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Police: Va. woman had 77 animals

A Woodbridge woman has been charged with 77 counts of animal cruelty after police searched her home and found 77 animals, authorities said Friday.

Authorities seized 27 dogs and 50 cats Aug. 4 from the home of Janet L. Hollins, 51, of the 3500 block of Buffalo Court, according to a Prince William County police news release.

Police and the Animal Control Bureau also recovered computer equipment and documents in connection with their investigation, according to authorities.

-- David P. Marino-Nachison

By Washington Post Editors  |  August 6, 2010; 4:47 PM ET
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There are cat ladies and then there are Cat Ladies.

Posted by: RogerRamjet2 | August 6, 2010 8:20 PM | Report abuse

Hopefully they were all alive and will be allowed to live...she probably insists that she was taking wonderful care of them all.

Posted by: april3 | August 6, 2010 10:09 PM | Report abuse

Hopefully they were all alive and will be allowed to live...she probably insists that she was taking wonderful care of them all.

Posted by: april3 | August 6, 2010 10:09 PM | Report abuse

she's just breeding for her new chain of Chinese restaurants opening soon in your area

P.S. franchises available

Posted by: geg5100 | August 7, 2010 1:56 AM | Report abuse

This is a poor article. It doesnt state how larger her home and property is, nor if the animals were abused or mistreated, or if they just lable it abuse based on a set law for the number of animals you can have.

If this women has a huge house and property, or farmland, than she would be able to have a lot of pets.

Posted by: remission1 | August 7, 2010 11:22 AM | Report abuse

Why in the world would newspaper print just a part of the story - & not verify the facts --- & include a person's name & location. That is not right. So let me inform you - Janet is a wonderful person & her life revolves around animal RESCUE. Not hoarding or abusing animals - but rescuing them from death. Yes- they had the run of her 3 floor townhouse - but they could move around, mingle with other animals, be held, petted & loved until she found a home for them. Of course, now the county is treating them better by "racking & stacking" them in cages ... yes ... much better. Janet finds GOOD foster homes to take animals until she can find permanent homes. She has adoption events EVERY weekend at a local pet store. SHE takes the animals as people decide they are no longer wanted & try’s to find them homes in an environment that fits the animal. She does not adopt out to just anyone that gets a whim to have an animal. She checks references, conducts home checks & follows up with those who do adopt. SHE takes these animals to Richmond on a regular basis & has them spayed or neutered. She pays someone to come in during the day to check their food & let them out - since she is at work. She doesn't date - she has animals to care for & has to be home early. She is always late for family affairs & always has to leave early to take care of her animals. She doesn't take vacations, she doesn't have the money BUT most importantly, she won't leave her animals long enough to take one. She has the animals vetted regularly & is in debt to 2 understanding Vets. The news media are destroying the good name of a wonderful woman. They said in other articles that she was charged with 77 counts of animal cruelty - well - she hasn't been charged. They intend to - but you would think they would have done this before they released it. Animal cruelty for a woman that devotes her life to the survival & care of these animals ... but "racking & stacking" is so much better. They took pictures ...AFTER they trashed the house. They said they were charging her - but then they turn around & say the animals are in good condition.... go figure. I could go on - but I hope you all get the gist. This is a woman who has a huge heart. How many people would give up their time, money & spread so much love among all animals - even ugly or old animals to ensure they had a chance at life. Not too many - including me. I will give money - but like most -I don't give as much of myself to my community or to other charitable causes as I should. She is a GOOD woman & I am proud to be her SISTER. I hope everyone will take a moment & think - how selfless her acts really are. Look at the facts & know this is a woman that has really tried to do what every one of us should have helped in. Check out her website – do the animals looked abused? She now needs a defense fund. What a shame! Look & see what you think! Follow your heart!

Posted by: LadyLindaK | August 7, 2010 5:36 PM | Report abuse

I had the misfortune of running into Janet about 2 years ago at the Petco in Woodbridge after complaining to PETCO about her. She subsequently moved her pet selling operation to Stafford although she still lives in Woodbridge. The complaint was racial discrimination after pointing out and requesting paperwork on a cat I was told that someone else who came in afterward would make a better adoptee. She never even looked at mu application. I already had a cat at home, make over $100,000 a year and was told this based strictly on my looks. I am glad the police finally caught up with her and I hope she does time

Posted by: ffordjr1 | August 9, 2010 5:46 AM | Report abuse

We adopted two dogs from Janet's Rescues. Although we live in Fairfax, a long trip in rush hour from Janet's area, she made the trek to investigate our premises. No one could have been more diligent in confirming that we would provide a good home for them. Through her efforts and those of her fellow volunteers, the dogs received such good and caring foster care for the months before they were adopted that they developed and maintained a friendly attitude toward all people and pets and are always open to new experiences. Janet's work didn't end there, though. She followed up and had her preferred vets handle the neutering process. She's had hundreds and hundreds (thousands, actually)of animals adopted, and yet she found the time to continue to follow up with us to make sure things were going well. We adopted our dogs a year ago, and Janet is still in touch.

If your pet were to escape or if you had to give up your pet for some reason, would you prefer to have it euthanized by the county or would you rather he be fondly cared for by someone like Janet, who insures that he is kept healthy and happy until a good home could be found? The numbers of animals sound excessive, but those numbers came about because of the tough economic times in the area where Janet is looking out for the welfare of helpless animals. She needs more help, but does not deserve condemnation. In my book, she deserves a medal.

Posted by: BarbaraSimon1 | August 9, 2010 4:16 PM | Report abuse

I know Janet personally and have volunteered as a foster parent for Janet's Rescues for three years. It's terrible that this article only shows one side of the story. I, and many others, would not be standing behind Janet if she was a hoarder or cruel to animals.

Janet is the reason that I got in to animal rescue. When I met her I immediately saw her passion and dedication to the plight of homeless animals. She has always made sure that all the animals in her, or her volunteer foster parents, care are properly vetted and she spares no expense to do so. She only feeds her animals the best food and makes sure her fosters do the same. Her dedication to animals is unconditional and endless. She rarely takes time for herself, instead choosing to do whatever necessary to care for animals. She takes in heartworm positive dogs that many other rescues groups would pass by. I have fostered four heartworm positive dogs for her and they have all been adopted in to loving homes, heartworm free! She is diligent when accepting applications and approving folks for adoption, making sure that they follow the monthly medical protocol so the animals remain free of parasites. She suggests what food to use, provides training tips, and is always available to her adopters in case they have questions.

Please do not judge Janet based on this brief article alone. Talk to people that know her and care for her. She is not alone in this fight.

If you care to look at the animals and the home of a REAL hoarder check this out:

Posted by: skinzfan81 | August 9, 2010 5:57 PM | Report abuse

I was deeply saddened to hear this news today. Apparently this is being instigated by Patti Stinson of 4Paws Animal Rescue in order to hurt Janet Hollins but of course all it has done is hurt the animals, many of whom are unadoptable and will eventually be killed, the Prince William Animal Shelter. And they want us to donate to their shelter for this monstrosity??

I worked with Janet Hollins and her rescue for several years and know how much she loves the animals. All of her earnings go towards feeding and vetting them. Unfortunately her vet and feeding costs are above the adoption fees and thus she does not have a fancy home and kennel to house the animals legally. I was actually happy to see that the photos depicted here aren't that bad, just lots of animal play toys and food stacked all over the place. Yep, the welfare of the animals is still her number one priority. Happily, she hasn't changed a bit!

I vividly recall how hard it was to make our rescue runs to the county shelter when they called us, so many precious animals, all marked to be put down soon. Yep, we took too many in as did the other rescues and when kittens and puppies grow up, very few want them. I finally had to stop rescue work because I couldn't take it any more, too hard for me to say no and too hard to deal with the inhumane humans.

I've been by Janet's side and wiped her tears when animals were so lovingly called "put to sleep." Animals we just couldn't take in due to lack of space and funds. Believe me, when it's not done with a needle by a licensed vet, it's not lovely in any way, shape or form. And when it's just because a shelter is out of room and you're not "cute" enough or have a bad habit of chewing up shoes (for example) it's downright evil.

God bless you Janet for all the work you've done. People are praying for you and the animals, especially the ones we KNOW the shelter won't be able to adopt out. We can only pray that their last breath is quicker than that of the usual gas chamber. Know that this is the evil work of just one or two people whom God will take care of in the end. He always does. My heart cries out for your beloved friends.

Posted by: selhaverramos | August 9, 2010 11:42 PM | Report abuse

All of the animals seized were in good condition (as substantiated by a quote by the Sgt who seized the animals), up-to-date on their shots, free of parasites, spayed and neutered BEFORE they were taken out of this loving, caring home where people came in daily to walk the dogs, and let them romp and play together in play groups in the yard.

They are now in the custody of PW Animal Control. At the shelter, they are being kept in crates or runs, on hard concrete floors which is bad for their joints, and being made to poop on the floor. They are now exposed to all the "shelter crud" and the stress of not knowing what is going on and being kept in these poor conditions when they could be released into the capable Janet's Rescues foster homes where they already know the people. Janet's healthy dogs are now being exposed to fleas, ticks and chemicals unnecessarily.

There is NO REASON for the shelter to hold these dogs at this point and they should release them to the rescue's foster homes so they can go to their forever homes.

The Rescue had permanent homes lined up to take many of these dogs when they were seized. These animals should be released so they can go to their forever homes.

Some of the dogs were temporarily being cared for by Janet while their owners were on vacation. These animals should NOT be held, but rather returned to their rightful owners who are now back from vacation.

Janet does wonderful work and should not be persecuted in this manner.

I understand that donations to help cover the cost of the high quality dog food being delivered by the rescue to the PW Animal Shelter as well as to help in legal fees for Janet's Rescues can be sent to Janet's Rescues, PO Box 6057, Dale City, VA 22195 and I for one intend to donate.

Posted by: lovemyanimalsalways | August 10, 2010 12:02 PM | Report abuse

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