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Class Struggle Archive: Local Living

8 ways to survive spring break with kids

I’m moving back to California this summer. (You will be relieved or annoyed to learn I am not leaving The Post.) This will be my last spring, at least as I define the term. I grew up in the Golden State, the balmy sea breezes of Long Beach in the south and later the sun-splashed hillsides of San Mateo in the north. There was more rain in the winter, but otherwise I didn’t notice seasons.

By Jay Mathews  | March 9, 2011; 7:59 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (4)
Categories:  Local Living  | Tags:  do nothing, follow a map, plant something, read book then see movie, surviving spring break with kids, urban hike  
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Private school rejection? Don't panic.

I write mostly about public schools, but private schools have their own methods and rituals that affect many families. At this time of year, for instance, parents looking for a good private school often find themselves in trouble. They have applied to a school they had their heart set on. They have been rejected. Actually, it is their child who has been turned down, but you know what I mean.

By Jay Mathews  | March 2, 2011; 8:00 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (25)
Categories:  Local Living  | Tags:  Liz Perelstein, Charlotte Nelsen, Frances Turner, Georgia K. Irvin, Jean Baldwin, Private school rejection, Rich Weinfeld, educational consultants say there are many late options, private schools admissions direction never says  
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Changing my mind on high school recess

I have been dismissed by many students as an out-of-touch geezer who doesn’t understand how much more is demanded of high school students these days. Having read their many e-mails, I think they have a point.

By Jay Mathews  | February 23, 2011; 10:49 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (16)
Categories:  Local Living  | Tags:  Becky Lyon, Cole Gould, Ed Linz, Joanna Lewton, Julia Staron, Martha Somers, Spartan Times, Traci Barela, West Springfield High School, high school recess  
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Why do great school systems fear charters?

I admire the erudite and public-spirited members of the Montgomery County Board of Education. Their superintendent, Jerry D. Weast, is one of the best in the business, a national leader with a smart staff. So why are they so frightened of two little charter schools?

By Jay Mathews  | February 16, 2011; 8:00 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (64)
Categories:  Local Living  | Tags:  Crossway Montessori Charter School, Global Garden Public Charter School, Montgomery County, public charter schools  
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8 subtle ways to prepare middle schoolers for college

Spring is coming, and with it, the most angst-ridden part of the college application cycle. High-schoolers will be logging on to university Web sites, trembling at the prospect of rejection. Parents will look at the costs of schools that accept their kids and wonder whether they can afford it. Many mothers and fathers with children too young for this ordeal will count themselves lucky. But they might consider ways to get their kids ready for it anyway.

By Jay Mathews  | February 2, 2011; 8:00 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (24)
Categories:  Local Living  | Tags:  algebra is important, encourage character, focus on household skills, make sure they read, notice healthy activities they enjoy and help them to more of the same, preparing middle schoolers for college  
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Exceptional school has lesson for charters

When we reporters mention schools like Ivymount for students with disabilities, it is usually in connection with fights over money. Public school districts are legally required to pay private school tuition for such students if the districts can’t meet their needs. Some public school officials suggest that aggressive parents are ripping them off. Lawyers get involved. It is not a friendly environment. But the book "No Other Place" reveals a different dynamic at the beginning of the era of special education.

By Jay Mathews  | January 19, 2011; 6:00 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (5)
Categories:  Local Living  | Tags:  Ivymount, Jan Wintrol, Lillian Davis, No Other Place,, Shari Gelman, education of children with disabilities  
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