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Posted at 1:25 PM ET, 02/16/2011

STAN LEE reacts to big-screen Spider-Man's new look

By Michael Cavna

spideysneak.jpg (Image: Marvel / Columbia Pictures)

When Stan Lee is willing to spin a little Spidey history -- especially when offering his thoughts on the red-and-blue costume -- well, color us intrigued.

As Columbia Pictures on Monday announced the title of the fourth Peter Parker film -- director Marc Webb's reboot will answer to "The Amazing Spider-Man" -- the studio also released the first vivid image [above] of how Andrew Garfield's teched-out Spidey suit looks.

As geek reaction around the Webosphere appeared to run from mixed to positive, one never-ebbing webbing kerfuffle reared its head and wrist: Is Marc Webb right to go with the mechanized web-shooters?

In Sam Raimi's three Spider-Man movies starring Tobey Maguire, the film franchise decided to tinker with comic-book history and grant Peter Parker the biological powers to spin string -- as a result of that irradiated arachnid bite. That of course ran counter to the mythology dreamed up by writer-editor Lee and artist-writer Steve Ditko: When Peter Parker debuted in August of '62 -- in "Amazing Fantasy #15" -- the teen superhero armed himself with mechanical web-shooters that could run dry.

Speaking to Comic Riffs on Wednesday, Lee recalls the logic behind his mythology:

"The one thing I liked about Peter's web-shooters was the fact that they made him more vulnerable," Lee says. "At any crucial moment he could run out of web fluid and be forced to rely on his wits."

Not that Lee, who now heads up POW! Entertainment, had any issues with Raimi's physical decision:

"The organic webs which Sam Raimi gave him -- and which Jim Cameron also would have given him had he directed the first Spidey film -- certainly worked beautifully in the movie, and perhaps allowed for better special effects than my idea of limited webbing might have done."

Concludes Lee: "Actually, I'm happy with either interpretation."

spidey15.jpg (Image: Marvel Comics)

By Michael Cavna  | February 16, 2011; 1:25 PM ET
Categories:  Interviews With Cartoonists, Superheroes  | Tags:  Andrew Garfield, Marc Webb, Sam Raimi, Spider-Man, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, The Amazing Spider-Man  
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Bio webs from the wrists make no sense. Spiders have spinnerets by their butts (not in their butts). There's no biological reason for peter to have two hole sin his wrists that shoot webbing. Nor would he need the finger move to activate them. That was deigned for a pressure sensitive button to launch the webbing without triggering it accidentally through normal hand/finger use.

And nobody wants to see webbing coming out of Peter's near butt. Mechanical web shooters are the only thing that makes sense.

Posted by: atherworld | February 16, 2011 2:53 PM | Report abuse

To me the mechanical web shooters pushed the levels of believability. Yes I know we're talking about a man with the powers of a spider but still there has be a level of plausibility. I grew up reading the classic Spider-Man with the mechnical shooters. Even as a kid I had a hard believing that these things could work. I could believe in the unstable molocules of the FF's uniforms but I couldn't believ in this braclets.

My main problem with the mechanical web shooters is just how much of this web stuff do they hold? The comics protray them as being super-thin packs that fit very snuggly around his wrist. It just seems to me a trip of web-slinging from uptown to downtown NYC would deplete them in a hurry. I for one would not want to be swinging 30-60 stories up in the air with only a small supply of web-goo to rely on.

Then there is the matter that Spidey can shoot different kinds of web, regular and a goo-type substance, just by pressing the sensor button a different way. Come on. Try changing the way you touch the middle of your palm with your two middle fingers. It's not very easy. Now imagine your life or the lives of others hung in the balance. And speaking of touching your palms with your middle fingers, I always wonder why his web shooters didn't go off everytime he made a fist, which he does more than he uses the shooters.

One last factor that always bothered me, is if Peter Parker is supposed to be so poor then where does he get all the money to make this endless supply of web stuff? Surely if this stuff is so strong, so elastic and requires so little original material to create so much web that some pretty serious chemicals are being mixed together or somebody else would have invented it by now.

Sorry, biological web shooters make more sense to me. If I'm going to give you that a radioactive spider can give a young man the powers of a spider I think I can ignore the fact that his web doesn't come out of his rear

Posted by: dre7861 | February 18, 2011 10:17 AM | Report abuse

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