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DNC Releases Second Anti-McCain Ad

The Democratic National Committee has released a second ad criticizing John McCain, this one focused on his comments about the Iraq war. (The first message focused on McCain's comments about the economy.)

This ad uses only parts of the infamous Q&A session that McCain held with voters in January (courtesy of Columbia Journalism Review):

Questioner: President Bush has talked about our staying in Iraq for 50 years...
McCain: Maybe a hundred. Make it one hundred. We've been in South Korea, we've been in Japan for sixty years. We've been in South Korea for 50 years or so. That'd be fine with me as long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed. Then it's fine with me. I would hope it would be fine with you if we maintain a presence in a very volatile part of the world where Al Qaeda is training, recruiting, equipping and motivating people every single day.

Here's the DNC's ad, with only parts of the above exchange:

"We don't think we ought to be in Iraq for a hundred years under any circumstances," DNC Chairman Howard Dean told NBC's "Meet the Press" earlier today. "Seventy percent of our country does not want to be in Iraq for a hundred years under any circumstances. Senator McCain is wrong. He is out of step with the American people, and he is wrong."

This ad, like the first one, is expected to air on national cable news channels.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  April 27, 2008; 2:45 PM ET John McCain
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The DNC didn't want my vote in the the primary...they sure as hell not getting it in November....I only hope every democrat in Michigan and Florida feels the same.

Posted by: lucygirl1 | April 27, 2008 7:48 PM

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