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Labor Union Airing Ads for Obama

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is now broadcasting its support of Barack Obama with three new ads airing in Ohio and Texas.

SEIU is a member organization of the Change to Win labor coalition, which has also endorsed Obama.

"Leadership" is airing in Ohio, "What We Need" is airing in Texas, while "Cambio" is a Spanish-language message also airing in Texas. All of the ads are airing statewide.


"What We Need"


"This is part of our efforts to inform voters and our members why Sen. Obama is the right candidate to bring about the change American needs. We're really stepping up our efforts at the door and on the air," says SEIU spokeswoman Stephanie Mueller.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  February 26, 2008; 5:32 PM ET Ad Watch , Barack Obama
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Ms. Obama, VP Chicago Hosp, that charges minorities 6 times as much, isn't cold hearted enough; she also caused hundreds to loose their 11.hr jobs, to be more efficient she said! In 05, elected to the BOD Westchester-based TreeHouse Foods, she received $12,000 and $33,000 from a subsidiaries, in Nov announced closing its La Junta, plant, that claimed the jobs of 153 workers, most of them Hispanic! Huge blow to a rural town jobs paid a starting wage of $11hr, Company pays top execs like MICHELLE OBAMA tens of millions a year while destroying middle-class America. Raises the question not only about corporate values but about Barrack Obama's own values. Specifically, while he bashes Wal-Mart, why does his wife, make $45,000 and up a year serving on the board of Chicago comp that pays her a very hefty amount of money while laying off mostly minority workers in economically deprived areas? No. 1 customer is Wal-Mart???
Obamas attack on middle class and minorities- The Crowns and employees of their family-run holding company have given at least $195,000 to Obama's presidential campaign. Maytag shut the Galesburg plant after Labor Day 2004 Union member say senator did little to save jobs in the blue-collar town of 37,000. Obama connection to Maytag: Lester Crown, company's director's records show, has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Obama's campaigns. Maytag shut the Galesburg plant after Labor Day 2004.
Black voters are choosing black candidate based on skin color not merit and not what he can do to help our failing country. What a serious shame...we are giving away another election. Thank the media! Obamas speeches address just black voters. The same person who claims he is not running on race? It sure isn't experience or who is best to run this country. Don't believe it will work in the general election He truly had divided voters since SC win. No one is so naive as not to think that black resentment towards whites could render Senator Obama unelectable. NOW IT'S TIME FOR THE MEDIA TO SCRUTINIZE OBAMA LIKE THEY HAVE DONE TO EVERYOTHER NON-BLACK CANDIDATE. MEDIA HAS FAILED AMERICAN VOTERS

Posted by: OBAMA LOOSES JOBS | February 26, 2008 6:52 PM

After 8 years of totally destroying the good name and reputation of your country, America has the ultimate oportunity to make things right again. There is only one name that can restore your reputation in the world: CLINTON.

Posted by: johan Holland | February 28, 2008 1:20 PM

These are great ads!! Shows real people.

HRC is a fear monger and bully. I am afraid of her. I think she is unstable.

Posted by: independant with many friends!!! | February 29, 2008 1:52 PM

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