Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency

Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency

Dick Cheney is the most influential and powerful man ever to hold the office of vice president. This special report examines Cheney's largely hidden and little-understood role in crafting policies on national security, the economy and the environment.

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Cheney Shielded Bush From Crisis

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Three months into a legal rebellion at the Justice Department over warrantless domestic surveillance, President Bush was nowhere in the picture. The vice president, meanwhile, was "ready to go to the mat" to keep the program on track. » By Barton Gellman
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The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Series

Working in the Background

A master of bureaucracy and detail, Cheney exerts most of his influence out of public view.

Wars and Interrogations

Cheney's office played a central role in shattering limits on coercion of prisoners in U.S. custody.

Dominating Budget Decisions

From behind the scenes, Cheney was guardian of conservative orthodoxy on budget and tax matters.

Environmental Policy

Cheney loosened protections on air and water quality and changed the rules on national parks.

Key Players

Cast of Characters

Read about the important people in and out of government who have had an impact on Vice President Dick Cheney's career.

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Cheney's Life & Career

Starting as a junior aide on Capitol Hill, Dick Cheney built an unmatched Washington resume as White House chief of staff, House minority whip and secretary of defense.

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Dick and Lynne Cheney

Cheney's Personality

Dick Cheney's colleagues, friends, and acquaintances shared stories with Post reporter Bart Gellman.

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