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Bush Gridiron Dinner Video Raises Questions

YouTube users have posted even more video of President Bush's performance at last Saturday's Gridiron Dinner. The new videos feature a more direct camera angle as the president performs his rendition of "The Green Green Grass of Home." (You start to see the president about one minute into the video.)

Does this video of an off-the-record event mean the death of the traditional "off the record" dinners and events? Should organizers of such events ban and perhaps confiscate cellphones beforehand? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  March 11, 2008; 5:00 PM ET YouTube
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This is the most depressing thing I have ever seen in my life.

Is it me or does this guy just seem happy as hell to be leaving? He's just dancing and singing up a storm these days.

Hell, even that scumbag Lyndon Johnson was SAD to be leaving.

Posted by: illclinton | March 12, 2008 12:26 AM

This is the president of the United States. Should anything be off the record? We need transparency in our government in order to be a successful democracy. I would think that hearing the president celebrate his failures would seriously worry the citizens of this country and they should know about it. Youtube, the internet, and instant information are the great equalizer to the mass media and we should all support it. Confiscating cellphones before events? It doesn't sound right to me.

When I saw the headline of this article before I clicked it I thought you meant "raise questions" on what the heck the president was saying. Here he is celebrating Harriet Miers' contempt of Congress, "Brownie" and his utterly horrible job of Katrina, and Scooter being free from jail after being found GUILTY and let off the hook by the president. Each of these cases shows the president's complete disregard for the law and it should be preserved as evidence of this. Confiscating property??? Sounds a lot less like a democracy every day....

Posted by: Jim | March 12, 2008 11:47 AM

I am okay with it. It shows a human side.

If you want dinners such as this or the Alpha Alpha to continue, cell phones need to be confiscated. Off the record is off the record.

Posted by: Not a Busheee | March 12, 2008 1:16 PM

>>I am okay with it. It shows a human side.

Even Hitler had a human side. He loved his dogs. Saddam Hussein was very good to his grandchildren.

Posted by: Nicho | March 12, 2008 6:15 PM

Of course this should be posted. Thank god some journalists in this country recognize that their job is to report the news, not to sleep with it. I'm almost as tired as of journalists and their inability to actually report the news as I am of this administration. The fact that the president would make fun of his own failures in a room full of journalists is as sure a sign as any that he has no regard for the people who he failed and that he knows the press won't crucify him for making fun of those failures.

Of course this should have been posted; before that, the "journalists" at that dinner should have reported on it.

Posted by: Franny Blue | March 12, 2008 7:11 PM

will someone please impeach this moron?

Posted by: klouth1 | March 12, 2008 8:56 PM

Posted by: DrugsHome.com | March 27, 2008 8:06 PM

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