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McCain's Environmental Message

John McCain gives what his campaign describes as a "major speech" today on global climate change in Portland, Ore.

The Post reports today that an "examination of McCain's voting record shows an inconsistent approach to the environment: He champions some 'green' causes while casting sometimes contradictory votes on others,"

McCain hopes this ad makes folks think otherwise.

Here's the script:

ANNOUNCER: Our environment in peril, oil and food prices out of control, climate change wreaks havoc with deadly weather. One extreme thinks high taxes and crippling regulation is the solution. Another denies the problem even exists. There's a better way.
JOHN MCCAIN: I believe that climate change is real. It's not just a greenhouse gas issue. It's a national security issue. We have an obligation to future generations to take action and fix it.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  May 12, 2008; 1:13 PM ET Ad Watch , John McCain
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