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Archive: June 29, 2008 - July 5, 2008

McCain Continues Aggressive Spanish Radio Play, Targeting Obama in New Spot

From The Trail: John McCain's staff shakeup earlier this week came amid concerns that his campaign lacked a consistent message and had made few attempts to contrast himself with Barack Obama. A new Spanish-language radio ad released yesterday by the Arizona senator shows McCain's campaign beginning to take a more...

By Ed O'Keefe | July 4, 2008; 6:00 PM ET | Comments (0)

Black Conservative Group Rips Obama in New Radio Ads

By Darryl Fears in The Trail: From the black conservatives who brought you radio ads two years ago claiming that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican come the new summer blockbusters: ads calling Sen. Barack Obama a racist and an elitist. King, of course, was an independent,...

By Ed O'Keefe | July 2, 2008; 5:32 PM ET | Comments (7)

McCain Promotes Trade as Solution to Stalled Economy

As John McCain travels to Colombia, his campaign has released a Web-only ad that highlights the candidate's support of the Colombia Free Trade Deal. Efforts to pass the agreement have stalled in Congress. McCain says: "To fuel our economy, we must create more jobs for Americans, and for our neighbors...

By Ed O'Keefe | July 2, 2008; 5:27 PM ET | Comments (10)

Civics Lesson

If you have a half-hour to spare, here's Barack Obama's speech on patriotism. Sound bite: "And yet at certain times over the last 16 months I have found for the first time my patriotism challenged at times as a result of my own carelessless more often as the result...

By Ed O'Keefe | July 1, 2008; 9:47 AM ET | Comments (0)

Obama's Working Class Pitch

By Howard Kurtz in The Trail: The Ad: He worked his way through college and Harvard Law. Turned down big money offers, and helped lift neighborhoods stung by job loss. Fought for workers' rights. He passed a law to move people from welfare to work, slashed the rolls by eighty...

By Ed O'Keefe | July 1, 2008; 9:44 AM ET | Comments (2)

Seal of Disapproval

Recently, Sen. Barack Obama's campaign released a new version of the presidential seal with some notable changes. For one, the seal is all blue. It says Vero Possumus, the closest Latin translation to 'Yes We Can," in place of the Latin phrase that appears on the presidential seal and the...

By washingtonpost.com | June 30, 2008; 2:50 PM ET | Comments (10)

Bush Impersonator Targets GOP Candidates

Just in time for the July 4 holiday travel week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has recruited a George W. Bush impersonator to criticize 13 Republican members of Congress about oil prices. The ad campaign comes as conservative group, Freedom's Watch, prepares to air ads targeting 16 Democrats on the...

By Ed O'Keefe | June 30, 2008; 1:00 PM ET | Comments (0)


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