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Video Highlights of the DNC Meetings

A few video highlights from Saturday's Democratic National Committee Rules and Bylaws Committee meetings in Washington, D.C.

The first one gives you a sense of the crowd outside the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. A few hundred supporters, mostly from Florida, chanted, argued, then later marched to a nearby rallying point:

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As for action inside the Marriott, liberal blog Firedoglake.com posted video of an angry Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter who had just been ejected from the meeting:

"I'm proud to be an older American woman," says Harriet Christian, a New York Democrat, who later calls Barack Obama "an inadequate black male."

"They think we won't turn and vote for McCain? Well I got news for all of you: McCain will be the next President of the United States."

The day began for many Democrats inside and outside the meetings with nervous anxiety, and a desire to demonstrate party unity. Will the frustration publicly demonstrated by some Democrats impact party unity? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  June 1, 2008; 12:05 AM ET Miscellaneous
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I never thought I would see the day when the democratic arty would "compromise" on legitimate votes. I have proudly voted democrat in every election since 1976. Not this year. I am "disappointed" by Barak Obama's deceptively smooth rhetoric wh,ich masks disturbing arrogant and condescending behind the scenes political manuevering.

Posted by: chestermaxwell | June 1, 2008 1:12 AM

As a Floridian from a family of lifelong democratic voters and donors (and with many friends who do the same), I can confirm what others have said: Many Dems in FL will be voting for McCain. It's got nothing to do with Hillary or Obama, and it has everything to do with the fact that the Democratic Party has chosen to disenfranchise our state's voters. Furthermore, through this months-long stupidity, they have proven that they can't even run their own party; and we're supposed to believe that they can run this great nation? Add the frequent (and mostly unfounded) charges of racism levelled by the Obama fans at everyone else, and you've got something worse for the Dems than voters sitting on the sidelines in November: you've got angry, spiteful Dems crossing the aisle to vote for McCain. (And to fund him, too.) If he's smart and doesn't pick a Huckabee type (and assuming no other huge mistakes b/w now and Nov.), he will win likely FL and the presidency. It's conceivable that Obama gets the state, but that will require significantly more money and effort than the Dems might have needed - which he can't afford to reassign from the other big states that he has to win to take the Oval. A major state that was in play is now an expensive uphill battle. Boy, are the Dems dumb...

Posted by: hurricanewarningdc | June 1, 2008 1:31 AM

I am a little tired on the inadequate white woman not winning claiming it is a racist decision or sexist decision, when in the end it is just a matter of who the Democratic voters prefer. Is it so hard to believe?

Posted by: Gumpster | June 1, 2008 2:20 AM

I never thought I'd see the day in America when you don't even have to bother to run to be handed votes and delegates free of charge from the DNC. Way to go DNC! You should be so proud.

Posted by: Joe in NorCal | June 1, 2008 4:40 AM

She sounds like a racist sexist pig to me. Must be the Boneiva talking...

PS Go vote for McCain you whackos.

Posted by: CaliGuy | June 1, 2008 6:26 AM

This is not about Obama or Hillary, or even your assertion that the DNC is "stealing" votes. The facts are that the DNC set rules on how they pick the nominee. Florida broke those rules, yes it was the fault of the republican legislature but if there is no punishment, even the small one of making the delegate votes worth half, then whats stopping huge states like california or texas from bumping up their primary into january?


The facts are that states that dont follow the rules have to be punished in order to preserve the rules and prevent instances just like the one we witnessed yesterday, and if voters feel like they are being "disenfranchised", even though no one has the "right" to vote for a nominee of a political party, then they should take it up with their state-level representatives that put their votes in jeopardy when they decided to break the already agreed upon rules.

Posted by: Brian | June 1, 2008 7:14 AM

We here in Indiana waited our turn to vote, why couldn't the greedy voters of Florida? What makes them so special that they felt they could break the rules???

Posted by: Indiana | June 1, 2008 7:55 AM

What I love is that the woman above, Harriet Christian, got to vote as she is not from Florida, but from New York.

She has conflated Florida's and Michigan's rule breaking (for which they should have received nothing mind you) with her rights as a woman.

This indeed is the sort of stuff the clinton campaign has sown with its continued victimhood.

Posted by: Peter Anderson | June 1, 2008 8:05 AM

The people of Florida want their cake and eat it too! The DNC made the right decision and if you are going to vote for McCain instead of a democratic vote, you were making all that noise for nothing, you were going to vote republican in the first place, Who are you fooling!!! Floridians, you always have an issue - go home and clean up your swamp mess then talk about the DNC!

Posted by: barb | June 1, 2008 8:27 AM

thanks for you details.

Posted by: cawilsheikh | June 1, 2008 8:53 AM

It is sad to see people so enraged at the DNC meeting yesterday. For some reason, certain democrats are unwilling to recognize that this election is bigger than them and that the party must move forward. Yesterday proved that the DNC does want a unified party as they made a monumental compromise. Clearly, as the vote to half each state was agreed upon not only by Obama supporters on the Rule Committee, but also some of the most reasonable Clinton supporters.

Posted by: Jmoney | June 1, 2008 9:11 AM

FL and Michigan citizens are "greedy voters?" "Go clean up your swamp mess?" These are the most 'intelligent' responses that can be mustered? (Brian's post excluded) Proves yet again that the damage to the Dem Party has been done. Proves, too, that if Obama wants to win the highest office in the land, he will have a very steep (and expensive) uphill battle.

Even Brian above concedes that the Dem voters - nor the FL Dem Party - had anything to do with the choice to move the pirmary. Nonetheless, they are being punished. And some of you are gleeful on that point? Maybe you should ask yourselves why - and whether you would be so spiteful if it were your votes that were thrown out.

At the end of the day, though, the substance of the argument is not that relevant anyway. It's the fact that the argument continues at all. The damage is deep and will continue, perhaps through November. That's not the best-case scenario for Dems in the general.

(Oh, and I can assure you that the folks that I mentioned above who say that they'll vote for and donate to McCain now are not people who would have done that anyway. What a myopic, head-in-the-sand comment... Some of these folks are high-profile Dems who have supported the Party for a lifetime. But they feel that the Party needs to purge its leadership and take a new direction. Again, if Dean et al can't run a simple primary then they don't deserve access to the highest office. The Dems should have been shoo-ins, yet they aren't - not because of Hillary (who granted, is hypocritical and self-interested) or Obama (who's equally so) - because the leadership mismanaged and destroyed itself from within. If the Dem Party today is a microcosm for what they want to do at the helm of our country then we should be praying for our nation.)

Posted by: hurricanewarningdc | June 1, 2008 10:26 AM

Democrats should take a deep breath and calm down.

In the very near future, Sen. Clinton will announce she is ending her campaign to support Barack Obama. She will campaign tirelessly for him over the summer and fall, calling on her supporters to vote for Obama as John Edwards and Bill Richardson have done.

Sen. Clinton will do this for several reasons; paramount is electing a democrat in November. She also realizes her political future is at stake and to play the role of victim or spoiler would end her political career as a democrat. She understands that if she is seen as losing the White House to McCain, she's done in American politics.

In November, democrats will unite as a party to support Obama. A democrat doesn't support the republican party out of anger or because their candidate isn't nominated or because they feel cheated or because "Obama is an inadequate black man." These are not democrats. They never were and probably never will be.

If you believe the nation is on the right track and George Bush has done even an adequate job, go ahead and vote for McCain. We will continue sending our sons and daughters to die in Iraq for a hundred more years, we will continue allowing Osama bin Laden to escape a quick but painful death, we'll start a war with Iran, we will contiunue allowing corporations to write our legislation, we'll continue to give the wealthy a free ride simply because they're wealthy and we will continue to deny adequate healthcare to the poorest among us.

I don't care for what reason you vote for McCain, you're not a democrat.

Posted by: dastubbs | June 1, 2008 10:34 AM

Harriet Christian's disgustingly racist comments aren't taking place in isolation. The fact that Hillary Clinton has made white supremacy her main campaign theme makes bigots like that woman feel legitimized in spewing that hateful filth.

I live in New York, and I will never forgive Hillary Clinton for the sickening way she has run her campaign.

Posted by: libhomo | June 1, 2008 11:18 AM

I'll throw out something else: why is it so important to preserve the "order" of the primaries? Because CA might move up its primary, too? So what? If, as Brian says, there are no rights afforded from a primary election, why do IA, NH, and SC have such sacred positions? Why do they and their voters have a "right" to those spots but other states are second-class? Those three states should have priority and significance over the other 50 (plus guam, PR, etc)?

Look how excited the voters of a state like Oregon got because suddenly, they mattered in a primary. And you all think that's a position that they should not have? Montana's voters actually matter this week - but "order" dictates that this should be an aberration? I know, I know... it's all those "greedy" Florida voters' fault.

(The answer, imo, is in part because the very people who sit on the DNC committees to decide that order get paid handsome sums to provide election consulting to campaigns and media based on the same. It's self-interest as much or perhaps more so than the good of the Party... But that's another issue.)

btw, yet more comments about who's a better "democrat"... who gets to call themselves a "democrat" at all. I think some of you have allowed recent "throw the bums out" wins in Congress to go to your heads. What goes up will eventually come down, and you sound as smug and complacent as the high-and-mighty Republicans did in the 90s. That didn't work out so well for the Rs, and how quickly the Dems forget...

Posted by: hurricanewarningdc | June 1, 2008 11:50 AM

Very well said dastubbs. You made a very calm, eloquent and reasonable post. I agree with every word.

Posted by: demgrl | June 1, 2008 12:47 PM

You haven't heard racists comments until you sit around a bar in Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, etc.... The racists comments are flying and the #'s of voters making those comments are amazing...BHO will lose because his campaign has been bigoted and filled with hate. People just don't like him. He's dangerous to this country. The DNC is giving him the go ahead to failure in the fall. The DNC leaders are a bunch of losers...Howard Dean is the biggest of all.

Posted by: Take That | June 1, 2008 1:51 PM

I am not worried that Senator Obama will be the next POTUS. As a black female, I sort of live in both worlds - and until this campaign began, I supported Senator Clinton and was excited about her possibly becoming the first female president. I will also say that I had hoped desperately that Condoleeza Rice would run. As an Independent, I would have voted for her in a heartbeat! As this campaign drags on I often wonder if, had Condi run, which would have dragged her down more - the sexism or the racism?

I changed my allegiance in the primary as I got to know Barack, who I feel has the judgment and perspective to lead the changes this country so desperately needs. I will also admit that I am proud to have an African-American candidate with a solid chance of becoming the next POTUS. This is not to say that I have not been disappointed by the Clintons and my disappointment has certainly influenced my change of candidate. I believe that people reveal their true nature during times of adversity and there have been some seriously difficult moments for Bill and Hillary this campaign season.

As a black female, I was offended by remarks that both Clintons made and also remarks by some of their supporters (Geraldine Ferraro is one who comes to mind). This realization has been one of the biggest disappointments for me during this campaign. Although I haven't yet taken Bill off of my MySpace page as one of my favorite people, I have often considered it over the past few months and I probably will do it - not that he or any of his supporters would give a hoot.

I don't believe Barack will get those older white women voters (As Ms. Christian so eloquently pointed out in the video above). I am acquainted with enough older white women (as most blacks will tell you -we have to assimilate into white culture to even be remotely successful in America and we hear plenty and know plenty of white America's innermost thoughts about us) to know that they are feeling personally affronted and devasted by the deflation of their queen, Mrs. Clinton by a black man. I also don't think Barack will get a large portion of the "white working class" though he may get all the other colors of the working class except maybe some of the hispanics. But in spite of these losses, I believe he will garner enough votes from his base and those Clinton, Huckabee, Richardson, and Edwards supporters who are reasonable, moderate people who look beyond flash in the pan divisive politics toward more substantive issues.

It is time for America to get out of the gutter of mediocrity (think George Bush and his C+ average at Yale or the fact that too many Americans don't know the Bill of Rights or how to find Iraq on a map) and head towards the banner of enlightenment and a more global view of the world in which we live and the planet we must share with people of all cultures, classes, and backgrounds. I, for one, am tired of the race and gender baiting. I can't understand why everyone else isn't sick of it too.

Obama 08!!

Posted by: Chutney NY | June 1, 2008 4:29 PM

McCain hasn't a clue about Iraq or the economy. He's another George W. being prepped to keep the Cheney policy going.

Hillary is McCain with a brain, but will still follow the same path. No doubt about it.

Obama is the only choice for change (and no, he's far from inadequate no matter what the tone of his skin might be - despite the rascist comments from the ejected screamer).

The DNC clearly had rules and penalties. Who chose to violate the law in order to create this in-fighting? That's what should be addressed.

Posted by: J | June 1, 2008 5:26 PM

Wow. I never thought I'd see the day when Americans, for whatever ignorant or racist reason, would want to see a contest so obviously between two people decided by a state where one was not on the ballot.

Keep screaming but that doesn't make it democracy. Vote for McCain. The party isn't throwing away your vote, you are.

Posted by: Andy | June 1, 2008 6:39 PM

Considering polls that show Obama leading Hillary in national popularity, not to mention leading McCain, despite all these defecting Hillary Clinton supporters who seem to become undecided or fill the McCain margain when she's not in the poll, I'd like to ask all Americans to address their rationale and racism when defending his inadequacy.

Is it a fear that he may not provide what they hope? Or is it really just a subtle racism of it's own. Hillary supporters who have acted the way they have should leave our party. I don't care if we lose because of your ignorance. I wasn't to blame for Bush, I sure wont be to blame for you.

Posted by: Anonymous | June 1, 2008 6:45 PM

These comments from Hillary supporters are disgraceful. When you call a play, you call a play. When you call a foul in a game, you don't go back and change the rules. You can't! Because that call changed the nature of the game and the outcome is no longer catered to the adverse decision.

The DNC and Hillary Clinton failed. The DNC for making the decision they did. Hillary for continuing to open wounds. At this point it doesn't matter who wins, Hillary has driven a stake so deep that should she win the nomination, the defections from the disenfranchised youth we've managed to commit to our cause will be insurmountable. Why do we teach our kids to play by the rules only to throw those rules in the trash when we're losing our hand?

Posted by: Tim Musker | June 1, 2008 6:50 PM

Oh what a silly old woman!

I've been around long enough to laugh this up, but I do feel for her. She's right to some degree. We want our vote to count and the democrats didn't handle the situation well. There really should have been a revote in Michigan.

But that aside, these issues will subside. It's sad to see Hillary go, but not so depressing to see Obama rise with the support of a new generation that seems to have nothing more on their agenda than to destroy the religious right.

How exciting to see such energy! Let's take them with us, help them, and run with it! I'm excited, and I think we all should be too!

Posted by: Shelly | June 1, 2008 7:57 PM

Obama wins, Hillary loses, get over it, it's not that big of a difference between the two when it comes to the issues. The people who say they are voting for McCain out of spite are complete idiots and/or racists. Too many people are looking at the candidates race and sex and not enough at the issues which in case you didn't notice, both Obama and Clinton pretty much have essentially the same opinions on issues. I find it sad that some Americans would rather vote for a 3rd Bush term rather than a change led by a black man. I thought America had came far from racism but we still have a long way to go. A black president is a tremendous milestone and step forward and it will happen, Obama will win the nomination, Obama will win the White house. I am also glad Hillary is going to lose and I hope she isn't VP and I think she has played a dirty game and she deserves to lose and I do think that Clinton was insecere all those times she cried, she's a liar, and she felt entitled to the nomination. I am going to love hearing her loser speech.

Posted by: Chuck | June 2, 2008 1:17 AM

What the media is not reporting is how many republicans are posing as Dems and trying to convince Hillary voters to vote for John McSame. Don't be fooled. No one is that stupid. We are suffering, all of us in America thanks to Republican rule. Yuck!!!!

Posted by: Miltom David | June 2, 2008 6:36 PM

Never in my life have I seen and heard so many stupid people! First of all when I hear or read someone say Hillary isnt for change I just throw my hands up in the air, where were these people for the last 30 years while Hillary helped (in in-surmountable ways) her fellow man...thats not like most politicians her entire carrer has been about "CHANGE". When I hear or read someone say " we dont need another clinton in the white house" I first assume they have to be a republican because what idiot would not want to get out of debt? Bill Clinton had a Trillion dollar debt when he took office and after serving this country well for 8 years ONE thing he did that should be recognized is the fact that he not only got us out of debt but we actually had a surplus, now while he was busting his butt to achieve that miracle, he also "Changed" things for the middle class like getting the security of not loosing your job if a family memeber gets sick, or you yourself got sick lets remember people thousands of people lost their jobs for those very reasons, people like you and I, he "Changed" that. We also got what people now look foward to which is the "Child Exempt Tax refund" which if you remember started out at $200 per child and is now at $800. Now I could list all the "Changes" that Bill did for us but I dont have the time so for all you idiots out there, get the book, read it, then open your mouths! What is my point, Hillary is smart, she would give Bill the task of " Balancing Our Budget" and in doing so, this once respected country would in fact get out of debt. How many reading this would like their American Dollar to be worth a dollar again? No the question is, who wouldnt, only an idiot! Im from Michigan and when I hear or read anyone say " you shouldnt have voted" or, " Oboma should get half the votes" or " it wasnt fair Obomas name wasnt even on the Ballet"....I agin want to throw my hands up, first of all lets address Obomas name not being on the ballet...why? WHY wasnt it, why didnt he BELIEVE we Michiganders and Floridians vote was important, does he only care about those who can do something for him? Looks that way doesnt it. Secondly Oboma CHOSE not to have his name on the Ballet and the only fare thing to do is allow the voters votes to count, if he didnt give a crap about getting our votes well shame on him. As far as Oboma getting half the votes without having earned them....since when is that "fare". To take away the constitutional right to vote and have that vote counted is about as UN-AMERICAN as "Communism", and anyone who would not be appalled at that is an idiot because if it can happen to me it can most certainly happen to you, and if a person is elected into office that see's nothing wrong with a little communism well then shame on us! Because I have not got all night I will close with this .....if anyone out there believes a Hillary supporter would want Hillary to back a person who doesnt give a crap about voter rights is sadly mistaken and know this, if Oboma wins against Hillary it will not be a Fare win and Hillary supporters will not vote nor will they want a "United D. Party" because to us it would be a slap in the face. Get ready people not only will this nation be torn apart worse than ever, but a Republican will be our president for at least 4 more years! GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR BUTTS, SEE THE FACTS AS THEY REALLY ARE AND ALWAYS LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE, oboma cant win this Presidential ellection with out Hillary supporters and weather she decides to back him or not will not matter to us voters, we support Hillary because we find him lacking and as time goes on, un-american.

Posted by: Frances | June 3, 2008 2:38 AM




DNC Committee awarded to Senator Obama not only the delegates won by Uncommitted, but also delegates won by Senator Clinton. This decision violates the bedrock principles of our democracy and our Party.


In general is Obama has used Poor Judgment REPEATEDLY! Obama proved Rev Wright was correct!!! Politically correct, that is. The fact that it is "painful" and took 20 years suggests he agrees with these racists "under the covers". He resigned not necessarily because he wants to but because it is the only course open to him. Imagine if the roles were reversed and John McCain had attended a white separatist church for twenty years. Would his resignation after two decades cure the concern that he had lived some sort of weird double life, cavorting with racists but talking about equal opportunity in his public life? He'd have been forced out of the presidential race by now. So the question remains: was Obama the least observant church congegrant on the planet (racism and anti-Semitism at Trinity? No!) Or a hypocrite.

SHOCKING what Obamas really think of white folks

Posted by: DNC STOLE VOTES | June 3, 2008 8:03 AM

Calling someone inadequate does not make them a racist. If you don't agree with her view then how is she a racist? When did criticizing Obama automatically make you a racist? It seems the left have been quick to brand any anti Obama comments as racist. Rev Wright can sprout as much reverse racism all he likes and no one considerers that racist (yet it's still racism). A Presidential Candidate has always judged on their experience and leadership qualities. So why does that not apply to Obama and why are people so offended when the question arises?

Answer: Political Correctness has so castrated common social logic you can no longer spot inadequate candidates. Questioning their ability was never racism only some people have made this the new racism.

Posted by: Rex Hump | June 3, 2008 5:23 PM

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