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Woman charged with elderly father's murder

A 53-year-old Woodbridge woman has been charged with the murder of her 82-year-old father, who police say had been drugged before he collapsed in a Prince William County hotel in March.

Patrica L. Blevins, who was charged with felony homicide on Friday, also is under investigation by federal authorities for prescription fraud involving the drug Sertaline, a generic form of the anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drug Zoloft, Prince William County police said Monday.

Police said Blevins’s father, Marden Wilson, collapsed on March 13 at the Residence Inn in Woodbridge. Blevins was taken to Potomac Hospital and later died.

An autopsy showed a high level of Sertaline in his system, and crushed Sertaline pills were found in his stomach, police said. At the time, they said, Wilson did not have a prescription for the drug. He did not have a primary physician and was in his daughter’s care.

Police said “further attention” was drawn to Blevins when they learned of the federal investigation. Blevins, whose last known address was the 13000 block of Staggs Court, is being held without bond.
-- Maria Glod

By Maria Glod  |  July 19, 2010; 8:46 AM ET
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Posted by: takelifeasy52 | July 19, 2010 1:27 PM | Report abuse

She will definitely be in prison for a long time I am sure. I knew this woman as my neighbor a long time ago.. sad thing is her mom died as well and they are even thinking she had killed her too by poisoning her with medications. The worst thing that ever happened is when her mom got sick and she was too sick to be able to pay the bills etc. She lived with her parents along with her neice and she took advantage of the situation. The house was paid for, but as she was given power of attorney to take over.. she took several loans on the house and didnt pay for the bills at all. They foreclosed on the house and they have been jumping from house to house and she has been screwing people along the way ever since by trying to take over their house. She kept her dad alive and was sure to always take care of him because she would always be sure to collect his retirement check every month. If she put him in a nursing home she wouldnt get it. Now that he is dead like her mom, I think she was trying to collect on life insurance. It was always about money for her and how she could scheme to get more for nothing. Sad thing is she was completely capable of working.. only thing wrong with her is she is obviously psychotic.... but heck.. how many psychotic people do you know.. they work.. why couldn't she?? My only question is who is taking care of the 11 or so year old neice.. she had custody of her and took care of her like she was her child.

Posted by: snowangelnurse | July 19, 2010 1:50 PM | Report abuse

Actually, the little girl was her granddaughter and I am not sure where she is or what has become of her. There is so much more to this story. When they foreclosed on the house, while it sat empty, this daughter was breaking in and sleeping in the empty house at night. She had her father with her and I assume the granddaughter as well. A family member discovered she was doing this and reported her to the police. Thank God someone took the time to investigate this death and uncover what this woman was really all about.

Posted by: CameronParent | July 19, 2010 3:12 PM | Report abuse

Yes, it was the granddaughter, my mistake. I did find out where she is.. apparently the father is in jail for another year (Trish's son), so the granddaughter was left with the mother who also has problems with drugs (the reason she was unfit to care for the daughter to begin with). Very sad situation, too bad she is still living in this kind of environment. She should be placed with a family who can teach her values so she will have a chance in life.

Posted by: snowangelnurse | July 19, 2010 4:03 PM | Report abuse

Tragic story. But how do these people think they are NOT going to be caught?

Posted by: DecafDrinker | July 19, 2010 5:42 PM | Report abuse

Wow, thanks for the update on the child. What a horrible situation for her to be in. Hopefully someone will step in and take care of her in a healthy way. I wonder if there will be some inquiry into whether or not she had anything to do with her mothers death as well? I feel bad for everyone living in her old neighborhood also. Not only did they have to deal with this family for years (I hear that the old man was very strange and gave many women in the neighborhood the creeps for years and Blevins' son was a terror) but now a registered sex offender lives in their old house! Talk about a string of crazy circumstances!

Posted by: CameronParent | July 19, 2010 7:40 PM | Report abuse

Hey WaPo,

"Police said Blevins’s father, Marden Wilson, collapsed on March 13 at the Residence Inn in Woodbridge. Blevins was taken to Potomac Hospital and later died."

That should read "Wilson was taken to..." not Blevins, she is alive and, hopefully, rotting in jail.

Posted by: baileyfx | July 19, 2010 8:17 PM | Report abuse

LOL, This is the granddaughters uncle. And for whoever said my sister is a drug addict is an idiot. And her husband is serving a year for driving on suspended license. And for those that know trish, we all know how manipulative(sp?) she is. I got conned alot by her for money etc. But i did it for my neice. Helping them get groceries etc. and at times when i would confront trish on using me for rides and use me for money she would cut off contact and keep my neice from me. She did the same to my neices parents and they reported her when the house had no electricity or water and tried to get their daughter but trish made false reports to police to keep them away. If anything blame Valerie with social services who went to the house when there was no food or electricity and paid the bills but didnt think it was an issue a child and elder man was living like this. We all know trish would use people and had all types of cons up her sleeve. In the police reports i read she even gave seditives to my sisters daughter to " calm her down" so for someone to call my sister an addict is crazy when trish was feeding her family pills. My niece is a great kid and is with her family now and has lots of fun and smiles more then ever before. She is very happy and healthier now. She said she has gained 15 pounds since she was in and out of hotels. Her and my daughter love playing and being around eachother. Trish would allow us over only when it was convient for trish. She never cared about anything but money. Just think people, while we were in court for full custody trishs sister was fighting us trying to reunite trish with her granddaughter. HMMMMMMMMMM lets reunite a woman who gives a child drugs and ods the father. I wonder if the childs life was at stake also. Hope trish spends 40 years in prison. She needs it. She drives her own son crazy and had her ex husband in alot of trouble when he was divorcing her. She used the neighbor across the street when she was foreclosed on and ran out on hotel bills and she never thought about how her grandaughter was doing or felt about this. The granddaughter and great grandfather had a healthy bond and trish took it from her. That little girl lived with them for 12 years and trish kille dhim, how do you think she feels watching the news and seeing that. The real issue is trish took away a little girls world and took advantage of people. Trish was dying this girls hair against her will and teaching her to be a theif and shady. But She now has her hair natural again (the way she wants it) and is an honest girl now and has big dreams and wishes to not be like her grandmother. So before people want to bash others you really need to know trish before assuming people are addicts. Trish was a dangerous person and got wahat she wanted no matter how she did it.

Posted by: jennifer1983 | July 21, 2010 7:44 PM | Report abuse

My niece has big dreams to now be whatever she wants in life and not what trish wanted her to be. Mardy was a great man and he loved when i brought my daughter around. he was a great guy and its ashame money was more important than a father that took someone in to mooch of them. He was a good honest man and she didnt care about him. Only that check every month. Guess people get desperate and just dont care anymore. Its ashame. I do know trish took a away a great man and ruined a great little girls life so therefore she can suffer in prison and never have contact with my neice. Let her suffer in prison. Dont loose your flower to fast while you rot in a cell!!!!

Posted by: jennifer1983 | July 21, 2010 7:49 PM | Report abuse

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