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McCain Camp Decries Obama Spanish Ads

By Ed O'Keefe in The Trail:

Republicans struck back at Barack Obama's new Spanish-language TV and radio ads, calling them "offensive and dishonest" in their attempt to tie John McCain to comments by conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

The McCain campaign sent out a release this morning with a statement from Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.). "It is offensive and dishonest for Barack Obama to lie about John McCain's record on immigration and years of support for the Hispanic community," she said, "when it was Barack Obama himself who voted for 'poison pill' amendments that killed the effort at immigration reform. Instead of making false ads with baseless attacks, Barack Obama should be apologizing to the Latino community."

The Obama ads uses a Limbaugh quote in which the commentator calls Mexicans "stupid and unqualified" and another where he tells immigrants "Shut your mouth or get out."

But as other news organizations have reported, the quotes came in the context of discussions of NAFTA and Mexican laws and were not directed at Mexican immigrants to the U.S. The talk show host also came late to his support of McCain, not formally making his backing explicit until after McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Some independent groups also think that the Obama ads may have gone too far. "I don't think it can be said that Senator McCain is a member of the anti-immigrant wing of the Republican Party," said Cecilia Munoz, a vice president with National Council of La Raza.

Still, Munoz said, "I do think it's fair to ask if he's standing up to that wing." McCain, she noted, did not voice opposition to this year's Republican Party platform, which opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The Obama campaign disputes the McCain campaign's claims of inaccuracy, citing news reports it believes backs up its use of the Limbaugh quotes. It also notes that, among other things, McCain has passed up opportunities to denounce the Minuteman Project and comments made by his Republican colleague Rep. Tom Tancredo (Colo.) considered offensive by immigrants rights groups.

By Ed O'Keefe |  September 18, 2008; 4:52 PM ET Ad Watch , Barack Obama , John McCain
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Obama stepped on the wrong foot on this one. Hope it backfires big time.

Posted by: concerned08 | September 18, 2008 5:23 PM

McCain has no regard for immigrants or respect for human dignity. During the primaries, he said to Romney (who had bragged about enjoying hunting small animals, and had used a contractor who reportedly used illegal aliens as labor):

"Maybe he can get out his small varmint gun and drive those Guatemalans off his yard."

Is this a way to talk about anyone?

Posted by: Shikarpuri | September 18, 2008 5:33 PM

I still think that the "lie" score in this campaign is McCain 100, Obama 2 - so we have a ways to go yet before we get to burn Obama at the stake as a liar. I kinda think it might be McCain's age that makes it so difficult for him to remember what he said yesterday. He has contradicted himself so many times, I don't think many even KNOW what he stands for - or against. I, for one, will be glad when it's over and we can get this country out of the rut we're in and onto the road to success once again.

Posted by: kreilly | September 18, 2008 5:36 PM

Speaking of taking things out of context: unfortunately, it is a perception in America that showing strength means “getting down and dirty” in insults and jabs. Obama unfortunately has been engaging in a bit of this lately, but even if you’re a McCain supporter, you can’t say that McCain is innocent of this type of behavior.

Furthermore, during the Primaries McCain was postulating himself as a “maverick”, a different kind of Republican vowing to run a different kind of campaign. “We are running a different kind of campaign because John McCain is a different kind of candidate.” What exactly did he mean by that? It just so happens that we have heard that message before, from the Republican Party no less, when Bush styled himself as a "compassionate conservative" and a uniter in his 2000 campaign.

Case in point: how is it that day after day McCain-Palin go out with a straight face and say to prospective voters: "Obama and his liberal congressional allies want a massive government… billions in spending increases" including "painful income taxes, skyrocketing taxes on life savings, electricity and home heating oil…Can your family afford that?" Just today McCain said on the campaign trail that Obama "claims that paying higher taxes is 'patriotic'". Obviously, those remarks take the statements made by their opponents, Obama-Biden, out of context, too. When these statements were made, Obama-Biden said that taxes would increase for those whose income is greater than $250,000 per year [something McCain-Palin conveniently omit when they make reference to this issue]. And Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden said Thursday that paying more in taxes is the patriotic thing to do “for wealthier Americans” which again, is a blatant omission.

And how is Obama’s ad portraying Limbaugh and McCain as immigration unfriendly untrue? McCain has flip-flopped on pretty much every issue of importance to Americans [case in point: Wall Street deregulation was his stance until 72 hours ago when he realized that this is an unpopular position during this election]? Immigration reform is no exception. Just this past March 3rd it was reported [and I quote] "McCain went so far at a debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in January to say that if his original proposal came to a vote on the Senate floor, he would NOT vote for it." So, today he is not for immigration reform that would help the Hispanic and Latino communities in the U.S.

So, McCain-Palin and Limbaugh accusing Obama-Biden of inaccuracies and distortion of facts is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Posted by: Marve1 | September 18, 2008 5:51 PM

Dem politician's son suspected of hacking Palin's e-mail-- read more in my blog:


Posted by: Latinos con McCain! | September 19, 2008 10:02 AM

The federal government has breeched its Constitutionally required duty under Article IV, Section IV to protect citizens and states from foreign invasion, instead choosing to play politics with the law and mislabeling the invasion (of an estimated 12-20 million armed and unarmed Mexican citizens and another 4-8 million nonMexicans) as merely unfortunate--ignoring the $300+ billion yearly impact on local and state governments and landslide of negative impacts on U.S. citizens.

Each year, foreign invaders murder an estimated 4,380 Americans in their undeclared war on U.S. citizens, a death toll totaling more than the 5 years of war in Iraq combined. Compounding the impacts, another 4,735 innocent U.S. citizens are slaughtered by illegal alien drunk drivers who should not be in the country at all but are allowed to remain by local, state, and federal law enforcement. Equally sickening is the fact that over 243 innocent children are brutally molested or raped each month by foreign intruders--tragic crimes that could have been avoided by simply enforcing our immigration laws--clearly Pelosi and Gutierrez and any elected official that votes against enforcing our laws in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens, stand against American children!

Many journalist and researchers now conclude that President Bush and Congress have raised their collective incompetency to the level of criminal negligence, and even treason, for failing to deal with these issues as required by law and Constitution. Criticism, legal, and political issues aside in the US, the war South of the border continues to escalate and threaten the US.

President Bush, Mexican President Calderon, and Canadian Prime Minister Harper are pressing forward aggressive plans to permanently open the border with Mexico to the U.S. in advancement of their free trade agenda under the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). The SPP, according to many research analyst, journalist, state legislators and other officials, has been deemed the precursor to the North American Union (NAU). The goal, they claim, is to eventually combine the US, Canada, and Mexico into one country under one currency--the "Amero"-- much like the European Union. It is a claim the three leaders flatly deny, but their actions, and those of all three governments, dictate the plan is well underway.

The result has been that state legislators, like Arizona's State Senator Karen Johnson, have taken bold steps to stop the NAU and have threatened to secede their states from the union in the event unconstitutional mandates such as the SPP are attempted by the federal government. Twelve states have some form of anti-SPP/NAU laws either secured or in the works.

Citizens across the U.S. are awakening to the facts with much anger and bitterness, pointing hatful fingers at both federal leaders and millions of unwanted foreign invaders stealing their resources and opportunities.

This invasion had better be stopped by the people We elected to prevent such things, illegals deported, employers of illegals imprisoned, sanctuary cities not allowed to exist and border agents not thrown into prison for doing their job. Our elected officials had better start doing their jobs of upholding our Constitution, enforcing our immigration laws and protecting our nation and citizens from this invasion aided and abetted by our federal, state and local governments or it looks to me there's going to be a much bigger problem to deal with!

U.S. citizens are tired of and don't believe the lies anymore, We see action or non-action or sneaky attempts by our elected officials to hide amnesty and/or benefits for illegal aliens in some bill and it is coming to a boiling point because of our elected officials REFUSAL to do their job of enforcing our laws and upholding our Constitution.

When the violence does break out, when American citizens have had enough of being ignored and betrayed, when it is time to push back before We lose all that is ours, the blame will be on all the elected officials who have refused to do their job.

As an American citizen, it is each citizens duty to inform the people We elected to represent us of issues that trouble us and We have put you in a position to help us resolve these issues. I am fulfilling my responsibility as an American citizen by communicating this information and the very real concerns of the American People - fulfill your Oath of Office and responsibilities to U.S. citizens and our nation.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 19, 2008 1:44 PM

Satellite images show ethnic cleanout in Iraq

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Satellite images taken at night show heavily Sunni Arab neighborhoods of Baghdad began emptying before a U.S. troop surge in 2007, graphic evidence of ethnic cleansing that preceded a drop in violence, according to a report published on Friday.


Posted by: Surge This | September 19, 2008 6:51 PM

Obama is stirring racial division, he is a disgrace and unworthy of the office of president.

Posted by: Jorge | September 19, 2008 10:26 PM

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