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ComPost Archive: That's awkward

Lightbulbs, toilets, and Rand Paul's potty mouth

Rand Paul's toilets don't work, and he knows who's to blame. Not Aqua Buddha. The Government! "I've been waiting for 20 years to talk about how bad these toilets are," Rand Paul (R-Ky.) exclaimed during a hearing on energy Thursday...

By Alexandra Petri  | March 10, 2011; 4:53 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (56)
Categories:  Congress, Petri, That's awkward  | Tags:  Rand Paul, light bulbs, toilets  
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Vivian Schiller resigns from NPR. So prank journalism is okay now?

NPR chief executive Vivian Schiller turned in her resignation Wednesday, in view of a video by conservative prankster James O'Keefe in which an NPR senior official slammed the Tea Party and said, among other things, that NPR might fare better...

By Alexandra Petri  | March 9, 2011; 2:45 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (8)
Categories:  Bad Advice, Petri, Reality? Television, That's awkward  | Tags:  James O'Keefe, NPR, journalism, pranks  
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Scholarships for white men? I knew I was feeling oppressed!

I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. It wasn't outright discrimination -- just little things that started to pile up. Yesterday, I got almost 18 taxis that I didn't want. As I was walking down the street minding...

By Alexandra Petri  | March 7, 2011; 3:07 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (7)
Categories:  Petri, Seems Suspect, That's awkward  | Tags:  America, rally  
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Sex surveys, honor, and Brandon Davies's girlfriend

With a level of fanfare traditionally reserved for European monarchs and fallen pop princesses, we all now know that Brandon Davies, former star basketball player at Brigham Young University, has - well - violated the honor code. That's to say,...

By Alexandra Petri  | March 4, 2011; 11:43 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (3)
Categories:  Big Deals, Petri, That's awkward  | Tags:  Sex Survey, honor, oops, sex  
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Zion? 2012 Olympics logo is only offensive to good taste

The Olympics logo spells out Zion? That's what the secretary general of the Iranian Olympic Committee claims. He wrote to the London Olympic Committee complaining. Now he's threatening to boycott the games. This is like cutting off your nose to...

By Alexandra Petri  | February 28, 2011; 4:06 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (3)
Categories:  Petri, That's awkward  | Tags:  Olympics, oops  
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Barack Obama, no one cares about your favorite Oscar song

Sure, a lot of dynamic things occurred at last night's Oscars. Kirk Douglas. Kirk Douglas? Kirk Douglas! But the wackiest moment of the night might have to go to the Tribute to Best Original Songs. Everyone knows how much this...

By Alexandra Petri  | February 28, 2011; 2:23 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (11)
Categories:  Barack Obama, Petri, Reality? Television, That's awkward  | Tags:  Barack Obama, Oscars, argh  
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