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Posted at 11:30 AM ET, 05/25/2009

Holiday Quickies: 'Family Circus' Gets Its Male Mojo A-Workin'

By The Reliable Source

Before the barbecue and ballgames, a rapid holiday roundup for those on the go:

'FAMILY CIRCUS' (KFS)Enlarge Image

FAMILY CIRCUS: This -- THIS! -- is when it's a crime that "Family Circus" is only a single panel. The Lamp Lady has her left arm on Bill's shoulder....her lips are parted just so...she's up on her toes, as if to hug or smooch Billy-Boy...all while his five-dollar bill hangs limply between them....and....annnnd!...

And Cartoonus Interruptus. Please, O Keane clan -- deliver us a second panel. We'll wait.


CANDORVILLE: Darrin Bell again spoofs the newspaper industry deftly. And we must note the key difference between a "Candorville" workplace and a "Dilbert" office. In "Candorville," the Boss Man tells Lemont that the huge wheel generates electricity. In "Dilbert's" cubeville, the Pointy-Haired Boss would simply try to dupe his workers into believing that the huge basement wheel, built out of altruistic and humane concern, was an immense company GYM.

'GET FUZZY' (UFS)Enlarge Image

GET FUZZY: Wait -- WHAT? Rob the Apparent Agoraphobe is about to actually...leave his apartment?! Wake the kids, call the neighbors -- and look forward to tomorrow's action with breath bated, even. Even Bill Murray's "What About Bob?" character would be on empathetic pins-n-needles.

'JUDGE PARKER' (NAS)Enlarge Image

JUDGE PARKER: You don't think cheerleader moms play rough? Then just Google "cheerleader moms" and see what pops up. Yep -- from bullying to battery to stolen identities, seems every third item is a CRIME BRIEF. There may be no "I" in team, but there certainly is in "incarceration."

'SPIDER MAN' (KFS)Enlarge Image

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: [Standing, fist raised skyward:] "Nooooooo!!!!"

This cannot be. All this was just a cheesy dream sequence a la "Wizard of Oz" (if not "Newhart")??

If you'll recall, STAN LEE told Comic Riffs several months ago that he had a pretty good idea how he'd get Spidey back to conjugal present-day. So speaking of flashbacks: Let's rewind the interview tape, please:

MC: Have you already determined how the storyline would switch back?

SL: I've thought of a good way to get him back to normal.

MC:Can you tell us, or at least give us a hint?

SL: They'd have to shoot me at the syndicate if I said anything.

So now, not only are we jerked back into the present with a dream, but now we also have to wonder whether time will shift again when...Wolverine shows up??

Can NO one but Hugh Jackman rescue us from the "Through the Looking Glass" dreamscape?!

By The Reliable Source  | May 25, 2009; 11:30 AM ET
Categories:  The Morning Line  
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Is today's "Non Sequitor" a re-run from 2003? Its claim that in August Mars and Earth will be at their closest separation in recorded history is rather out of date (and a bit exaggerated, in any case). See for a more nearly reliable report.

Posted by: seismic-2 | May 25, 2009 1:09 PM | Report abuse

Meanwhile, things certainly are intriguing (for the first time in recorded history, and maybe for the next 60,000 years!) over at the Keane compound. Pole-lamp lady is certainly all gussied-up for a yard sale, isn't she? And with that flowing mane and buxom figure, one has to wonder whether she wants that lamp pole for illumination or for dance rehearsal! In any case, as you point out, Old Bill seems impressed enough to have no hesitation at all in offering her a 50%-off discount. Since we see today in "Sally Forth" that Ted is trying to keep his distance from Aria - at least until he gives up on finding any other friends - then maybe it is Bill K. who will become the next comic-strip husband to be unjustly accused of showing too much interest in another woman? Fat chance, I realize, but perhaps Jeff still harbors some deep resentment against dear old Dad, so could this be payback time?

Posted by: seismic-2 | May 25, 2009 1:24 PM | Report abuse

Obviously you've never been to/held a yard sale. Price tags are really wish tags, $5 is more than I'd expect for a 50's artifact.

Posted by: jimbo1949 | May 25, 2009 2:45 PM | Report abuse

Did you see the figurine lady in the bottom front of Family Circus? She is showing herself to be shocked. Hmm. Perhaps it is what it appears to be.

Posted by: Stormy1 | May 25, 2009 8:52 PM | Report abuse

First Ted and Sally, then Jon and Kate, now Bill and Thel. WHAT is going on? Must be the seven year itch.

Posted by: 2old2readcomics | May 26, 2009 2:28 AM | Report abuse

Seismic and I are on the same wavelength -- I figure she'll get that fiver back in no time, with her own pole to practice on.

Maybe Bill's handing HER the $5 for the cover charge.

Posted by: filfeit | May 26, 2009 8:08 AM | Report abuse

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