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Clinton Says Thank You and Goodbye

Three days after suspending her campaign for the White House and acknowledging Barack Obama as the Democrat's presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton released a message to her supporters on YouTube.

The video was made on June 3 -- the night of the South Dakota and Montana primaries when it became clear to pundits, campaigns and journalists alike that Clinton's campaign for presidency was over.

The video is called Thank You and has a single, close shot of Clinton thanking her supporters and volunteers. She also seems to speak to the Obama campaign in asking that her supporters be respected.

Clinton says:

I've seen many of you in person as I've traveled throughout the campaign. Others I only know through your online contribution and participation. But I want to thank you. I could not have made this part of the journey without you. And you have been indispensable in every regard. As I said tonight, I want the 18 million people who have voted for me to be seen and heard, to be respected, to be given the real appreciation that you're due. We have won more votes than anyone has ever won who has run for the presidential nomination of any party in our country's history. I am very proud of that. But more than that, I am humbled and grateful for your confidence in me.

The video is also posted on her campaign Web site.

Besides the video, a new headline on the Clinton campaign Web site continues the message Clinton offered in her speech on Saturday: In big yellow letters the headline on the site reads: Support Senator Obama today. Sign up now and together we can write the next chapter in America's history.

-- Emily Freifeld

By washingtonpost.com |  June 10, 2008; 12:43 PM ET Hillary Rodham Clinton
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How is it NOT front-page worthy that a sitting president of the United States had 35 articles of impeachment brought against him yesterday?

How is it NOT newsworthy that phase II of the Senate Intelligence Report regarding the runup to the Iraqi occupation was released yesterday, finding that the Bush administration actually DID exaggerate and manipulate intelligence information to garner support for the occupation??

Posted by: Terrorfied | June 10, 2008 7:17 PM

Why don't you join Obama as Vice. He ask for your help anyways.

Posted by: Nicole CA | June 26, 2008 12:03 PM

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