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On 'Grey's,' Misery Loves Company

The new season of "Grey's Anatomy" starts with a helpful recap of Everyone's Misery: Christina got left at the altar by Dr. Preston, causing Meredith to dump McDreamy 'cause that's what friends do. (Meredith will get hers when she finds out they've introduced her secret half-sister, Lexi, as one of...

By Maura McCarthy | September 28, 2007; 8:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

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'Office' Hit and Run

Meredith goes down (because of Michael). Sprinkles the Cat goes down (because of Dwight). Pam's computer goes down (because of porn). Ah, yes. NBC's "The Office" is back for season four -- in all its sublime, glorious ridiculousness. As usual, it's tough times at Dunder Mifflin, although things get off...

By John Maynard | September 28, 2007; 7:55 AM ET | Comments (11)

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'Top Model's' Fashion Flop

"Do you really think America's next top model is going to be an exotic dancer?!?" And there it is. In Queens girl Bianca's bring-it hypothetical question to 20-year-old Lisa (yes, a dancer, and also the most beautiful girl in the cat, um, model house) last night, you've got pretty much...

By Maura McCarthy | September 27, 2007; 8:19 AM ET | Comments (0)

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'Dancing's' Savion, oh Savion

No shock here: SI swimsuit model Josie Maran, she of the no muscles and lowest scores (but very, very nice legs) goes home on the first results show of "Dancing With the Stars." The final two: Josie and billionaire Mark Cuban (who owns the Dallas Mavericks). Apparently, you have more...

By Jennifer Frey | September 27, 2007; 7:55 AM ET | Comments (0)

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Do the Hippy Hippy Shake

In the first week of competition on "Dancing With the Stars," the most memorable moment on "boys' night" had to be when the camera panned the faces of the women competitors after Mr. Abercrombie & Fitch (that would be model Albert Reed) completed a cha-cha-cha (at least that's what we...

By Jennifer Frey | September 26, 2007; 8:00 AM ET | Comments (2)

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Less Talk, More Action, 'Heroes'

"Heroes" fans, let's talk. After breaking out of the TV gates in top form last fall, the NBC sci-fi series stumbled both in ratings and quality after an ill-timed six-week spring break beginning in March. Did Monday's season premiere make up for that unfortunate hiatus and subsequent disappointing season finale?...

By John Maynard | September 25, 2007; 7:45 AM ET | Comments (0)

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Apple's iPleaser

I've never been a gadget freak nor part of the Cult of Apple (you people know who you are), but I've always admired Apple's advertising. Seems to me Apple has created a distinctive image with some very basic elements: An understated sales pitch, the promise of something smart and new,...

By Maura McCarthy | September 25, 2007; 7:42 AM ET | Comments (2)

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Alas, Where Was My Trainwreck?

So they've split the first round into female/male and no one totally crashed and burned on day 1 of "Dancing With the Stars," which is.......disappointing. What is the world without a total implosion to assess??? (There is the issue of Drew Lachey continuing the total career revival, but we digress...)...

By Jennifer Frey | September 25, 2007; 7:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

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