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Hillary's 'Moment' Replaying in Texas and Ohio

In addition to three other ads airing in Ohio and Texas, Hillary Clinton is taking advantage of her "moment" and re-airing a 60-second version of it in the Buckeye and Lone Star States.

"Resolved" plays highlights of Clinton's closing statements during last Thursday's CNN debate.

Clinton says, in part: "You know, the hits I've taken in life are nothing compared to what goes on every single day in the lives of people across our country. And I resolved, at a very young age, that I'd been blessed, and that I was called by my faith and by my upbringing to do what I could to give others the same opportunities and blessings that I took for granted. That's what gets me up in the morning, that's what motivates me in this campaign."

Several observers called Clinton's closing statements her "strongest moment," and "her finest of the campaign." Bill Clinton sent an e-mail to supporters on Saturday asking for $1.3 million to help air the 60-second spot in Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  February 24, 2008; 6:48 PM ET Ad Watch , Hillary Rodham Clinton
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So much for those naive people who were betting Hillary would exit with class.

If I were her, taunting the heavens with that anti-Obama line, "The Sky Will Open, The Light Will Come Down," I'd worry a little bit about being turned into a pillar of salt, while looking back to Gomorrah to see if Bill is still partying.

Posted by: Martinedwinandersen | February 24, 2008 8:03 PM



'Rodham, records show, questioned the sixth grader's honesty and claimed she had made false accusations in the past. She implied that the girl often fantasized and sought out "older men" like Taylor ..."

An early look at how Clinton deals with crisis


February 24, 2008

In a presidential campaign focused on the future, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama spend a lot of time talking about their pasts.

Both lean heavily on tales of early, formative experiences - she running a law clinic inArkansas, he as a community organizer in Chicago - to show they understand the problems of average people.


For Clinton, her time in Arkansas is a key component of the argument that her three decades of public service have prepared her to be president on Day One.

As the first woman with a serious chance to lead the nation, it's a way for her to demonstrate how she fought to improve the lives of families and children.

Hillary Rodham Clinton often invokes her "35 years of experience making change" on the campaign trail, recounting her work in the 1970s on behalf of battered and neglected children and impoverished legal-aid clients.

But there is a little-known episode Clinton doesn't mention in her standard campaign speech in which those two principles collided. In 1975, a 27-year-old Hillary Rodham, acting as a court-appointed attorney, attacked the credibility of a 12-year-old girl in mounting an aggressive defense for an indigent client accused of rape in Arkansas - using her child development background to help the defendant. ...

In May 1975, Washington County prosecutor Mahlon Gibson called Rodham, who had taken over the law clinic months earlier, to tell her she'd been appointed to represent a hard-drinking factory worker named Thomas Alfred Taylor, who had requested a female attorney.

In her 2003 autobiography "Living History," Clinton writes that she initially balked at the assignment, but eventually secured a lenient plea deal for Taylor after a New York-based forensics expert she hired "cast doubt on the evidentiary value of semen and blood samples collected by the sheriff's office."

However, that account leaves out a significant aspect of her defense strategy - attempting to impugn the credibility of the victim, according to aNewsday examination of court and investigative files and interviews with witnesses, law enforcement officials and the victim.

Rodham, records show, questioned the sixth grader's honesty and claimed she had made false accusations in the past. She implied that the girl often fantasized and sought out "older men" like Taylor, according to a July 1975 affidavit signed "Hillary D. Rodham" in compact cursive. ...

Posted by: Martinedwinandersen | February 24, 2008 8:06 PM

If the 1975 rape case Hillary defended is representative of her claimed 35 years of service what else has she done to help people? Did she provide for the heat or homes for homeless people by setting them on fire or providing them with refrigerator boxes? Did she help the hungry people by giving them her McDonalds leftovers? Did she help those without medical care by giving them alcohol to deaden the pain of injuries and disease? The point that I am making is that she had to provide for herself before she married Bill. It doesn't mean that she was in any way a humanitarian.

Posted by: tanaS | February 24, 2008 11:31 PM

In this Presidential primary, did you know that the once-progressive Move-On has stepped off the moral high road, and is using their organization to further their own personal agenda?

30% of MOVE-ON members support a different candidate, Clinton, from the one to whom Move-On has thrown 100% of their support, Obama.

Clinton will also forward a progressive agenda.

MOVE-ON has no business taking sides in this primary; either candidate will meet the membership's stated purposes.

To do justice to Move-On's progressive membership, its leaders have to stimulate debate, not quell it through one-sided activities.

If Move-On really believed in a balanced debate, its leadership would devote 30% of their e-mail resources to organizing and sponsoring Clinton events, or - even better - 100% of their resources to organizing opportunities for public debate about the two progressive candidates to stimulate voter participation and interest.

Instead, the Move-On leadership is acting with suppression, and muscling out the opposition (in this case, 30% of their own membership!) - they show the same moral bankruptcy as the Republicans they supposedly oppose.

THe Move-On leaders are no longer acting like progressives. They are acting like are regressives.

We are all still waiting for them to come to their senses, and come off their power trip.

Posted by: Mike | February 25, 2008 1:45 AM

I'm amazed that people aren't pointing out that those are plagerized words--Bill gave a speech years ago using almost exactly the same phrases.

Posted by: Linda S | February 25, 2008 11:00 AM

And she lifted the quote from Bill Clinton, who used a very similar one in his campaign in the early 90's. Talk about shameless plagiarism!

Posted by: david Whitney | February 25, 2008 11:02 AM

Why am I not surprised.

Posted by: texascorvette | February 25, 2008 11:04 AM

What about her "moments" in Ohio and Rhode Island disingenuously suggesting she had just seen fliers that had been out for at least a week and expressing outrage that someone would question her positions on issues? Or sarcastically referring to the heavens opening for change to appear? Will the real Hillary please stand up?

Posted by: cdonham | February 25, 2008 11:10 AM

In response to Mike, 1:45AM:

I completely agree.

As a member, I wrote to MoveOn.org to express the same thoughts. I argued that concentrating on some of the odd delegate issues of the Democratic primary (i.e., superdelegates) and ignoring others (i.e., Michigan and Florida delegates) shows their bias towards one candidate, rather than a truly balanced and progressive reform movement.

I received no response. I have cancelled my membership in MoveOn.org. They are nothing more than "politics as usual".

Posted by: Mindi Reich-Shapiro | February 25, 2008 11:11 AM

This is a lady with great ambition for her not for the nation. Her genuineness is amply demonstrated in saying one day that I am honoured to compete with Obama and the next day accusing him of running a divisive campaign and another employing his husband to belittle the victories of her opponents by trying to drive wedge between blacks and whites in their voting behaviour knowing that overwhelming majority in the country is white. Finally, she says she has the experience to run the country--in this argument McCain has more experience than Hilary. So had better vote for McCain. If experience is anything worth in this exercise, one can say Geroge W Bush had teh most experience cabinet ( Powell, Cheny, Rowe,Ashcroft), they all screwed the country and still our you men are dying led by these experienced duds in a wrongful invasion of a country which started with a slogan of Shock and Awe, WMD, uplifting of UN resolutions, salvaging UN reputation, to operation liberation. Who are we liberating Iraqis from Iraqis. Alas! Experience is one thing how to use it another. Most often experienced means business as usual. In a rapidly changing world, experinced gain 3 decades ago is obsolete.

Who is trying to hoodwink whom I do not know. But I know that American people are more smarter than their politicians think.

Posted by: Tilak | February 25, 2008 11:14 AM

To Mike:

MoveOn conducted a national vote to determine whom the organization should endorse. In the the truest means of democracy Obama won, by a wide margin.

MoveOn is obligated by the vote of its members to support and endorse Obama.

Obviously, you are not a member. So now is your time to join.

Posted by: Hammer | February 25, 2008 11:17 AM

How does she get away with making the claim that she has an advantage in executive experience? Eight years as first lady is no more preparation to be president than being a life-long baseball fan is preparation to pitch for the Yankees...Doesn't anyone remember how the one key assignment she was given - health care - was botched so badly it still hasn't been addressed? Making speeches about policy is not the same as making policy that works...

Posted by: Jim W. | February 25, 2008 11:18 AM

Hillary is outraged at Obama saying she would mandate health care and supported NAFTA. Why is she outraged when this is what she said in her campaign and debates? Obama didn't say anything that was not true. I think Hillary has a split personality. One time she is so nice and the next day she is screaming like a shrew. Is this the kind of person we want leading our country? A woman who can't control her emotions? I think NOT.
Obama all the way!!!!

Posted by: marlene | February 25, 2008 11:20 AM

If Hillary applies the same standard to accuse Barack Obama of plagiarism, she only needs to look at herself. The beginning of her closing statement from the Austin, TX debate was copied from a Bill Clinton speech, and the ending came from a John Edwards speech. Nothing original about it. Maybe this is what she was alluding to when she used her "Xerox moment" which was soundly booed.

Posted by: Carlos Rivera | February 25, 2008 11:26 AM

What would be Obama's first foreign policy regarging Kenya. Will he leave his grandmother there in the chaos??How about the uncles and all other relatives who need visas??

Posted by: Anonymous | February 25, 2008 11:27 AM

What would be Obama's first foreign policy regarging Kenya. Will he leave his grandmother there in the chaos??How about the uncles and all other relatives who need visas??

Posted by: gabriellelange05 | February 25, 2008 11:30 AM

I'm really at the point where I have to laugh. Laugh at the supporters of Barack Obama for their non-rational blind hatred of Mrs. Clinton and her husband, the truly wonderful president Bill Clinton. If Mr. Obama was to become president he would be lucky to achieve half Mr. Clinton did -- like you know the longest prosperity this nation has ever seen, balancing the budget, creating a surplus. But no, these scary people have to crucify her (like after the LA Debate where it was scenes of the '93 riots with these oh, so intellectual Obama nuts calling her a white Bi**ch) -- this is civil discourse? This is what Obama unity is all about? I once thought I could vote for him. No longer. First it was about his supporters; they have turned me off to this candidate because they are shallow haters that have no grasp of policy, history or, yes, experience (yes I know Mr. Obama thinks running his Senate office for 3 years is experience, see 60 Minutes for that joke). Now I'm so off-put by this Chosen One himself. The ego of this guy! His religion and his use of it is just like George W. He thinks he is a preacher. Sorry, I believe in separation of church and state. His lies and smearing of Mrs. Clinton and her health care plan (one that works, does not go after people's wages and an honest one -- unlike Obama's which already concedes everything to the GOP) and his use of sexism and the terrible racism of this man sickens me. What is 90% of whites were voting for Hillary and blacks were split? It would be called racism from every corner, institutional racists like Jesse Jackson, Jr. would be livid. You are all a joke and it saddens me. No high road here that is for sure! He will never be president because of his use of race and we can blame him for President McCain, an even more conservative Supreme Court and we can look to Mrs. Clinton in four years. I never was such a fan until these crazy Obama people, the candidate himself and his awful wife showed me how truly great and brilliant she is.

Posted by: David | February 25, 2008 11:42 AM

My father told me that to work at the same business he did would bring on a feeling that I couldn't have made it without his influence. I feel that this is the same for Hillary. Where would she be if it weren't for Bill? 35 years of coattail experience doesn't compute for leadership of the country. Her Senate experience is not that much longer than Obamas'.

Posted by: pragmatic pete | February 25, 2008 11:50 AM

I would love to drive a stake thru the hearts of the clintons for all eternity,to dump their political filth in the sewers of history, and let new faces on the scene to maybe change things around.bush...clinton ...all the same garbage

Posted by: alex | February 25, 2008 11:58 AM

I'd like a little of her advice on the cattle markets. Just for my own start in life.

Posted by: CHARLIEECHO | February 25, 2008 12:00 PM



Trying to Heal a Rift in New Hampshire
By Alec MacGillis

Three New Hampshire Democratic leaders who signed a letter two days before the state's primary at the request of Hillary Clinton's campaign, attacking Barack Obama as soft in his support for abortion rights, are asking Obama supporters in the state to put the rifts of the primary campaign behind them and praising Obama for being "strongly pro-choice."

Of the two dozen prominent women who signed the critical letter, e-mailed by the Clinton campaign to a list of supporters and undecided voters, three have now signed their names to another missive asking abortion rights supporters in the state to come together and take comfort in the fact that all of the Democratic presidential candidates are firmly pro-choice.

One of the three Clinton supporters went even further, saying in an interview Thursday that signing the letter attacking Obama was a "mistake."
Katie Wheeler, a former state senator, said the Clinton campaign had not given her background information about Obama's record on abortion rights when it asked her to sign the letter calling him weak on the issue, and said that, as a result, she did not understand the context of the votes that the letter was attacking him over.

"It should never have gotten to the point where anyone thought Obama was not pro-choice," said Wheeler, a founder of the New Hampshire chapter of NARAL Pro-Choice America. "I don't think the Clinton campaign should have done that. It was divisive and unnecessary...I think it was a mistake and I've spoken to the national [Clinton campaign] and told them it caused problems in New Hampshire, and am hoping they won't do it again."

The new letter and comments by Wheeler are the latest twist in a back-and-forth that Obama supporters believe did real damage to his campaign in the final days in New Hampshire, though Wheeler said she doubted that the e-mail had that much impact in the final day of the race. "I don't think this one thing would sway people," she said.

Nonetheless, the conflict over Obama's "present" -- rather than "yes" or "no" -- votes on abortion bills in the Illinois legislature has left behind such deep divisions among the state's Democrats that some Obama supporters vowed, in the wake of her come-from-behind N.H. win, not to vote for Clinton, should she become the party's nominee.

The e-mail arrived in selected New Hampshire in-boxes shortly after a postcard from the Clinton campaign that attacked Obama for being "unwilling to take a stand for choice" was mailed to homes.

"The difference between Hillary's repeatedly standing up strong on choice and Obama's unwillingness to vote 'yes' or 'no' is a clear contrast, and we believe the voters in New Hampshire deserve to know this difference," the e-mail stated. "We support Hillary Clinton because she never ducked when choice was at stake."

The Clinton campaign has made the same charge repeatedly over the past year, including a couple weeks before the Iowa caucus.

The Obama campaign had rebuffed it by invoking statements by an Illinois Planned Parenthood official, who said the "present" votes were part of a deliberate strategy to protect other pro-choice legislators, other than Obama, in vulnerable districts.

But the fresh New Hampshire attack arrived much closer to election day, leaving the Obama forces scrambling to respond by rushing out an automated phone call on the evening of Jan. 6, two days before the vote. On primary day, Clinton won by two percentage points after trailing in the final polls by as much as 10 percent, thanks in large part to a last-minute surge in support from women.

The new e-mail seeking conciliation was signed by five prominent Clinton supporters in the state -- including Wheeler, House Speaker Terie Norelli, and state senator Maggie Hassan, the three who signed the initial attack. The letter, which was also signed by several Obama supporters, states that "many of us...engaged in good faith in the rough and tumble of competitive politics. In doing so, feelings have been bruised and some deep anger has emerged." It goes on to downplay the dispute created by the initial e-mail as "nuanced differences" which should not be allowed to "drain our energy."

And it concludes, in seeming contrast to the initial attack on Obama's abortion rights credentials, that

"The good news is that all of the candidates within the Democratic Party are strongly pro-choice and we should be proud that our efforts have led to such a solid field. "
In the interview

Thursday, Wheeler said she was not aware of the explanation of Obama's present votes by Illinois Planned Parenthood when she agreed to sign the critical letter at the request of Clinton officials in New Hampshire.

"What we didn't know was the circumstances of those Illinois pro-choice votes. Since then we've learned that it was the plan of the pro-choice community in Illinois. These were subtleties that those of us in the Clinton campaign here didn't understand," she said. "I for one did not understand the present votes....I did not know the full context."

Wheeler said she regretted the ill will it had caused. "I'm sorry there was a misunderstanding, and we're hoping to heal divisions that still may exist," she said. "It's a real pity it got so intense, but that's what happens in that close an election.

People get impassioned and lose their judgment..It was the heat of emotions in a tight election where everybody cared deeply about the issue, and many of us over-reacted.


The other two Clinton supporters who signed both the critical e-mail and the conciliatory one stood more strongly by the initial one. Sen. Hassan said she, too, was unaware of the Illinois Planned Parenthood defense of Obama at the time she signed the critical letter, that she had only been told by the Clinton campaign that the Illinois chapter of NOW had cited concerns about Obama's present votes.

She said it was wrong for anyone to suggest that Obama was not pro-choice, and that she was sorry about the upset that the letter had caused.
But Hassan stood by what she said was the main point of the initial e-mail, that Clinton was the most staunchly pro-choice Democrat. "All of the leading Democratic candidates are strongly pro-choice but I think Hillary's record is unparalleled. I stand by what I signed before the election and don't think it's inconsistent with" the new e-mail stating that Obama is strongly pro-choice, Hassan said.

"Everybody's going to interpret these letters and e-mails as they want to." 

Norelli, the House Speaker, said she had been aware of the Planned Parenthood defense of Obama's Illinois record at the time she signed the critical e-mail but was comfortable with the letter's attack against Obama

nonetheless, noting the concerns of the Illinois NOW chapter had raised about the votes.

"I would say that the record is clear that he voted 'present' seven times. Planned Parenthood, some of the time at least, says it was part of a deal.

Well, NOW says that in 2004, they chose not to endorse Sen. Obama" because of the votes, Norelli said. "I would say every voter needs to have all the factual information and each individual needs to make their own decision."

As for the new conciliatory note, Norelli said there was no inconsistency in calling Obama "strongly pro-choice" after attacking him on the present votes. "I would take any of the Democratic candidates on issues of choice over any of the Republican candidates. But I would take Hillary Clinton and her leadership on choice over Senator Obama," she said.

Norelli said the purpose of the latest e-mail was to help calm the ruffled feathers of the Obama supporters.

"We are working to heal any problems that there are among the Democrats and looking forward to working together closely," she said.

"They have time to get over it."

One of the Obama supporters who signed the reconciliation e-mail,

Mary Rauh, said she did so because she was very worried that the rift created by the primary could seriously harm abortion rights efforts in the state if it was left unadressed.

But she said that she remained aggrieved by the Clinton attack and by the willingness of so many Democratic leaders in the state to go along with it, and worried by reports that similar e-mails attacking Obama on abortion rights have gone out in other states preparing to vote.

"We still have battles to fight in New Hampshire and we can't let dirty politics destroy the choice voice here. It's too important," Rauh said.

"But for Clinton to do this to the choice community is so appalling. I can't tell you how it distresses me ... how devastating this and how horrified I am that the Clinton campaign would do this. I fear it will happen elsewhere and it's just appalling."
Posted at 4:06 PM ET on Jan 18, 2008

Posted by: Patricia | February 25, 2008 12:01 PM

"You know, the hits I've taken in life are nothing compared to what goes on every single day in the lives of people across our country."

Not to sound like I'm on Meet the Press, but didn't she lift those lines from someone, most notably her husband?

Posted by: Bobo | February 25, 2008 12:02 PM

For those not familiar with how MoveOn.com decided to support Obama, let me reinforce the correct information that this was done by a vote of the membership. I have full confidence that if the membership had voted for Clinton, MoveOn would be putting the same energy into supporting her. I think it is a fair debate as to whether or not this vote should have been taken during the primary season, and I do understand the feelings of MoveOn members who are supporting Hillary. I viewed the vote with more than a bit of trepidation, in that I did not want a group who has had my full support to be working against my candidate, who happens to be Obama. It was not a close vote. I do feel that there are significant differences in positions, and certainly in approach and character, that diferentiate the two candidates. Beyond that, as a poli sci major who has very seldom been wrong in analysing and predicting where an election was headed, I can put together the pieces for Obama to win this election, probably handily, and to carry with him a number of Democratic Senatorial and Congressional candidates in traditional Republic areas where we have a candidate that is within striking distance. Clinton, on the other hand , leaves me totally unable to put together a realistic format under which she wins the presidency, and even if I were wrong, her name at the top of the national ticket will guarintee loses in most, if not all, of the previously mentioned races. She is truly the only figure available who can totaly unite the right wing crazies with the rest of the traditional Republicans. A Hillary Clinton presidency, with a senate and house controlled by the Republicans, would be worth that proverbial "bucket of hot spit".
I certainly went into this campaign season prepared to back whomever emerged as the Democratic candidate. The bad behavior of the Clinton camp over the past few weeks, the damage that they have attempted to do to the probable candidate that will carry over into the general election, make it questionable for the first time in a long time.
One more point...if Obama goes into the convention with the leas in delegates, the lead in popular votes, and is denied the nomination due to back room negotiation by the Democratic parties old timers ( the superdelegates), it would surprise me if Clinton carried more than a couple of states. . . as she would be totally without the new young and first voters who have been energized by the Obama campaign, and without the traditionally dependable African American vote. I have yet to talk to a Clinton person who would not vote for Obama in a general election. I would say that the Obama voters, most of whom are true independents of moderate Repbulicans, have made it clear that under no circumstances would they contemplate a Hillary vote.
We can not take another 4 to 8 years of the same time of "leadership" that has been offered by Bush. For the sske of the party, if not for the sake of the country (and the world), Hillary needs to back out of this it she can not make up the diffence in delegate votes prior to the convention.

Posted by: waynep | February 25, 2008 12:05 PM

it is a woman's perogative to change her mind. We cannot fault Mrs. Clinton for going through what nature has designed for her. Menapause is just a fact of life.

Me us imagine what would happen during that time when she would be Commander-In-Chief and be called on to make a decision; possibly without the benefit of a hormone shot.

Posted by: watash | February 25, 2008 12:07 PM

Final comment for those who think Bill Clinton fixed everything from budget deficit to long properity. The prosperity can not be achieved within 4 years of presidency. The stage was set even before Bill came to power in Silicon Valley where dotcoms started. Luckily docoms peaked during Bill's time creating massive wealth in the Stock Markets that help the tax base to gap the budget deficit. At the same time Bill's administration turned blind eye to all the corporate curruption that took place on behind the scene. This wrecked havoc in much of the corporate sector as he was leaving the office. Dotcom bubble which began with unrealisic market valuations of start-ups burst leaving millions jobless and accouting scandals enveloped the corporate sector. Bush silently sat on that toxic cocktail sipping it with corporate blessings. Presidents can not jump start economies just the same way Federal Reserve can not do it. They can ruin countries with wrong policies. Right policies will take time to materialise. Clinton did not do anything to uplift average American except his speeches beacuse bipartisan Congress did not allow him to do anything. In his second term he was mired in private fiasco which ate up much of the time. To say he did magic in his first term to uplift Amricans is awefully amusing to me.

Posted by: Tilak | February 25, 2008 12:07 PM

Obama supporters - You are now making me sick. I have had enough of you people. This guy has absolutely no expierence, and your willing to place the world in his hands in such turmoil? HOW DUMB IS THIS COUNTRY? I would love Hillary to wipe the floor with Obama and his disgusting wife on March 4th, so America can send a message that they vote for the smart, expierenced candidate - not the feeble, wishy washy, preacher like guy who acts as though he's on American Idol. If Obama gets this nomination, I'm voting for McCain - i mean it.,

Posted by: James | February 25, 2008 12:13 PM

I'm so sick of Obama's supporters never seeing his role in Politics as usual. They attack Clinton for the very methods he uses but are blind to the fact he is just like ALL politicians. The standard they judge Hillary on is not the same standard they see him. He misrepresents her statements, plans and then they call him the "new" Politics of hope...call it like it is. He is a politician and to claim he is above the game of politics while he is in the very throws of it all is just plain wrong. At least Hillary doesn't claim to be above the game, he is more deceptive by claiming to be above it when he clearly isn't. No use trying to reason with the intoxicated kool-aid supporters of Obama. Everyone knows ya can't reason with a drunk, they simply scream for more. I thought he was suppose to have the educated voter? Seems to me buyers remorse is just around the corner again. None of our choices are flaw free, the most we can hope for is an experienced choice. A fighter for our causes. After 18 months in the federal field, I don't see how anyone can call Obama experienced! All of them make promises it is up to the voter to make the judgement as to who has a track record of getting things done and fighting for those causes that are so important to our everyday lives. Bush ran on the same promises Obama does (why that is not seen amazes me) promises of change, uniter, etc. it is unbelieveable that the America people are once again being conned so easily. God help us from ourselves!

Posted by: Sherri | February 25, 2008 12:17 PM

When you are a born liar (Hillary), you act out when things don't go your way. Hillary this weekend acted like a spoiled jerk! In NOLA this weekend, read the speech she gave please. Hillary should show some class & leave the race, she's hurting the Democrate Party. "Meet me in Ohio" what was that about? Did she forget, they were going to debate there anyway? She said the same thing before the Texas debate. Hillary get's no Oscar for her FAKE out-burst, lol. Somebody please, give Hillary some prozac! Lol

Posted by: vcp820 | February 25, 2008 12:20 PM

I am glad to see the posts actually hold true. Hillary is so lame. In NH it was the "Shed a tear" moment. Now it's "Let me scream when I give a lecture, that way people can see how tough I am!" She is completely ridiculous and her campaign is the reason why this race how now become a haven of low blows. It's tough for someone like Barack Obama to set forth his ideas when he constantly has to defend himself against the Empire.

Posted by: IAn | February 25, 2008 12:32 PM

It is too obvious that Hilary thinks she has the sole right to attack Mr. Obama and say all kinds of negative comments but never the other way around; she get's furious, like hell came loose! To Hilary Mr. Obama has no right to tell the public what she did as a senator even though they were based on facts and were obtained from public records.
She tries to show us that she is a very strong woman who can lead the country but what we see and hear were nothing but an expression of her total arrogance; someone who is trying to fulfill what she and her husband both dreaming of - to be back in the "White House."

Posted by: Anonymous | February 25, 2008 12:36 PM

a vote for mccain is a vote for insanity. I'd rather have some dumb cluck with 35 years experience as white house janitor running the country than that doddering old fart, warmongering, lobbyist lapdog Mccain. we need another 100 years in iraq as much as we need another idiot named bush in charge. get real

Posted by: Anonymous | February 25, 2008 12:40 PM

My friend who is a Republican lives in Alabama and I exchange e-mails and talk about politics.

We both agreed on something that I wish so many would think about before the convention that are Democrats.

We both agree that Obama would be the biggest mistake as President that this nation would ever see.

Take two old ladies in their sixties with a lot of experience and gut knowledge that are on different sides of the fence politically and they see the same thing is something I ask all of you to think about.

If it comes down to Obama and McCain I know who I will vote for. I did once before cross the line many years ago and I will do it again without hesitation.

Posted by: Liane Holland | February 25, 2008 12:43 PM

This video is one of her best, and in my opinion, reflects much of her character.
Of course, her opponents will try to laugh it off, but it really does capture some of the humanity and decency of the woman. She'd be a fantastic matriarch for our country. I'm just as impressed with Obama and am leaning toward him, but either one would be a god-send after eight years of GOP corruption and immorality.

Posted by: Anonymous | February 25, 2008 12:56 PM

I would prefer Hillary over a down-low man, who used cocaine any day. The republicans will defeat the lying scumbag democrat candidates, and to truly enjoy our victory, we would love to trounce Hillary.

Posted by: Adrianna | February 25, 2008 12:58 PM

I think a woman supporter of the Clinton campaign says it best, Let's take out the bushes from the white house, and replace them with roses-Hillary. I love that!
Hillary is a rose, she is beautiful in the way her vision is for America(she is pretty also) and she can be tough as a thorn when needed to get the job done.
Basically, Obama pulling those dirty tactics after claiming to be Hillary's friend at the debate, printing untruths on fliers, shows the character he really has(lack there of), Hillary runs her campaign with integrity, unlike Obama.
What will make this country great is the vision Hillary has and the integrity and truth she holds dear, plus experience, we can see America as beautiful again, prospering and strong too.
Polls show Clinton ahead in Texas and Ohio, now let's pray PA as well. I am not throwing in the towel on the best canidate for this race, which is Hillary Clinton. I love her and she will run this country the right way.

Posted by: txpoet | February 25, 2008 1:04 PM


While you are partially correct that the seeds of the economic boom were sewn before Clinton took office (ironically, by Bush I having to go back on his promise of no new taxes), many economists agree that the real magic was in balancing the budget. You see, a balanced budget means that the government is "borrowing" less money. When the government borrows money, it takes money out of the economy--leaving less for lenders to shell out to other borrowers. Now, money is subject to the same laws of supply and demand that other goods and services are. So, when the government stopped borrowing money every year for deficit spending, that left lots more money in the economy--in other words, available to venture capitalists at very cheap rates. It's no conincidence that VC investment skyrocketed at about the same time as the budget was balanced. Essentially, balancing the budget provided the fuel for the rocket ship that had already been launched before Clinton became president. Both Clinton and Bush I should proudly take credit for the economic boom of the 90's.

As for your take on corruption--the valuation of companies in the 90's was due entirely to market forces, and had nothing to do with the government. Furthermore, you may be from a country whose government takes a heavy hand with the economy, but ours doesn't. As such, our leaders tend to take a "laissez faire" approach to the domestic economy (ECON 101, anyone?).

In regards to what Clinton did or did not do for the American people--the average American in ALL DEMOGRAPHICS was doing better in 2000 than they were in 1992. Regardless of race, economic status, gender, geography--this was truly a "rising tide that lifts all boats." (Lifted from JFK...). His policies created 22 million private sector jobs at the same time that the Feeral government actually got *smaller* in his 8 years. By contrast, it took 6 years for President Shrub to create his first net-new job, and we now have the largest divide between rich and poor since the Industrial Revolution.

So, back to History and Economics class for you, Talik.

Posted by: Brian | February 25, 2008 1:17 PM

Posted by: paul | February 25, 2008 1:32 PM

Oh, and by the way--I'm voting for Obama, not Hillary. She had nothing to do with the policies of the 90's.

Posted by: Brian | February 25, 2008 1:36 PM

Why am I not surprised by the continued vile hatred of Hillary? It is woven into the very fiber of the Republican Party. How could she come out of her dark corner of embarassment and dare to work for women, children, world peace, etc. Well folks, it is just about over and they are already lighting up the internet with their poison on the Obama family. Did you expect anything different?

Posted by: glorybee | February 25, 2008 1:40 PM

Regarding her nmost recent the "The Sky Will Open, The Light Will Come Down" comment, while Hillary didn't say "black" choir, she might as well have said so. The refernce is reflective of a cultural slur.

Similarly, scolding Barak Obama like an angry sixty-year old school teacher has, I believe, distinct but subtle "sit down, boy" implications.

And by "expecting" a certain teprermaent of campaign behavior reflects the entitled nature of this woman.

Wihle she, and perhaps the rest of the country, review her closet racist tendencies, perhaps she could explain again what her part was in the Vincent Foster termination.

Posted by: twigs | February 25, 2008 1:41 PM

Some thought her 'moment' was a retreat, a concession. The next day she said that it wasn't. Obviously, the message was ambiguous. Many historians claim that North Korea invaded South Korea and Saddam invaded Kuwait due to ambiguous US statements. The dictators misunderstood the Presidents' messages as relayed by others. If Hillary creates such ambiguity all by herself - we don't need her to handle international affairs.

Posted by: TWstroud | February 25, 2008 1:43 PM



Clintons To Face Fraud Trial:


Posted by: crystaltaurus | February 25, 2008 1:44 PM

Jesus is a democrat

Posted by: John | February 25, 2008 1:45 PM

Liane Holland,

You ask us to take it from two older more experienced people. I think not. Look at where your generation has brought us. Whether a Clinton supporter or Obama supporter - you and your friend are some of the last people I will look to for advice. I am surprised that you would rather support McCain - Obama and Clinton's views are not as far apart as McCain and Clinton so it can not be Obama's policies and ideas that you object to. Yet one more reason to ignore your advice.

Posted by: James | February 25, 2008 1:48 PM

I am amazed--with the press solidly behind Obama and the attacks upon Hillary never ending, the lady is still standing--WHAT A PERSON!!! No one, not even the cartoonest lambast Obama like they do Hillary, AND as far as I can see, she has two strikes against her--and they are she is not black and she is a woman. She is attacked and attacked AND Obama is left holding the roses. I really don't care which one gets the nomination they are both good choices--I just am totally against the unfairness of the whole deal and I am sorry to say it will affect how I vote in the election. And as my area newspaper said it best about the cartoonest and I add in the media--it is a cowardly thing to do--to lambast Hillary, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Huckebee but espically Hillary and not touch Obama except to protray him as tall and skinny. But then the media has failed us since the White House was taken over by Bush and coporations over and over again.

Posted by: Furlo Bengtsson | February 25, 2008 1:53 PM

Other than the mandate issue on health care, can anyone who supports Hillary give me one substantive policy difference between her and Obama?

On experience, Hillary blew it on healthcare. She blew it on the Iraq War. She voiced support for NAFTA until the political winds shifted and the naysayers were proved correct. When has she ever really come through in the moment of truth?
Never! She has always tried to play it politically safe. The good of the country has always been acheivable in her mind only if she is involved. The problem is, that is not what makes one a leader.

Granted, Obama, not being as old, has not had the opportunity to screw up as much as Hillary, but you still need to have something significant to show for your experience to tout "experience" as a decisive difference.

Her latest rant proves conclusively that she does not have the temprament to be President. Nothing in these mailings she cries about are the least bit "Rovian". Explain the inaccuracy. Couch the explanation in such a way as to highlight perceived weaknesses in Obama.

Instead, she went way overboard. She sounds desparate. The accusations and tone she threw out demonstrates that she is entirely willing to put her political future above the country and Democratic Party. A far more measured response was called for, but she simply does not have the wisdom or judgment to see that.

I think she takes a great deal of unfair criticism, but in the end, she consistently demonstrates that she is unqualified to be President.

Posted by: Matt | February 25, 2008 2:03 PM

Experience: I think someone else already pointed this out, but lets put this in the context of an Obama ad in Ohio...

[Black screen to begin. Voice of Hillary in the background, touting the importance of experience. Bad picture of Dick Cheney floats by. Bad picture of Donald Rumsfeld floats by. Bad picture of Paul Wolfowitz floats by.]

[Announcer: "Experience? Just another word for politics as usual..."]

"I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this message."

Posted by: Brian | February 25, 2008 2:04 PM

To David: I must say that I agree with some of your comment, but you're being hypocritical and way off-base on your attacks. I support Barack Obama 100% and have from the onset of this campaign. I do not however support the "non-rational blind hatred of Mrs. Clinton and her husband" I see that too and it's really a shame. While I think that Hillary's "35 years of experience" sounds better than her actual experience is, I do still feel that she is an intelligent and capable candidate for president. If she got the nomination, I would vote for her. I may not agree with some of her campaign tactics; to be fair, Hillary has gone negative more often and she has switched her message/theme to fit the focus of any given electorate, ie: will say anything to get elected. Nevertheless, I would vote for her. But as the old adage goes, there are two sides to every story. I read these message boards about every day (my job offers a lot of free time) and I read CNN's message boards about every day. I'm not keeping count or anything but I've seen Mr Obama slammed and I mean slammed by Hillary supporters in much the same way. Unsubstantiated attacks & criticisms every single day. The hateful kind too like you're talking about. The fact is both Hillary & Barack have the country's best interest in mind and what you are doing is buying into the way the media is covering this campaign. The more enflamed this comes, the more people will watch and the more $$ they will make. Yes, even presidential politics is all about the money. And by the way: If 90% of whites voted for Hillary Clinton, how do you figure she would be labeled a racist? Did she force 90% of whites to vote for her? Are you racist David? Thanks.

Posted by: Judd | February 25, 2008 2:05 PM

To Watash. You are an idiot. Did you get a testoserone shot recently?

Posted by: storm50 | February 25, 2008 2:05 PM


Dude, you can't link to an article by the World Net Daily as if it's actually true or real. Come on!

Posted by: Brian | February 25, 2008 2:09 PM


If you don't like a man that's used cocaine, then you must have voted for Kerry and Gore in the last two elections...

Posted by: Brian | February 25, 2008 2:12 PM

Just wait until the motion of the Republican party organize for the national compaign........around national defense and either a real or created current news event will happen about the threat of terrorist.....The irony of Obama making a speech, not a vote, not the presure, not privy to the security information against signing a resolution to go to war if necessary, will come up to haunt the Democratic party and the ability to win the election.
I completely agree with David who wrote above, the lack of srutiny of Obamas record is awful. So far it doesn't seem to matter to folks who love glamour and celebrity, who yearn for salvation, who are vulnerable to transference and who feel good and cool about voting for a black man......regardless of the details. The details are lost on so many.
Why did Obama NOT SHOW UP for 46% of Senate votes to Hillarys 22%?
Why can Obama use in his stump speech that he can't be accused of naming part of Iran a terrorist organization when this is true because HE DIDN'T EVEN SHOW UP TO VOTE.
How come it is okay for a person wanting to lead USA, LEAD USA get to vote 131 present in his state.
Those issues are important to many people, seeing the gravity of our problems.
This is why so many, SO MANY are voting for Hillary.
Why is it okay for a person to claim greatness from others, repeatedly when he has not come close, even in years of experience to what these great people did??? JFK and Martin Luther King.
Remember the awful history of the Bay of Pigs..........national security decisions made by a very young Commander in Chief with huge errors and consequences.
I see Obama as even more inexperience for sure, more naive and up against hard situations.
The Obama machine has been very clever adopting Carl Rove moves....to keep the message simple, use a 2 or 3 word culture only...yes we can, change, hope. Do not give details. Remain affable, common like.
Well it works.......and mostly offer some sort of religion....remember the neocons.....it is the 5% in the middle one needs to win.........give them something. They are the vulnerable, the ones who can
be persuaded.
So, the evengelical feel, not earned feels and seems careless to many.

Small details of Obamas economic advisors don't matter to those people, that one of his key advisors wants to partially privatize social security, that Obama offers little for the foreclosure problem and has not plans, such as Edwards and Clinton to regulate the financial industry, Goldman Sachs who earned 6 billion dollars from the foreclosure of 2007 being Obamas largest contributor.

Obama is the media darling???
Wonder why?

I am so leary of his convictions?? What are they?
The republicans are playing softball right now. Just wait.

She shows up, takes a leadership role, takes risks and can hold her own.


Posted by: MLT | February 25, 2008 2:15 PM

Re: To David

I forgot to say that you're an A55 for saying that Mrs. Obama is "awful". You have no basis for that and you know it. And looking at it that way, you've already answered my last question to you.

Posted by: Hrrb | February 25, 2008 2:15 PM


"This is why so many, SO MANY are voting for Hillary."

Maybe so--but MORE are voting for Obama. Why is that????

Posted by: Brian | February 25, 2008 2:25 PM

Hillary Borrows a Few Lines -- What about this CNN?


Posted by: dotheresearch | February 25, 2008 2:35 PM

Hillary's Xerox Moment:

It turns out that one of Hillary's finest moments during the last Democratic debate-- you know the one at the very end of the debate, where she really connected with the voters by talking about how the hits she had taken were nothing compared with the ones Americans were taking-- was actually a Xerox moment. The idea and the words were lifted from a 1992 Bill Clinton speech. The only place I saw this reported was briefly on the Situation Room after the debate and on the CNN website:


This is not being reported generally. Commentators and others still praise her for that moment, and reporters cover her complaints about Obama's "plagiarism". But this needs to be exposed because it shows a great deal about her chacacter and what we can expect from her as a leader.

Posted by: Molly Peyman | February 25, 2008 2:48 PM

For those of you so enamored with Hillary's "experience"--here's a few facts for your information...



So it seems that, despite joining the senate 4 years later than Hillary, Obama has been able to get the same amount, if not more, done.

THAT'S the kind of experience *I'm* looking for...

Posted by: Brian | February 25, 2008 2:53 PM

Hi James:

We made our mistakes and learned from them.

We saw the damage that we did and realized that what happened in the 60's was and still is the evil that we gave to this country. The end results is what we are seeing all around us of the damage done.

What I see with those that are following Obama is the same thing that happened in the past. People getting caught up with emotions and words instead of facts and reality.

Yes, some good things came out of the 60's and we are seeing one result. A woman and a black man both running for President. It never could have happened in the Republican Party.

When I look back at the Women's Suffrage and the Black Civil Rights movements we as a party, the Democrats have come far and have given much for the dream.

But shaded in that were false ideals and many wrong turns, but we are learning from those things.

The Obama movement is frightening to say the least. I would much rather put my cards with Clinton.

But again if it came between McCain or Obama I would rather see McCain because he is a man of his word and has been willing to cross lines to make good things work, just like Bill Clinton did during his Presidency.

Posted by: Liane Holland | February 25, 2008 2:56 PM

storm50 = it would be great if more folks left off the personal and stuck with the substancial in public discourse but ~ your come back to Watash is right on the mark

Posted by: mr mellow NOT | February 25, 2008 3:09 PM

I can't believe how vehemently posters here feel about these two DemoRats - underneath the show and BS, it's a choice between Tweedledum & Tweedledee...there's only ONE truely honest candidate running, but honesty doesn't sell to well nowadays, and Ron Paul's voice of reason is drowned by the squawking and chattering of the CFR stooges (Clinton, Obama and McCain), working extremely hard to create the illusion of "choice", when the outcome will be the nationally-suicidal "business as usual". Good Luck USA - you're going to need it.

Posted by: Mike | February 25, 2008 3:11 PM

Mike...the posters feel vehemently... *something*. "Vehemently" is a degree of something else--not something in and of itself. What do they feel vehemently?

Posted by: Brian | February 25, 2008 3:15 PM

Does no one out there see what Barack represents? Are you blind?
Do you not know of his Muslim roots? His Socialism agenda? There isn't any way he can "give" to you all everything he promises. It can't be done. He is not a dictator (yet). What will you do in 2 years afater he is elected and hasn't been able to fulfill his promises? Will you riot? He promised rememeber. Will he be assasinated for his failure? Will you cry that you have been forgotten? Will you still bow to the Messiah - Allah - with faith and hope? What if we are in a war with other Muslims and he is President?
I know, I know, he is wonderful. He is full of peace, love and harmony...the moment is now don't you know?

But, please realize - our country is headed for hard times for the next couple of years. We are definately ON that path. The money isn't there for all these promises - so what next? Are you willing to put your vote (and me) on the line with an inexperienced - from the global front, to the economy to war to simply getting to understand the White House president?

Posted by: Paralta | February 25, 2008 3:22 PM

The comments to this story prove only one thing: lots of people are completely capable of seeing things the way they want to, in spite of mountains of evidence to the contrary. I too thought Hillary's debate-closing statement was her strongest moment of the campaign. It was the only thing which rescued her from a sound beating at that debate. Then I found out it was almost entirely taken from earlier speeches by her husband and John Edwards. To do this on the heels of her whining comments about Obama's supposed plagiarism, and then to have the audacity to use the speech in campaign advertising, should be sufficient evidence of her character to disqualify her as a candidate for president.

Posted by: ugottaBkiddn | February 25, 2008 3:29 PM


OH No She Didn't.??

Sacreligious..? Atheist? Blasphemer?
For Todays (SUNDAY) Sacrelege, blasphemy, and Atheism..
Mocking the Christian belief in Salvation.
Poking fun and Sarcasm at Believing that Heaven can Open up the sky to those who believe. Laughing at the notion that there are Celestial Angelic Choirs in the Heavens, Hurling sarcasmat that those who would believe they can hear. Laughing at Hope.. Laughing at GOD..!!!
Hillary..Can you say Moses?
Did he not part the Red Sea and free his people from the Pharoh?
Who are you Hillary Rodham to tell us all not to believe that all things are possible through our Lord Our God?
It is dillusional to Hope The Lord God would ever extend his ever redeeming, ever forgiving ever everlasting Love to Our Nation? To America and her United States Citizens??
Its dillusional On SUNDAY to think this could be possible ?? 2/24/08
One thing is certain..It won't be possible under your leadership. You are a non-believer.
I suppose that deceased Dallas Police Officers family should abandon any HOPE for his Salvation. His life was lost performing a difficult and demanding job too. There aint NO GOD coming for him either. Right Hillary??
May God have mercy on your immortal soul Hillary Rodham.

The Lord works in mysterious ways....

And today God exposed your true dark soul to the world. And In so doing, the Nation and the World will be better served.

Posted by: T.Sims | February 25, 2008 3:32 PM

If only Hillary would figure out who she really is. Barack has already done that, long ago. He knows who he is, he knows what the American People need, and he wants to help us get it.

Hillary wants to help herself, her lobbyist cronies - She is simply Bill warmed over. NAFTA, the single most destructive piece of legislation for the Middle Class of America was approved, passed, signed, sealed and delivered on his watch.

How much more corporate greed can we carry on our backs?

Don't be manipulated. Get out and VOTE for the candidate that speaks to your gut. For me, it's Barack. Not forked-tongue Hillary.

Posted by: puamana | February 25, 2008 3:45 PM

A pox on both their houses!
We do not need the kind of bias either of these bring to the political arena! Ted

Posted by: Ted B | February 25, 2008 4:02 PM

A pox on both their houses!
We do not need the kind of bias either of these bring to the political arena! Ted

Posted by: Ted B | February 25, 2008 4:14 PM

Which Hillary will we have today? The woman who cries, the woman you pretends to be nice, or the one who creates conflict and division?

Why would any Democrat vote for such a manipulative person? The Clintons do NOT need a third term to once again plunge us into a world of political mud-slinging.

To the people who consider this type of political fighting OK - I say, GROW UP!

Posted by: lawrence | February 25, 2008 4:28 PM

Billary isn't fooling anyone. This "Hillary moment" was planned and scripted precisely for re-airing.

Posted by: binkynh | February 25, 2008 4:39 PM

You all are right...to call Barracks copying of the Patrick speech was not actually plagarism. The point was to expose and show that the man who is, from manys view, including his own," I make pretty good speeches" and the quote identifying how important words are...you have to admit, a little irony there.

When Hillary was speaking about the heavens opening...IT HAD NOTHING, NOTHING TO DO WITH ONES BELIEF IN THE ACTUAL, PERCEIVED RELIGIOUS LEADER, THE LORD JESUS..........More irony, that is her point. And your comment shows the point many of us feel, that Obama is even aligned and confused with actually being the annointed one and with his minister tone and rhetoric of belief that all things good will just come, if you believe. Ah. Your comment makes the case. Which reminds me, Oprah Winfrey has introduced him several times saying, "Is He the One? then repeats, Is He the One and then repeats Is He the One?" This has a
spiritual cadence to many of us.....the association of what religous folks would call Jesus, The One..............
Hillary happens to be quite the Christian beginning her duties by her dads side in their church.

I had written some of this earlier but there is a powerful emotion that evokes transference.......where we put our lives and salvation in someone, a person, to fix it and help us. It raiseS the dopamine level in our brain and we really need it to survive. It is what many of us Hillary supporters see amongst some of the Obama supporters......it's fair but frustrating..............

Thank you Brian for the link for Obamas senate accomplishments.
I think they are great. I think he seems to be a superb, young, learning new, just past freshman senator from Illinois and I hope he stays there a long time.Perhaps someday, someday EARNING his title of
greatness that his following so espouses....like JFK and MLK.

The Saturday Night Live Skit with the mock debate exemplifies much of the Hillary voters frustration. Obama girl doesn't even ask him a question and the Hillary character is scolded by the CNN questioner...
Obama is the media darling....wonder why??
Read more of his economic advisors, support of partial privatisation of social security, won't agree for regulation of the financial industry, re. foreclosure crisis and some key conservative voices from Wall Street have said, "if we have to have a dem in the white housee, it is better to have Obama"...certainly not an Edwards or Clinton.
I picked up a copy of The Nation magazine which had a small article titled, Getting to Know Obama......and I read it and loved Hillary and Edwards more.
With experience I am sure Obama can come up with some courage !

I wonder why some Republicans are okay to switch over? Atleast in the primaries.

As far as the misleading fliers about Clintons health care and her role in Nafta.
Factcheck just came out if they are to be trusted, depends on who you are for...the the Clinton campain is correct...they are
factually wrong. And there was written that former white house reporters said that in the making of Nafta Hillary Clinton was a lone voice in the White House against it. This reporter said that whenever issues of women, poor, children came up, there were muttering of "Oh, I wonder what Hillary will think of that?"
Hillary had known of some of these writings as the newspapers with the quotes had to write retractions...the frustration comes from then his campaign using them. And of course we know why, because those tactics do sway votes........

And the guy who wrote that her health cre had failed before........for many reasons, yes this is true.......but it has been said, "The people were not ready for such a radical shift" and it will take a real will of the people to change the fundamentals of our system. IT MAY NOT EVEN HAPPEN, THE PHARMACEUTICALS AND INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE SO STRONG........ Hillary is mandating some of it for that reason.....we have to jump off and I might add......if Obama were to not mandat the 9 million children he has mandated, those left off would near 23 million...........and Obama, are you going to make people who can't pay, pay for their children, arrest them.

So, why the media uproar of her complaigning about this tactic?
If she were a man it would appear to be a strength in him and as a woman it appears petty !!!!!!

It is damn near impossible to please all sides as a woman........as research shows, as data reveals........
too strong you're a -itch
too soft you're weak....

However, with that known, ain't it great to see a woman, an intelligent person trying?

And of course, ain't it great to see a black man , an intelligent person trying to overcome their steroptypes also?

And as for experience........
Seems the votes that put Obama ahead... make it all down to a contest about
Bravo Obama.......2 or 3 word culture, keep it simple, smile....
No details, no details..........too much information or history, will make it hard.
It worked for George W. Bush it can work for anyone..............
It doesn't mean he doesn't have merit for sure...........it is the component that pushes one over the edge to often win...

However, Hillary ain't going home yet!!!

So, the most important thing the Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont Hillary supporters can do is take yourself and someone else to go stand in the possibly cold, chaotic lines, take a day off work and attend the caucuses if there are any and get that vote counted!!!!!

Barack Obama is a wonderful, intelligent senator from Illinois and I hope he remains there for a long time, working for
the Democratic Partys and all peoples well-being....

May the Best Woman Win !!!!!!!!

Posted by: Anonymous | February 25, 2008 5:02 PM

HilliaryTron 2000 simulating human emotion 05632.

Posted by: maricopajoe | February 25, 2008 5:07 PM

Don't yet know if it's accurate, but a woman who was there said that Hillary & entourage arrived 15 minutes late to the honoring of the wounded vets. She used that in her closing to great effect, but if she were 15 minutes late, she didn't see what she told us she saw. She missed the procession, apparently, and delivered second-hand images.

Oh, my.

Posted by: Bob Clawson | February 25, 2008 5:11 PM

I think Hillary is a brave woman who is being attacked by so many fan-bama's. I like her strenght. Hope she leads the primaries on March 4th. Good luck Hillary!

Posted by: supermart | February 25, 2008 5:19 PM

To Martined........
What do you consider "class"? Perhaps, the way Obama turned his back on Clinton at the site of the State of the Union speech? Or could it have been last Tuesday night when "the-self-important-arrogant-Obama"
leaped onto a stage where Clinton was speaking and being taped by the cable news shows, whereupon he started a 46 minute speech so that the cameras were turned on him, leaving her, literally, speechless.
She can drown him with her class and her dignity and her good character and her
good manners, all of which he is very lacking in.....

Posted by: AFED | February 25, 2008 5:34 PM

You know, one could almost build up a tremendous "pity for poor Hillary". But, not my wife, Wyllene. Wyllene has this tremendous "spiritual" thing, this aura about her. She "forgives" almost anything. She believes in "unconditional love'.

But her nose crinkles up, and she gets this dark look about her when she hears about Hillary Clinton and her "challenges", her "trials and tribulations". Wyllene describes Hillary Clinton as an "enabler". She is convinced that Hillary's attitude, allowed Bill Clinton the latitude to do the things he did with ________ (you fill in the names, the list is so long.)

So, ya'll can go for her lame smile when she mentions her "challenges" and her "trials and tribulations". But, in my house all that gets her is a wrinkled up nose, at best, a bronx cheer at worst...

My wife detests enablers...

Posted by: Anonymous | February 25, 2008 5:35 PM

Hillary didn't answer the final question asked at this debate, but instead was quite opportunistic and delivered a completely political statement that certainly achieved its intended political purpose of attracting sympathy and votes. This intention and its apparent success was very tranparent to me but others, I fear, were easily and willingly duped.

Posted by: FJE | February 25, 2008 5:43 PM

And her point was...

I'm blessed too, I wake up every morning as part of the working poor in this nation, blessed to pay taxes, blessed to pay for a king's ransom for gas, blessed to work sun up to sun down, blessed to live paycheck to paycheck with nothing left over, blessed to see my dollar buy less this month than it did last month. Hillary!!!! what's your point?

Posted by: Vincent | February 25, 2008 6:22 PM

At some point you will let your true self be seen and known to America, unfortunately I think it will be after you've lost this race. Come on Hillary let's get in the game. Give us voters what we really need... your best effort!

Posted by: Anonymous | February 25, 2008 6:30 PM

I expect that the vitriol, innuendoes, accusations, slander, snide and spiteful remarks by Hillary will become even more vicious in the next weeks. It is what is expected when one is cornered and near defeat.
I also expect, at some point, Obama must begin replying to this assault by Hillary and McCain, both of whom have many faults yet to be exposed.
I am an old goat, white male, veteran, who recognizes the need for change in this country.
I am voting for Obama.

Posted by: Ron | February 25, 2008 6:51 PM

Barack Hussein Obama should be proud of his Muslin Heritage. They are a peaceful loving religion. The picture of Barack Hussien as an adult dressed in Muslin clothing will make any Muslin proud. The Obama's took the picture not Hillary.

Barack Hussein's best friend and frequent guest is cop killer Bernardine Dohrn. Bernardine Dohrn served 17 years for the murder of a policeman. She is currently a professor at the University of Illinois. She showed no remorse when she was released from prison. She is the author of the terrorist book titled Prairie Fire.

Posted by: AusTexMex | February 25, 2008 6:54 PM

"If speeches could create jobs, we wouldn't be facing a recession..."

Some words of advice Hill, I mean, since you find them so appalling in all. The rest of us just find it remarkably amusing that it took you a whole campaign to come up with sixty seconds of "just words" which you are now marketing as the best thing since sliced bread.

Posted by: muaddib_7 | February 25, 2008 7:38 PM

Obama followers have excellent imaginations---they have to imagine what he means by "Hope" and "Change"---and so let's pretend that Obama has won. Then in the unlikely event that Obama gets to the White House, let's pretend that he knows how to be president.

And then let's pretend that a Democratic Party that is seriously offering Obama as a candidate isn't in danger of extinction itself. (The public will tolerate 4 years of Carter, but I don't think they're going to allow the Democrats to get away with doing it to them again).

Carter's weakness as president led to 12 years of Republican rule. The only ones able to break this monopoly were Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary who paid a high price for their achievement by undergoing constant attack by disgruntled Republicans who thought they would have the presidency forever.

And now to see the Democrats repay the Clintons for their accomplishments with so much hatred and vitriol is appalling.

I'm an Independent supporting Hillary. I would never join the Democratic Party.

Posted by: Beatrix | February 25, 2008 8:01 PM

Hillary Clinton gives voters all the reasons to dislike her. She represents all that informed voters dislike. HOW CAN A WOMAN LIKE HILLARY WITH CHANGING MOODS CONVINCE ME OR ANYONE THAT SHE CAN AND WILL BE READY ON DAY ONE AS PRESIDENT. That is bunch of rubbish. Hillary Clinton has to show she can control her menopause before speaking. Hillary, please take a look of yourself with that disgusting face and gestures. It is a sorry sight, and sight of desperation., and to tell a presidential contender "MEET ME IN OHIO" tells me exactly the type of person you are- a person that cannot represent me as president and commander in chief.
About experience, Hillary Clinton has NEVER held an executive position, nor been a governor of any State. As far as I am concerned, I see three senators running for president of United States. I see NONE having more experience than the other, so drop that line of more experience Hillary.
The center cannot hold any longer. You are destroying Democratic Party. You cannot be the president of United States, and you know that much. No offence, but all of the above is truth. Patriotism calls for you to quit gracefully now or face much more humiliation in future contests. Even the whole world Democrats gave OBAMA a resounding victory over you, yet you claim you have been to 82 countries
and that is experience. I have been to 96 nations some of which I do not understand or speak their language, nor understand their culture and way of life.
AMERICAN ELECTION IS BASED ON HUMILITY. Presidential historians will tell you that much. Your campaign became derailed after NH primary. Nevada win was not a win if your ego and super ego tells you the truth.

Posted by: PRINCE | February 25, 2008 9:17 PM

Shame on you, Hillary! You accuse Obama of plagiarism and yet in the very next breath shamelessly commit the very same crime yourself.

Let's take a look at your "much acclaimed" closing remark of the Texas debate with Obama, which is now your centerpiece of your camapign ad:
"You know, the hits I've taken in life are nothing compared to what goes on every single day in the lives of people across our country. And I resolved, at a very young age, that I'd been blessed, and that I was called by my faith and by my upbringing to do what I could to give others the same opportunities and blessings that I took for granted. That's what gets me up in the morning, that's what motivates me in this campaign."

To tell you the truth, I was really moved by that speech. After all, I thought, there is a human side of you. Alas, not until I saw a news clipping on MNBC's "Meet The Press" programme. It revealed that this was an exact quote from her husband Bill's speech during his 1996 campaign.

This is a cheat who boasts that she is ready from day one to be the commander-in-chief! I don't think, not only the United States of America, but even the rest of the Free World, is ready to embrace Hillary in that position.

Posted by: John Santiago | February 25, 2008 10:32 PM

Obama followers are no different from Charlie Manson's family. Vile, nasty and despicable. Rabid nuts filled with hatred for a qualified candiate who happens to be a woman. So this is how Obama brings people together to get things done.
And his wife is a racist herself, having gone to a church run by a racist leader who hates white people. Can't wait for the republican party to replay her for once I'm proud of America line. Again and again.
Never voted for a republican before. After watching how the Obama cult groupies handle things, I can't wait to sign up to do phone banking for McCain.

Posted by: Lorraine B | February 25, 2008 10:38 PM

One thing remains constant: The disaster to the country and its people by this current Republican Administration.
Vote anyone other than a Republican and a continuation of this Republican disaster.

Posted by: Kacee | February 25, 2008 10:41 PM

Hillary and her husband Bill Clinton have already been in the white house and trashed it for 8 long shameful years. Those two are either shameless or they think the American people have amnesia or are stupid to waste their votes on them.
The Clintons must know that we do not want anymore trash in the white house.
We need something different that can bring people together.The Clintons are trouble makers and they have already started doing just that rightnow.

Posted by: Ben | February 25, 2008 11:43 PM

I must say, all this palaver and anti-Clinton hate mail is so silly. Hillary has given a life time of service to people who needed her help. She has also been a very fine Senator. I am a Republican, but this disgusting anti-Hillary campaign has simply convinced me to abandon the Republican ticket and to vote for her or whoever the Democratic nominee is. I remember well the 2000 anti-Kerry brigade at the precinct level, and those dirty tricks got us the worst President our party has ever fielded, yep G. W. Bush!!!!! You know, war for as far as the eye can see, U. S. debt up to our eyeballs, a failing economy and a depression in the wings. God save us from a repeat of such a horror. Vote Democratic.

Posted by: Mari | February 26, 2008 1:11 AM

To watash:
Using your logic (?) I guess one could blame the horrible five year quagmire/war in Iraq on George W. Bush's ongoing struggles with his midlife crisis?

And to all you loquacious folks who insist on running on endlessly at the keyboard, for pity's sake, get a life!

Posted by: Luise | February 26, 2008 4:27 AM

As a young woman living in this country I am completely disgusted with the amount of sexism that is alive in this country - what year is this? Definitely not 2008. To the people who called Mrs. Obama "awful" shame on you and to those who are bashing Hillary and calling her fake, inexperienced, a b****, and any other sexist name in the book you can think of - shame on you as well. There are many many countries throughout the world who have great political leaders who are female, and who do the job just as well as anyone else or any other man would do. I've already voted in my primary for Hillary and I will vote for the Democratic nominee whomever it is - but for those who are just hating on people to hate shame on you. That is what plagues this country more than economic woes, poverty, homelessness, you name it - its hatred for those that are different than you. Go back home read whatever book your religion/faith tells you to read and redefine yourself. Hatred doesn't move anyone forward in life and it certainly will not help this country.

Posted by: RD | February 26, 2008 11:04 AM

I was planning on voting for Hillary until I found a message of hope and change in Obama that is so refreshing that it has swept this country. Since she is so far behind in the polls and with voters, I am wondering which Hillary will show up tonight. And to use her shining moment of being human in last week's debate as an ad could also be called ''a zerox copy''. It won't work. Not after the screaming, angry woman we saw last Saturday. How tactless and transparent. A blind man could see through this. She must think the American public is stupid. We are not, Senator Clinton.

Posted by: demgirl | February 26, 2008 4:12 PM

Mrs Clinton while running actively for President had the bad luck (?) of her husband playing lobbyist for a rich businessman who wanted an inside introduction to the power in a plutonium rich country to get a whopping big contract which he got and which led to a 3.5 million gift to the Clinton Presidential Library - does this the pattern continue when and if Mrs C is in the White House? Thought we had had enough of this kind of thing with Cheney. And let us not forget that under Mr C's administration, the Glass Steagal Act was neutered and lo and behold the sub-ptime mess was launched. Doesn't pass the smell test. Whew!!!!!!

Posted by: John W Hall | February 26, 2008 5:23 PM

Hillary is a model American for family and politics. She is an inspiration who should be voted for to serve America. She does not give the feeling of false pride and ego which is the main attraction to BHO and GWB. Both with the bible in one hand and the other writting their glorious headlines to wallow in. The USA needs a genuine patriot. I the idolizing masses choose BHO then I will vote for John McCain. One way or another I will vote for a true American Patriot

Posted by: New England Worker | February 26, 2008 7:30 PM

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