'Grey's Anatomy': The Girl-on-Girl Kiss

Did that headline get your attention? The act in question certainly got Sloan's. After taunting new-leaf McSteamy with suggestions of a threesome, Hahn goes in for the deep kiss in the elevator, leaving McSteamy begging Callie to follow up with him in an on-call room and Hahn flouncing away, quite self-satisfied. Callie doesn't know what to make of it (stunned and confused pretty much sums it up), but it clearly has her turned on, too, even if she does finish the job with Dr. Boy Toy rather than her new BFF.

This whole Hahn-Callie thing is one of the better storylines as we careen toward the end of this abortive season. For the second straight week, Izzie is relegated to a virtually nonexistent role (yay!), while George is a pathetic people-pleaser and Alex's newly discovered heart takes a beating but continues to grow.

Oh, and Meredith continues to be her same indecisive, emotional basketcase of a self, only now that she's got a therapist to point this out, we all get lots lots more of her self-analytic whininess and not as much Cristina slap-down. Sigh.

Turns out the Rebecca/Ava pregnancy is a hysterical one, so she's not evil, just crazy. And Izzie--in one of her brief turns on screen--is the one shoving the ultrasound in her face, trying to make sure she gets it already. Alex doesn't get mad -- he decides he needs to take care of Rebecca, which apparently requires borrowing girl-clothes from Izzie. Rebecca is clearly out of it and in need of a psych consult, which made this viewer wonder whether maybe Shonda could give her a big fat brain tumor and let her be the next person Mer and Der kill in their clinical trial. Wouldn't that be worthy of a season finale? Alex could shed big, fat weepy tears when totally "in sync" Mer/Der viral-inject his plastically reconstructed, already-married love babe, only to have her die in his arms. Mer cries too; and since Derek still can't open that bottle of champagne he's saving to have with Mer when they actually save someone, he uses Rose for another night of substitute sex.

Yes, poor Rose. She's fading away pitifully. Now that she finally slept with Derek (and he told McSteamy he was thinking about Mer the whole time), he totally fails to live up to his McDreaminess and uses work, work and more work as an excuse to totally blow her off the next day. No calls, etc., etc. But what can she expect? He really is too busy with work, given that a very nice and not-actually delusional woman comes into the hospital to be clinical trial victim No. 3 or whatever, and refuses to go into surgery until her Prince Charming shows up. Everybody decides that new Perfect Boyfriend is a Cinderella fairy tale, a figment of the poor dying Tumor Woman's brain, and that train is being led by--who else?--Meredith, who can't possibly believe that anything works out for anyone in the relationship category of life. So Tumor Woman goes off to surgery, weeping and wailing pitifully at having been convinced by Der and Mer and her sister that she really is a pathetic old spinster and must have made up her Prince. Then he shows up, in a great suit, all lovey-dovey. But, ha!, too late--Mer and Der have turned her into permanent Coma Woman.

Meanwhile, Cristina is cleaning her apartment (well, vacuuming), which is code to everyone that she remains completely off her rocker in the delayed Dr. Burke grief-a-thon. The Chief's mentor shows up with a near-dead heart-condition situation, and Hahn carps a lot about how she's not going to cut the guy open and be known as the surgeon who killed this legendary heart guy. But she does, and she doesn't kill him, cause she's Hahn--who is, of course, the lesbian version of Burke. Only she has a wanna-be protege (Cristina again, of course!) who plays on Meredith's tequila whore team. Which brings us back to Callie, who is deliciously and deservedly getting her screentime upped this spring, now that she's shed pitiful George and has two hot doctors panting after her.

Bailey, meanwhile, is having it out with her husband in the hallways while her son is throwing punches at daycare. Hey, at least they've stopped calling her The Nazi and started giving her more of a personal storyline. And she still doesn't have to sleep with another attending to qualify.

At the end, whiny Meredith reveals to the therapist that her mother tried to kill herself after the love-of-her-life (aka the Chief) left her, and, oooohhh, maybe that's why she's turned out to be a self-destructive, no-man-trusting mess. (Not sure how much longer anyone can handle both Meredith and Cristina "in the dark place," as they put it). And torch-carrying Derek continues to use poor Rose, giving her this whole speech about how he wishes their relationship could just be "easy" and "fun." (Supposedly code for Not Like Meredith, but really, he just means easy in all its 1950s glory of the word). And Rose tucks her little pathetic hand in his and goes right on McDreamy-ing along.


Jennifer Frey  |  May 16, 2008; 11:44 AM ET Grey's Anatomy
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Am I the only one who thinks the post-strike half of the season has been much better than the pre-strike half? You would think that rushing back to production would make these last episodes lesser quality. But, I had almost given up on GA before the strike. Unfortunately, this means I am hooked again.

Posted by: Sweetie | May 16, 2008 2:15 PM

Thanks to Ms. Frey for ignoring last week's record low quality episode, and for just suffering through what has become a miserable disappointment since the first season. I bet it's the guy on the staff who draws the short straw who has to review Grey's, but I have to join those who have said the reviews make up for the lousy episodes by being far superior - and entertaining - than the shows.

Posted by: Watched it all. | May 16, 2008 6:06 PM

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