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MoveOn Responds to McCain 'Celeb' Ad

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By Ed O'Keefe in The Trail:

The Obama campaign responded last night and now MoveOn.org Political Action Committee will also air a response ad to John McCain's recent ads critical of the Democrat's energy policies.

"Senator McCain, you let me and my kids down," the ad's male narrator, cast as a father, says. "From the very beginning, I told them, 'This is a principled guy.' So when you said you were going to help me drive affordably again, I believed you."

"And then your idea is to do offshore drilling, which I find out won't produce any oil for 10 years and then barely save us any money anyway," he continues. "That's not a solution, Mr. McCain. That's a gimmick. We expected better."

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By Ed O'Keefe |  July 31, 2008; 12:00 PM ET Ad Watch , Barack Obama , John McCain
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Isn't this the same guy who said the same thing 10 years ago? Will we see him again 10 years from now saying " It will take 10 years to drill that oil from the ground. That's not a solution"?

Posted by: Sigmond | July 31, 2008 7:38 PM

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Obama Doesn't Sweat. He should.

by Greg Palast

Greg Palast on the Thom Hartmann show - Obama Doesn't Sweat,

In swing-state Colorado, the Republican Secretary of State conducted the biggest purge of voters in history, dumping a fifth of all registrations. Guess their color.

In swing-state Florida, the state is refusing to accept about 85,000 new registrations from voter drives - overwhelming Black voters.

In swing state New Mexico, HALF of the Democrats of Mora, a dirt poor and overwhelmingly Hispanic county, found their registrations disappeared this year, courtesy of a Republican voting contractor.

In swing states Ohio and Nevada, new federal law is knocking out tens of thousands of voters who lost their homes to foreclosure.

My investigations partner spoke directly to Barack Obama about it. (When your partner is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., candidates take your phone call.) The cool, cool Senator Obama told Kennedy he was "concerned" about the integrity of the vote in the Southwest in particular.

He's concerned. I'm sweating.

It's time SOMEBODY raised the alarm about these missing voters; not to save Obama's candidacy - journalists should stay the heck away from partisan endorsements - but raise the alarm to save our sick democracy.

For the rest please go:


Posted by: che | August 1, 2008 11:28 AM

Check out the Bloomberg Report, this drilling offshore issue is a hoax. Most of the possible reserves are not covered by the moritorium. What is covered is so small as to not make a difference now or in 10 years or ever.

Posted by: bgjd1979 | August 1, 2008 3:36 PM

I don't know about John McCain. The man is just old and sick with cancer, there no way around it. I am sorry to say this, but this is sad fact. America had fool as a president for 8 years. We can't afford to have now old and sick president for 4 years. Just look at those photos http://caricature-now.blogspot.com

Posted by: John | August 3, 2008 1:26 PM

Sorry MoveOn.Org, but opening up land and OCS for drilling of 139 Million Barrels will send a message to the speculators and the price will continue to drop - it started dropping after Bush's announcement on drilling. Yes, there may have been other factors that precipitated the drop, but opening up that much future supply lowers the price of oil FUTURES.

Even our Congress is starting to agree - read the following:

Energy Independence Act

Of great disappointment are Representatives in the House who voted to recess instead of attending to the great need to resolve the energy issues facing us! Obama offers to give each of us a $1,000 rebate of our own money if we vote him in. He should have been paying attentions to the bipartisan group of 23 Representatives in the House who proposed H.R. 6709, which is a very doable energy plan that makes sense - it should have been fast tracked.

I am surprised that the main stream media and The Washington Post have not reported on this very large bi-partisan effort.

It should also be noted that a group of 10 bipartisan Senators are working on a similar plan. I guess drilling is not a hoax, as Pelosi has stated.

Read more on the plan at one of two locations - take your pick:

A Republican sponsor's website


A Democrat sponsor's website

Read The Truth About the Oil Debate at:

Posted by: Ken Moyes | August 3, 2008 9:12 PM

Ken, our price's didn't start dropping when we talked about drilling off shore! It started dropping when Obama lead with the sound bite that he would go for Alternatice fuels if he became president! He would began to tax oil company's and etc. Also, that he wants investigations into the price's of oil, and why it went up and stayed up for so long! Obama didn't make you voteing for him manditory to recieve the 1,000 from the oil company ken. That is a out right lie from you! Please stay on point, and do not lie! Enough of that is being done in this election. The reason drilling is a hoax, is it won'lt help give us relief for years. Also, there is nothing to protect americans from letting the oil go alse where than into the United states, if if we do more off shore drilling. Than to scratch that up the oil companys own thousand of land lease's they haven't drilled on at all! why risk our oceans and sea's with spills when we can drill safely on land.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 4, 2008 12:06 PM

MoveOn Responds to McCain 'Celeb' Ad

Obama has the best plan for the energy crisis, yet in him being discreet yet factual is enough convincing that he is on top of things, in expose to McCain whom is way down under and far out of touch. OBAMA 08!

Posted by: Nisey01 | August 5, 2008 1:09 AM

Testing comments ...

Posted by: Bob Greiner | August 6, 2008 1:27 PM

McCain is a total disgrace to our country. Both our enemies and our friends are having a good guffaw over the presidential campaign of the world's last super-power.

Are there any Americans left with the pride remaining to feel embarassment?

Posted by: Benito | August 7, 2008 8:54 AM

Anything that is coming from moveon.org should be treated as trash. nothing good is coming from this organization whose objective is to agitate people to conform with their left leaning ideology.

Posted by: tim591 | August 7, 2008 10:18 PM

Anonymous, there are no lies in what I stated. I suggest that you put the glass of "Kool Aid" down long enough to digest the information I provided via the links. I do have one correction - it is 139 Billion and not 139 Million barrels - typo.

Anonymous, those oil companies are actually 300 to 400 companies holding leases on shore and 121 holding leases off shore. These companies represent all sizes of companies from small to large.

The "don't drill" for any reason crowd has had to work overtime to try to convince the public that drilling does not work, because it would interfere with their real agenda.

This nation will need all the energy it can get its hands on in the next 30 years, including oil, natural gas, and renewables. By the way the renewable source of electric generation today, only provides 2%+ of our national winter energy capacity - we have a long way to go and that same ten year period, actually a longer window, applies to develop sufficient renewable energy to power this country fully.


Posted by: Ken Moyes | August 11, 2008 9:13 AM

The thing that amazes me most is the fact that during the Clinton administration, when the topic of offshore drilling was proposed, the administration said, "We wont see a profit in at least 10 years."
10 years later, prices are extraordinarily high. Maybe if the last democratic president had actually done something that wouldbe productive in the long run, we would not be in as bad of an energy crisis today.

Posted by: The Middleman | August 14, 2008 3:23 PM

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