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McCain Promotes Trade as Solution to Stalled Economy

As John McCain travels to Colombia, his campaign has released a Web-only ad that highlights the candidate's support of the Colombia Free Trade Deal. Efforts to pass the agreement have stalled in Congress.

McCain says:

"To fuel our economy, we must create more jobs for Americans, and for our neighbors to the south. With better jobs, more of them will be able to stay in their country.
We can't go back on our word on free trade promises with Mexico, Canada, and Central America, or anyone else. We must encourage more trade agreements to create more jobs on both sides of the border. That's why I'm behind the Colombia Free Trade Agreement."

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  July 2, 2008; 5:27 PM ET John McCain
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Posted by: PacificGatePost | July 2, 2008 8:30 PM

So far it is going well. Do not change any messages--as long as McCain talks about himself and America, that's fine.

No attacks or any criticisms on Obama: It is a waste of time, energy, and money.

Posted by: peace4world | July 3, 2008 9:59 AM

This reader appreciates your focus on Latin America in the article, "McCain Promotes Trade as a Solution to Stalled Economy". Columbia will benefit from trade with the United States & therefore the northern section of South America will grow as well. Columbia has been fortunate to have William Brownfield as the ambassador.

Posted by: Sybel Kimmel | July 3, 2008 11:11 AM

Re: McCain's Website

I did look at your website, yet the first page has negative information or image about Obama. You have to work on this: Eliminate any negativism, post new information based on "facts," and keep your voters updated. I suggest no-Obama at all.

The website is the face of John McCain, so do not "paint" or "sell" anything which is not true or negative. Just keep your brand, John McCain. If you have to inform your voters about what happened, then use "facts" when talking about Obama--in the News format.

The website has to be simple and easy to manage. It must have an interactive format--like you have, "posting" or "blogging," as well as interactive function between voters and your Team. I recommend voters' suggestion boxes: Your supporters have to find a channel their voices to McCain and to your Team.

I don't think direct emailing system, as Obama's team is using, is effective because it is not interactive. Voters know that direct emails sent to them are not coming from Obama or Michelle--when Communication Director writes the email all the time with his same writing style. The role of Communication Director is to make sure all information is being communicated effectively to McCain's supporters and voters as well as the media. Do not fake as if it were from Obama, Michelle, or Caroline Kennedy.

All information should be updated and communicated clearly--based on facts. If such information comes from McCain, then post such information that comes from McCain. Website should not be used as a tool for propaganda: It is a communication tool between McCain and his supporters as well as voters.

McCain's Team also has to learn from Obama's mistake on self-reliance (which seems to me arrogance): They created the website as hottest as they can, but Obama is being backfired because of the web-design. It is too-hot, too-trendy, and uncontrollable.

McCain Team has to modify his website in his own voice and style. "About McCain" and "Cindy" Pages are too Obama-style. Create your own Pages that tell us who you are. If you think Website as McCain's face, then your team can produce your own website-style that tells voters who McCain is and what he stands for. Post all of his past records, as well as his family pictures, and videos if you can. I know Cindy is private, but the job McCain is running for is not private so....

Eliminate any information that is not based on facts--no propaganda. If you use that site as McCain's "talking-and-listening" to voters, it would be effective managing his relationship with his voters. His PR director has to inform his supporters in the form of "letter" or "event update" based on facts.

Let your voters freely voice their own suggestions, debate in the blogging site, and communicate between McCain and his supporters. If you restrict such channel as unilateral as Obama is doing, then voters get frustrated as what is happening there.

As long as McCain talks about him and his family and his own policy and own vision---in his own style, that should work. Although the media criticize McCain about saying, "I am not an economy expert," I think it the best strategy. His VP will take care of the job. If you are hyper-sensitive about the media, then they will dominate you as they are obsessed about Obama's "fist-bumps." Just be yourself: If you spend your time and energy to counter-produce discourses by only "distancing" from Bush, that will make him always defensive, which is waste of time, energy, and money as well.

Hope you can create your own Face and find your Voice to tell us where John McCain stands for and where he is going to take this country--with which visions and values.

Good luck.

PS. Obama said his governing style is "bottoms-up," yet his organization is "top-down"; even his website is "top-down" by "disseminating" information from the top with the fake identities. That tells you who he is. Go figure.

Posted by: peace4world | July 3, 2008 11:48 AM

More of McSame. More drilling, more war, more of the same failed "free" trade policies that have clobbered our once Herculean economy. This guy is clueless! He is the most obvious puppet from a long line of corporate controlled "dummys" that the Republicans have been feeding us for the last 20 years.

We need to abandon the hydrocarbon fueled economy that Cheney is so committed to. We need to resolve and renegotiate our free trade agreements so that they are more equitable for us and so that they the goods coming out of other countries are manufactured to OUR standards of safety and with our standards for work practices so that power of democracy is felt all over the world through equitable trade....not through the use of military might!

As for the copying of Obama style politics by trying to emulate his website and his style of campaigning....what else do you expect from a puppet? McCain's handlers don't have a clue when it comes to free thinking. These people are the product of a corporate hegemony....there is no free thinking ideas coming from these people....they only know how to follow orders from up high....and those people up high in the Republican party have their heads buried so far up their _SS they don't have a chance of bringing about true reform. Reform requires guts and the ability to innovate. Something the Republicans have lacked for a very long time.

Posted by: volakis | July 3, 2008 12:40 PM

Yeah, McCain wants to trade American body bags for Iranian and Syrian body bags.

No thanks.

Posted by: JR, Boston | July 3, 2008 3:28 PM

McCain has a point. The World Media has destroyed America in almost every country. Noone wants our products, noone cares. We need to design/build/ship products from America all over the world and recreate a willingness from all other countries to buy from the U.S.A.

John McCain is the Same, The Same kind of stock that made America Great Before...

Posted by: McCain 08! | July 4, 2008 2:31 PM

McCain is RIGHT!!!

We need to recreate the good faith relationships we once had with foreign countries, so they buy American Products. We Design/Build/Ship U.S.A. products out to countries once again. What he's doing is recreating value in America's products. This is a great business move!

McCain is the Same, The Same Stock that Made America Great in the first place!

McCain 08' "The only Solution for America Left!"

Posted by: McCain 08! | July 4, 2008 2:34 PM

Mccain is a hypocrite. How can anybody believe a man who has a mini series of flip flops on youtube. Mccain is not capable of telling the truth. First of all he admitted he still needs to be educated on economics no matter how many times he lies about making that statment. How can you believe a man who needs to be educated on economics and tell you Trade will help the economy. Does Mccain think were all stupid or is he living on a different planet than us. Wasn't there 300 manufacturing plants that closed because of Nafta and Free Trade. Mccain is insane. I don't know what is his problem but he definately has one.

Posted by: Jessie Lopez | July 5, 2008 8:25 PM

Why don't he run this ad in Ohio and Michigan. Why don't he give these free Trade speeches in Pennslyvania? Because he's a lying, pandering old forgetful illegal alien fool. I'm sick of Mccain and his lies, youtube is full of lies from Mccain. Obama please put him out of his misery.

Posted by: Candy | July 5, 2008 8:28 PM

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