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Archive: Tom Tancredo

Another Provocative Tancredo Ad

Tom Tancredo will air another TV ad in the Des Moines market. It's just as blunt and graphic as his previous ad. The ad starts with Tancredo once again stating he approves the message, "because someone needs to say it." "Mother killed. Children executed," the announcer says. "The tactics of...


By Ed O'Keefe | December 5, 2007; 08:56 AM ET | Comments (1)

Is Tancredo Too 'Tough On Terror'?

Tom Tancredo starts a new TV ad in Iowa this week that is sure to raise eyebrows, and provoke conversations. "Tough on Terror" is Tancredo's attempt at the famous 'Daisy' ad, but will it have the same impact? Tancredo starts the ad by saying he approves the message, "because someone...


By Ed O'Keefe | November 13, 2007; 06:17 AM ET | Comments (37)

Yet Another 'Crush' on Another Candidate

The hit Obama girl crush video has given way to copy cats. Now there's another one. (Sigh.) Given all the marital baggage that Giuliani carries, you were hoping this clip would be fun. It's not. Proving once again that comedy is hard. This one focuses in on Rudy Giuliani, but...


By Ed O'Keefe | June 27, 2007; 09:33 AM ET | Comments (0)


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