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Posted at 8:38 AM ET, 04/30/2010

Apologetic 'Draw Muhammad' cartoonist urges 'Draw Al Gore' instead [VIDEO]

By Michael Cavna

NOTE: This updated post was originally published at 1 a.m. April 30.

Molly Norris, the Seattle artist who drew and circulated an "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" cartoon to support "South Park's" censored creators, not only has distanced herself from the viral campaign her work spawned. Now she also playfully prefers a different campaign:

"Everybody Draw Al Gore Day."

In a new video posted on her website, Norris -- who draws for Seattle's City Arts magazine -- addresses the sensation that arose around her cartoon last week, and conveys her surprise at what a large national nerve her cartoon struck. (As she told Comic Riffs last week: "I made a cartoon that went viral but [this campaign] isn't really my thing.")

Norris makes a point to apologize to "everyone of the Muslim faith who has or will be offended" by her cartoon and supports calling off "Everyone Draw Mohammed Day," which was set for May 20. She also urges America's Muslims and non-Muslims to come together -- to meet "halfway."

In a lighter turn, Norris reaches out to the "South Park" creators she supported, saying: "I could use a little support from you guys." Norris had dedicated the "Mohammed" cartoon to show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who say Comedy Central edited their work and censored attempts to depict Muhammad.

And perhaps a bit impishly, Norris points out that the site reworked her cartoon to propose "Everybody Draw Al Gore Day!"

"Instead of drawing Muhammad," Norris says, "draw Al Gore on May 20, because that'll be a lot more fun anyway."

Update: Norris has now also added text to her site that reads:

"Let's call off 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day'
by changing it to 'Everybody Draw Al Gore Day' instead.
Enough Mohammed drawings have already been made to get the point across.
At this juncture, such drawings are only hurtful to more liberal and moderate
Muslims who have not done anything to endanger our first amendment rights
Do something positive with that energy, like...Draw Al Gore!"

Speaking to the intense experience of seeing one's cartoon go viral in a particularly incendiary and polarizing way, Norris has also posted a new cartoon titled "Diet of Fear," that reads: "All you have to do is tick off a few million Muslims and you'll be too afraid to eat!"

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By Michael Cavna  | April 30, 2010; 8:38 AM ET
Categories:  The Political Cartoon  | Tags:  Al Gore, Comedy Central, Matt Stone, Molly Norris, South Park, Trey Parker  
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Just another surrender to hate and extremism. The surrenders are just piling up now. Americans need to stand up for Freedom of Speech.

Posted by: Faldo | April 30, 2010 3:07 AM | Report abuse

This poor woman looked like a hostage being forced to read a "prepared statement" -- and in reality that's just what she is: a hostage to the Moslems all across America who will bully and threaten and do anything necessary to infiltrate western culture and undermine it from the inside.

I understand the reasons that she was forced to make her public statement but it shows that America is in a very sad situation. You have a Moslem president who is baring his teeth against Israel first and then he will be coming after the x-tians in America soon after.

How did that poem go? I was silent when they came for ... because I wasn't ... and then they came for me...

Posted by: comicfan1 | April 30, 2010 7:22 AM | Report abuse

Norris was right to apologize and distance herself from a hateful and bigoted Muslim-bashing campaign. She set off a raging Islamophobic mob and realized she shouldn't associate with such bigotry. Islamophobia is the new American racism. Muslims are consistently vilified and misrepresented by the Christian fundamentalists at Fox News. If America goes fascist, it will be under the banner of Islamophobia.

Posted by: muslim1908 | April 30, 2010 9:05 PM | Report abuse

To set the records straight, the so called group is just 8 or 10 guys and the "threat" was an online website posting , which anyone can do. So it is basically 1 person threatening the cartoonist. 1 person cannot be a representative of 1.5 billion muslims over the world. So instead of bickering about radical Islam and embarrassing all muslims the media should attack that guy and the miscreant should be arrested. How many of us posting here know name of even a single member of that "group" ??
I did not felt good after hearing that the artist has painted cartoons of the Prophet , I do appreciate her coming out and apologizing but it is saddening to think that the "apology" might have come out of fear.

Posted by: xwisp1 | May 1, 2010 9:58 PM | Report abuse

Great another agency intimindated by muslims... is there no end to their extremism and antiamerican philosophy?? Time to IDF have access to muslims here

Posted by: mandinka2 | May 6, 2010 6:27 PM | Report abuse

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