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Archive: January 6, 2008 - January 12, 2008

"Tears Melted the Granite State"

Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL), Barack Obama's campaign national co-chair, didn't think much of Hillary Clinton's "emotional" moment before the New Hampshire primary. Sound Bite: "Her appearance brought her to tears but not Hurricane Katrina."...

By Washington Post editors | January 9, 2008; 4:53 PM ET | Comments (14)

Huckabee: "Understanding"

"When you grow up and life's a struggle, you have a whole different understanding of what most people are going through." That's how former Republican governor Mike Huckabee's new ad, "Understanding," begins. The spot hit the airwaves in economically-troubled Michigan earlier today, with just six days to go until the...

By Washington Post editors | January 9, 2008; 4:05 PM ET | Comments (7)

Bill Clinton Attacks Obama

A hoarse, aggravated and, perhaps, desperate Bill Clinton says the media is going easy on Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). Sound Bite: "This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen."...

By Washington Post editors | January 8, 2008; 3:26 PM ET | Comments (8)

Edwards Calling

Elizabeth Edwards says campaign is theater -- and includes her husband's in that observation -- but says once in 10 years, you get to see what a candidate would be like as president when something important happens. That moment in this campaign, she says, came with the Bhutto assassination...

By Washington Post editors | January 7, 2008; 2:57 PM ET | Comments (0)


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