2007 5:21 PM

Here's some logic, Obama is in the lead in Iowa and Clinton just dropped ten points nationally. So I'm very happy that you feel so strongly about your candidate, but your position would be much stronger and more convincing if it were based on logic and reasoning instead of ignorance.

Posted by: Jose | November 21, 2007 1:48 PM

Well said, Jose.

Posted by: julieds | November 21, 2007 6:29 PM

TMo, it is your logic that is flawed...this theory is sound for the moment since Obama now has the lead in Iowa where most of the exposue is occurring. More exposure of a good thing leads to more popularity of that good thing. More exposure of a mediocre thing leads to mediocracy.

Posted by: MTC | November 22, 2007 9:20 AM

Meant to say "Calvin, your logic is flawed." Sorry TMo!

Posted by: MTC | November 22, 2007 9:21 AM

I'm a democrat, I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. She's in the pockets of the same corporate and foreign interests that George W. Bush is.. what's more I now recognize how Bill Clinton pushed through things like NAFTA, MFN with China and other bad policies that actually ensured Bush could get away with some of the things he has been able to. I regret voting for Bill, so no way will I ever vote for Hill.

Obama doesn't have any plans for what we're facing.. and if he does he is not sharing them with us. That's a problem in my book. I'm supporting Edwards because he was the first one out there with a plan, and it was a well rounded common sense plan. He's told us the truth, hasn't sugar coated it. I don't believe we have any more wiggle room left in the US. We need a good president and the only one I see who will renegotiate or end bad trade deals, who will push for strenthening our middle class and jobs that lift American citizens out of poverty.

Posted by: Jenny | November 22, 2007 10:56 PM

I believe Hillary to be the best candidate running for President in 2008. I am pretty familiar with all the proposals of each of the candidates and there are certainly things to commend about all of them. But Hillary has the confidence, knowledge and real understanding of how government works and what it will take to actually implement her proposals.

I am tired of Obama's dreaming and most tired of John Edwards insistence that America wants class warfare. Hillary will work to restore the middle-class in America and give us something to look forward to again.

Posted by: Aud | November 23, 2007 1:54 PM

Mike Huckabee will save you tons a money if you elect him as President.

Benefits you will receive if you vote for Mike Huckabee:

1. He will eliminate the IRS
a. You can take home 100% of your pay.
b. Government reduces spending by $50m/yr
c. Companies return from overseas outsourcing.
d. More jobs become available in America.

2. He will switch to alternative fuels in 10 years.
a. Middle East feels the pressure, drops oil prices.
b. Gas prices drop like a rock saving you thousands.
c. Middle East cracks down on terrorists very hard.
d. The environment improves making air cleaner.

Whether you are Democrat, Republican or in between Independant, all of you would want these benefits. Mike Huckabee is the ONLY canididate willing to make these changes.

Do not let all the other canidates, media and naysayers of negative politics get in the way of you receiving these huge benefits. It's only possible if you vote for Mike Huckabee.



GO MIKE GO!!!!!!!!

Posted by: vote4mikehuckabee | December 8, 2007 10:19 PM

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