Featured Commenter: Sombrero Guy

Meet Capitals Insider regular Sombrero Guy, perhaps known informally as "That guy wearing a sombrero at a hockey game."

Real name (optional): Brandon Wise

Location: Baltimore

Occupation: Wise Advertising (this would be a great place to plug our new website, but sadly it isn't finished yet)

Sombrero Guy in Columbus*

If you had to always use your real name, would you still comment?

Yeah, I'm not exactly shy. Before I had my lucky sombrero I would comment as "Brandon" among other names. Sombrero Guy is the first one I stuck with.

How long have you been coming to the Caps Insider and how often do you read it/comment?

I don't remember exactly when I first checked it out but it became a daily (hourly) visit early this past season

How do we know if it's Sombrero Guy or an imposter?

When you wear a lucky sombrero to games, and you post as Sombrero Guy, it's hard not to stick out of the crowd a little bit.

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Have you met anyone through the blog in person?

A few people have come up and said hi at the Verizon Center, or at The Green Turtle or Rocket Bar after a game. A few of the Caps Insider regulars and I were in a fantasy league for the IIHF World Championships that took place during this past April/May, but I haven't actually met them in person.

What other blogs (on washingtonpost.com or elsewhere) do you read?

At least once a day I check out Japers Rink, On Frozen Blog, The Capitals Message Board, DC Sports Blog and Puck Daddy.

Do you have your own blog?

Toyed with the idea but I know I would go a week (or more) without any updates because of my hectic schedule. Some friends of mine, (a mix of Washington area and Pittsburgh area sports teams) started Post Game Heroes. Last fall I posted a few pieces on the Capitals but didn't keep up with it leaving only a Pens fan during hockey season. I might try to be more active next season but generally I just send things to Japers or OFB and let them post it if they deem it worthy.

I also proudly (selfishly??) take full credit for the Pierre Mcguire color blind test and for breaking the story about the Ovechkin MVP shirts going on the NHL.com shop a bit early.

Have you ever fought any epic comment battles?

Nothing that I would describe as epic. I got into some back and forth a bit around the trade deadline but it never got hostile. Arguing via message boards and blogs is pretty useless. We all have our opinions that are not likely to be swayed by others.

How long have you been a fan of the Caps?

I am the first hockey nut in my family so I didn't become a fan until I was about 9. I put a game on back during the 1990-1991 season and became a fan immediately. I started playing organized hockey the next year and have been obsessed ever since

How do you think the team will do this (next) year?

This will be an easier question to answer in about a month after the Free Agency period is over, but assuming we have our goaltender and Mike Green issues worked out, there is no reason the team should be any lower than a #3 seed again in the East, winning the southeast. How deep we go in the playoffs depend on how well our young D-men continue to develop. They looked a lot better Jan-April than they did Oct-Dec. Hopefully the trend continues.

What other teams do you root for?

I am a big Maryland Terrapins Football and Basketball fan (MD football STH), Orioles Fan and believe it or not, a fan of BOTH the Ravens and the Redskins.

CHrIs LaRry's question: What would be your fantasy job related to the [Caps]?

Caps PA announcer. One of the best seats in the house right at center ice and all you have to do is scream into a microphone every once in a while. Sign me up!

Ask and answer another question to add to this interview.

Favorite (non-current) Capitals player of all time? Olie Kolzig, Dino Ciccarelli, Peter Bondra all come to mind, but my favorite Capitals player of all time is Dale Hunter hands down.

* The photo is from the NHL draft in Columbus. My friends have an internet hockey radio show, had press passes for the draft and had made arrangements to do a live broadcast from a bar the day after the draft. I wore the Sombrero and an old Dino Ciccarelli jersey to get attention to help plug their show. It worked well because right before the Caps were to pick, I got put on the JumboTron. Naturally, I acted like a complete idiot while on camera. A ton of people come up to talk to me later as we walked around the arena giving me a chance to plug the live broadcast the following day.

Karl Alzner fell to the Caps and mentioned me several times in his first interview as an NHL draftee (the second and better mention is around the 8 minute mark) so my friends insisted that I wear the Sombrero to a game the following season.

The first game I wore it to was the preseason game against the Flyers. I didn't put it on until just before the start of the third period (had to get permission from those behind me) and the Caps scored 5 goals to end up winning, 7-5. After that game, the Sombrero was officially lucky and the Caps went 11-3 in regular season games I wore it to.

Who should be the next featured commenter? Drop me a line.

By Lindsay Applebaum |  June 26, 2008; 9:33 AM ET  | Category:  Capitals , Featured Commenter
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