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New McCain Immigration Ad Cites Latino Military Service

John McCain's newest ad attempts to humanize the nation's immigration debate by citing the military service and sacrifice of Latino veterans. It's a reminder to viewers that McCain once led immigration reform efforts, which died in Congress but proved popular with Latinos.

"God's Children" is a 60-second message that uses clips from an answer McCain gave to a question about immigration during a June 5, 2007 CNN debate. It will air in California, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Here's what McCain says:

I want you the next time you're in Washington, D.C. and go to the Vietnam War Memorial. Look at the names engraved on black granite. You'll find a whole lot of Hispanic names. When you go to Iraq or Afghanistan today, you're going to see a whole lot of people who are of Hispanic background.
You're even going to meet some of the few thousand that are still green card holders who are not even citizens of this country, who love this country so much that they're willing to risk their lives in its service in order to accelerate their path to citizenship and enjoy the bountiful blessed nation.
Let's, from time to time, remember that these are God's children. They must come into our country legally, but they have enriched our culture and our nation as every generation of immigrants before them.

Latino immigrants accounted for three of the first casualties of the Iraq war back in 2003. Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez, who immigrated illegally from Guatemala at age 14, was the first service member killed in Iraq. Cpl. Jose A. Garibay and Pfc. Francisco A. Martinez Flores were born in Mexico. They and others were posthumously granted U.S. citizenship.

More about U.S. casualties of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan can be learned at washingtonpost.com's Faces of the Fallen project.

-- Ed O'Keefe

By Ed O'Keefe |  July 11, 2008; 2:00 PM ET John McCain
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Posted by: GoBoilers | July 11, 2008 10:04 PM

All off a sudden as John McCain see's support dwindling among hipanic voters. He fionds this 'easier softer way'. Fact is Truth is McCan Co-authored an immigration reform bill with Ted Kennedy but when the Republican machine gritted their teeth at McCain he coward out. He literally stabbed the lation constituency in the back. He is at most PTSD laden, pre-alzheimeric, angry, deprssing and not to mention a character invention of the 'DRUNKEN MEDIA'

My Hispanic American Brothers and Sisters, don't buy it. Promises aren't worht the wind they are sent out on.....

Oh yeah today one of the Washington Post Writers made a comparison as to why they don't hold Senator McCain up to Scrutiny as they constantly attack and demean Senator Barrack Obama. This guy admits they, 'THE DRUNKEN MEDIA' are giving this facade the FREE-RIDE. I'VE EDITED HIS COMMENT WHERE THE TRUTH WASN'T HANGING AROUND.

'In some recent magazine articles, I and certain of my colleagues have been accused of being soft on McCain, forgiving him his flips, his flops and his mostly conservative ideology. I do not plead guilty to this charge, because, over the years, the man's imperfections have not escaped my keen eye. But, for the record, let's recapitulate: McCain has either reversed himself or significantly amended his positions on immigration, tax cuts for the wealthy, campaign spending (as it applies to use of his wife's corporate airplane) and, most recently, offshore drilling. In the more distant past, he has denounced then embraced certain ministers of medieval views and changed his mind about the Confederate flag, which flies by state sanction in South Carolina only, I suspect, to provide Republican candidates with a chance to choose tradition over common decency. There, I've said it all.

But here is the difference between McCain and Obama -- and Obama had better pay attention. MCCAIN IS A KNOWN COMMODITY


'It's not just that he's been around a long time and STAKED OUT POSITIONS ANTITHETICAL TO THOSE OF HIS REPUBLICAN BASE??'


Is it true that even though John McCain calls himself a Republican, he has sided more with the Dems than with the Repubs? Are all his bills passed written with Dems?

A: Not true at all. He voted in support of President Bush 95 percent of the time last year, for example.
McCain is often remembered for his votes against President Bush's tax cuts and his sponsorship with Democrat Ted Kennedy of the 2005 failed immigration bill. But let's look at the bigger picture. The publication Congressional Quarterly analyzes party unity votes each year to determine how often U.S. senators and representatives voted with a majority of their party and how often they opposed their party. In 2007, CQ found that McCain voted with his party 90 percent of the time. Also, McCain voted in support of President Bush's position on legislation 95 percent of the time, the top presidential-support score in the Senate. (It should be noted, however, that McCain participated in only 48 percent of what CQ called party unity votes and only 39 percent of votes on which the president took a position, since the senator had been out on the campaign trail much of last year.)

In 2006, McCain's party unity score was 76 percent (and he was present for 94 percent of such votes). That year, McCain's fairly low score ranked him sixth on the list of Senate Republicans who most opposed their party. In 2005, his party unity score was higher - 84 percent - though he was ninth on the list of those who voted in opposition of the party.

It's a matter of opinion whether such ratings show that he's not that conservative or that he merely goes his own way more than others who follow the party. The scores do show that he has backed his party the vast majority of the time. Other groups also have found McCain to be FIRMLY IN THE REPUBLICAN CAMP. The American Conservative Union has been rating members of Congress on just how conservative they are since 1971. It gives McCain an 82.3 rating, on a scale of 0 to 100, for the life of his congressional career. That measure, too, is based on an analysis of votes on certain issues. And

GovTrack.us, a site that tracks legislation, labels McCain a 'RANK AND FILE REPUBLICAN' " based on a statistical analysis of the bills he sponsored in relation to bills sponsored by his colleagues in the 109th and 110th Congress (that's 2005 through 2008).


'It's also -- and more important -- that we know his bottom line.'

REALLY? In a recent POLITICO AD it is stated John's McCains Bottom line was really close to warcrimes


'But farther to the left -- and among some of McCain's conservative enemies as well -- harsher attacks are circulating. Critics have accused McCain of war crimes for bombing targets in Hanoi in the 1960s. A widely read liberal blog on Sunday accused McCain of "disloyalty" during his captivity in Vietnam for his coerced participation in propaganda films and interviews after he had been tortured.

"A lot of people don't know ... that McCain made a propaganda video for the enemy while he was in captivity," wrote Americablog.com's John Aravosis. "Putting that bit of disloyalty aside, what exactly is McCain's military experience that prepares him for being commander in chief?"


'As his North Vietnamese captors found out, there is only so far he will go, and then his pride or his sense of honor takes over.'

HMMMM REALLY??? let's go back about one month ago when McCain, while comparing his stance on Iraq to Senator Obama's, McCaion said this, "I will never accept defeat" Yet, when it cam to republican pressure about the immigration reform bill he co-sponsored with Ted kennedy, McCain ran out like a dog with his tale between his legs. He backed down. That was cowardly.

back to the 'drunken media distortion'

' This -- not just his candor and nonstop verbosity on the Straight Talk Express (aka DOUBLE TALK EXPRESS) -- is what commends him to so many journalists. '



John McCain is a 'fall in line' behind Buish RANK AND FILE REPUBLICAN... what commnds McCain to the press who will not hold him up to scrutiny nor do their civic duty is the fact that McCain has wined and dined the press inton a 'drunken stupor'. They love him too much to DO THEIR JOB..


'Obama might have a similar bottom line, core principles for which, in some sense, he is willing to die. If so, we don't know what they are. Nothing so far in his life approaches McCain's decision to refuse repatriation as a POW so as to deny his jailors a propaganda coup.'


If you're a Glory Boy like John Sidney McCain III, you really have no idea what it is. You drop bombs on cities, on civilians, maybe on enemy forces, maybe on your own troops. Glory Boys like John McCain rarely get a taste of the horror they inflict on others. Their suffering rarely extends beyond the high anxiety that they might get shot down and that some bombarded mob on the ground might take its revenge.

Magically, my father was spared that day when his patrol was slaughtered. Against regulations, he had stolen a cross-swords patch and sewn it on his shirt sleeve. At the age of 16, he thought it looked cool. On the morning of the patrol, when the new "90-Day Wonder" told him to take it off, my father said "Sure." He and the lieutenant stared at each other for a while and then the lieutenant moved away. Insubordination was the least of anyone's worries. No one expected to survive the patrol, anyway.

When the Japanese who had ambushed the patrol got to my father, they stood poised to mutilate and kill him. Then they saw the cross-swords patch. They apparently felt that dear old dad was an important person with inside information about American forces. Instead of killing him, they took him prisoner. When they realized he was just a stupid kid, the Japanese sent him to a POW camp in the Philippines.

Being a POW is what my father and John McCain have in common; although their experience as POWs was as different as their class and their character.

Class indeed has privileges, and while the government refused to provide my combat-veteran father with medical benefits for his malaria, McCain, who spent ten hours of his life in mortal danger, was decorated with the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart.

And thus the "war hero" myth was born.

In the fall of 1967, Navy pilot John McCain was routinely bombing Hanoi from an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea. On October 26, he was trying to level a power plant in a heavily populated area when a surface-to-air missile knocked a wing off his jet. Banged-up John McCain and what was left of plane splashed into Truc Bach Lake.

A compassionate Vietnamese civilian left his air raid shelter and swam out to McCain. McCain's arm and leg were fractured and he was tangled up in his parachute underwater. He was drowning. The Vietnamese man saved McCain's sorry ass, and yet McCain has nothing but hatred for "the gooks" who allegedly tortured him. As he told reporters on his campaign bus (The Straight Talk Express) in 2000, "I will hate them as long as I live." (1)

Americans have to hate people, and dehumanize them as


In fact, there is scant evidence the Illinois senator takes positions that challenge his base or otherwise threaten him politically. That's why his reversal on campaign financing and his transparently false justification of it matter more than similar acts by McCain.


you my friend are proof that journalistic integrity is marred by things like RACISM, WHITE-ENTITLEMENT, BEING LOVEY-DOVEY with one of the political candidates because he gave you a donut and a tour of his bus? JUDAS sold out Christ for 30 peices of silver. What was you're price a glass of bacardi 151.....

'A presidential race is only incidentally about issues. It's really about likability and character. Obama is, to paraphrase what he said about Hillary Clinton, more than "likable enough" -- in fact, so much so that he is the most charismatic presidential candidate I've seen since Robert F. Kennedy.

But the character question hangs -- not because of any evidence to the contrary and not in any moral sense, either, but because he is still young and lacks the job references McCain picked up in a North Vietnamese prison..."

(hey stupid bing shot down out of a plane that was engaging warcrimes, and becoming a POW , who by the way, was used BY THE ENEMY TO STAR IN PROPAGANDA FILmS FOR THE ENEMY is not the LITMUS test for presidential readiness)

Drunken media distortion with one correction cont'd....

McCain has a bottom line. Obama just CALRIFIED his.


Posted by: need4trh | July 12, 2008 9:36 PM

wow dude, you got fans

and they're even articulate

do either of them think we read those 37 paragraph posts

Posted by: freepatriot | July 14, 2008 6:38 AM

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