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Edwards Health Care Ad in New Hampshire

John Edwards is airing a new ad in New Hampshire about health care.

"We don't have universal health care because of drug companies, and insurance companies, and their lobbyists in Washington, D.C." Edwards says. "What child in this country is not worthy of health care?" he asks as the ad shows a young girl sitting on her father's shoulders.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  December 3, 2007; 9:25 PM ET Ad Watch , John Edwards
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John Edwards' plan to force all Americans to buy health insurance from these private health insurers he reviles is going to magically "take away their power?" Pray tell, how is that going to happen? With all the extra revenue they will get if his individual mandates were enacted who thinks they are going to acquiesce to consumer protection regulations, guaranteed issue, and reasonable medical loss ratios? What kind of limits on premiums?

Pouring more money into their coffers will empower them even more than they are today, his rhetoric makes no sense whatsoever.

If John Edwards really wanted to do the American public a favor he would support HR 676, the single payer national health insurance bill, which would provide real universal health care at lower cost and far greater efficiency. Not the giveaway to the insurance companies he and Hillary are promoting. This joke they both include about having a "single payer option" (a contradiction in terms) would be a pit of adverse selection of the sickest, most costly patients who could not get affordable insurance anywhere except the public program, driving up it's costs, while the private insurers cherrypick the young and healthy for their profits.

The insurance mandates in Massachusetts are already unaffordable, the state is 147 million in the red for all the premium subsidies they have promised to the poor, and the premiums are going up 10-12% next year, over what is already unaffordable. Clinton and Edwards want to do this to the entire US?

How many Americans have to die from lack of access to health care before these Democrats show a tad of courage and start fighting for what we really need - a single payer system - with everybody in, nobody out?

Posted by: 7rescue | December 4, 2007 8:34 AM

What the country needs is not "a single payer system" but simply NO system, such as we have now. There are many people who are not entitled to health care, namely, those that cannot afford it and do not have a network of friends and family to call on to help them with the costs.

I'm a white collar worker, a programmer and web developer. I can as one would assume, easily afford health care. However, I do not have any -- I don't want to pay for it.

It's that simple. I don't want to pay for coverage for myself, nevermind coverage (through taxes) for anyone else.

I'm sorry, but nobody out there is ENTITLED to MY money to pay for THEIR health care. I will resist as forcefully as possible any attempts to force me to pay for health care, be it mine or someone elses.

No, I do not work for any sort of medical concern or industry, I have no vested interest in this whatsoever except my own desire to spend MY money on what I choose.

This mindless taxation of people who have the skills to earn in order to support every need and desire of those who don't must be stopped.

Posted by: Allen | December 4, 2007 4:16 PM

Mike Huckabee will save you tons a money if you elect him as President.

Benefits you will receive if you vote for Mike Huckabee:

1. He will eliminate the IRS
a. You can take home 100% of your pay.
b. Government reduces spending by $50m/yr
c. Companies return from overseas outsourcing.
d. More jobs become available in America.

2. He will switch to alternative fuels in 10 years.
a. Middle East feels the pressure, drops oil prices.
b. Gas prices drop like a rock saving you thousands.
c. Middle East cracks down on terrorists very hard.
d. The environment improves making air cleaner.

Whether you are Democrat, Republican or in between Independant, all of you would want these benefits. Mike Huckabee is the ONLY canididate willing to make these changes.

Do not let all the other canidates, media and naysayers of negative politics get in the way of you receiving these huge benefits. It's only possible if you vote for Mike Huckabee.



GO MIKE GO!!!!!!!!

Posted by: vote4mikehuckabee | December 8, 2007 10:24 PM

To Allen ....

If you accept benefits of public tax funding for your police protection, sewers, water, pubic airwaves, highways, sidewalks, food safety services, prison confinement of violent criminals, electricity, public schools, museums, public wild lands, pollution controls and even protection from invasions by Cubans, Iraqi insurgents, Al Qaeda, Venezuelans, and socialist Canadians...then your "pay your own way" positions are...well...bogus.

Posted by: Watchdog | January 4, 2008 7:47 PM

More to Allen...
And do you pay FULL price for gas at the pump and for oil at your house?...OR do you accept the huge subsidies, from public taxes, that keep oil prices below...what?...maybe ten dollars or more a gallon?

Then, what do you have to say about loggers and oil/gas drillers, coal mining, cattle grazing and other FREELOADING thieves of OUR public resources? They REFUSE to pay their own way...preferring the tax subsidies and freebies from our generous tax revenue distibutors.

Fine...don't pay taxes into a common pool for public services etc...but THEN, pay the REAL cost when you need a service.
How much would you pay a cop to find whoever hijacked your car if that ever happens?

And, if you don't care to chip into PUBLIC HEALTH CARE, will you be happy to pay for YOUR OWN protection from epidemic diseases that WILL come from the unprotected poor to your door? Will you build your own moat around your house to protect yourself from untold tens/hundreds of untreated mental patients?
And will you pay FULL PRICE for mail? Me? I'd charge you about $1400 to take one of your letters to California...depending on season.

Posted by: Watchdog | January 4, 2008 8:05 PM

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